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Blackstar Artist 10 AE 10th Anniversary Edition - 10-watt 1x12" Tube Combo

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10-watt All-tube 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier with Built-in Overdrive, Reverb, and Effects Loop - Black
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The Blackstar Artist 10 AE will give you shimmering cleans and classic overdriven tones. This 10-watt combo's 6L6-fueled power section calls up loads of glassy-sounding chime, while an ECC83 preamp tube and built-in overdrive provide the perfect amount of grit for lead playing. A Celestion speaker delivers classic punch, warmth, and midrange. Dial in your sound with the Tone knob, then add depth and ambience to your performance with the Artist 10 AE's onboard reverb. Limited to only 1,000 pieces, the Artist 10 AE also features an effects loop, speaker-emulated output, and a 1-button footswitch.

6L6 power tube yields glassy cleans and toneful grit

The Blackstar Artist 10 AE is loaded with a 6L6 power tube. 6L6s are the epitome of American amplifier tone, prized for their fat, round low end, and bright clean tones. It is also extremely versatile, performing as well for clean jazz as it does for saturated metal. The Artist 10 AE also features an ECC83 preamp tube, along with a built-in HT-Drive-inspired overdrive circuit, so you can push the 6L6's toneful grit into a scorching lead tone.

A great platform for your pedals

Blackstar designed the Artist 10 AE with pedals in mind. At Music Experience, we've found that it's essentially a blank canvas for your favorite fuzz, distortion, and overdrive pedals. Integrating the Artist 10 AE with your other effects is a piece of cake, thanks to its effects loop, and its Loop Level switch makes matching your amp to your other gear easy — +4dBV? -10dB? No problem.

Add dimension to your playing with digital reverb

The Blackstar Artist 10 AE is packed with a solid-sounding digital reverb. Turn it fully counterclockwise, and the reverb is deactivated, leaving room for external effects. Turn it fully clockwise, and experience a lush ambience that adds dimension to your playing without washing it out.

What Blackstar Says...

In celebration of 10 years of glorious Blackstar tone, three new 10W single-ended valve amplifiers have been developed drawing on the sound and innovation of iconic Blackstar lines - Artisan, Artist and Series One.

Blackstar Artist 10 AE Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier Features:

  • 10W all-tube 1 x 12" single-ended guitar combo amplifier
  • 6L6 power tube yields glassy cleans and smooth power amp distortion
  • Built-in HT-Drive-inspired overdrive circuit produces scorching lead tones
  • 12" Celestion speaker delivers classic punch, warmth, and midrange
  • Speaker-emulated output for recording or running straight to a PA
  • Digital reverb adds ambience and dimension to your playing
  • Effects loop with Loop Level switch makes it easy to integrate your pedalboard and other effects
  • 1-button footswitch is included
  • Limited to 1,000 pieces produced

If you need one amp to do it all, the Blackstar Artist 30 may be your amp.

          Type Tube
          Number of Channels Single
          Total Power 10W Single-ended
          Speaker Size 1 x 12" Celestion Seventy 80
          Preamp Tubes 1 x ECC83
          Power Tubes 1 x 6L6
          Reverb Yes
          EQ Tone Control
          Inputs 1 x 1/4"
          Outputs 1 x 1/4" (emulated out/headphones)
          Effects Loop Yes
          Headphones Yes
          Footswitch I/O 1 x 1/4" (drive)
          Footswitch Included Yes, 1-button footswitch
          Height 16.5"
          Width 18.6"
          Depth 9.8"
          Weight 32.4 lbs.
          Manufacturer Part Number Artist10AE