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Chauvet DJ FXpar 3 RGB+UV Compact Effect Par with Strobe

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PAR-style LED Lighting Fixture with Quad-color (RGB + UV) Wash, RGB SMD LEDs, and Cool White SMD LED Strobe
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Save space, time, and money with a three-in-one FXpar 3 from Chauvet DJ, and create cool effects that will pump up the dance floor. This PAR-style LED fixture features a flexible quad-color RGB+UV main wash effect highlighted with a set of tri-color SMD LEDs that trace exciting patterns across the surface. A ring of cool white SMD LEDs kick it up a notch too, adding dazzling strobe effects to the mix. For all of that, Music Experience DJs love how easy the FXpar 3 is to put into action. Toss it into sound-activated or automated pattern mode, and you don't need to touch a thing to get pro-quality light shows, and full IRC-6 remote and DMX control let you get as specific as you like.

Quad- and tri-color LEDs deliver professional results

When it comes to vivid colors, you can't beat the Chauvet FXpar 3 lighting fixture. For starters, its 22-degree beam x 46-degree field wash covers a vast swath of the dance floor. By mixing red, green, and blue filaments, you can create an endless range of colors free from RGB shadows. Add in the UV filament, and colors really start to pop. The FXpar 3's strips of SMD LEDs also benefit from tri-color technology, adding their precise color mixing to energetic chase effects. And when you want to kick up the energy, a ring of cool white SMD LEDs delivers pumping, pulsing, full-throttle strobe effects.

DMX for total control and automated programs for fast setup

Full DMX control is just one of the important setup options the Chauvet FXpar 3 LED lighting fixture has to offer. If you'd rather not reach for your DMX controller, you can always grab an IRC-6 wireless remote control for easy color mixing and program playback. Speaking of which, you'll find plenty of onboard automatic programs and sound-activated options that respond to the beat. Link up multiple FXpar 3s, and polished-looking light shows are just the push of a button away.

LED technology for greener, cooler, more versatile fixtures

Chauvet is one of the first companies to bring high-output LED technology to lighting fixtures made for music production and DJing, and they're certainly one of the best. As a US Green Building Council LEED Platinum certified company, Music Experience really gets the value in LED fixtures. Drawing just a tenth (or less) the wattage of a similar incandescent fixture, typical LED fixtures not only save you cash at the meter, they also dramatically reduce the temperature onstage or on the dance floor. On top of that, LED fixtures provide you with all kinds of added perks including vivid color (no need for gels), no duty cycles, and all the control you could ask for.


    The FXpar 3 from Chauvet is a compact LED effect PAR that combines three LED technologies with 3 quad-color LEDs, 27 white surface-mount-diode (SMD) LEDs, and 18 tri-color SMD LEDs. Control the white, tri-color, and quad-color separately for spectacular dynamic effects. The on-board display allows you to navigate through a number of functions including static colors, automatic programs, speed, dimmer, sound-activation mode, custom color mixing. The fixture offers a 3-channel or 9-channel DMX mode for flexibility in your intelligent lighting setup. The instrument also includes built-in infrared technology, offering easily controllable static colors, color mixing, and automated programs with the use of the optional IRC-6 remote. The FXpar 3 ships with a power cord.

    What Chauvet Says...

    FXpar 3 is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes three 8W Quad-color (RGB+UV) center LEDs, RGB SMD LED lights and SMD strobes. Separate control of these features makes creating breathtaking effects easy. FXpar 3 is compatible with IRC-6 for flexible control over all features and includes powerful sound-activated and automated programs.

      Chauvet FXpar 3 LED Lighting Fixture Features:

      • 3 powerful LED lighting effects in a single compact fixture
      • Quad-color PAR wash includes red, green, blue, and ultraviolet color mixing
      • Tri-color SMD LEDs let you create chase effects with red, green, and blue
      • Outer ring of cool white SMD LEDs provides energetic strobe and pulse effects
      • Automated and sound-activated programs offer set-and-forget convenience
      • Supports up to 9 channels of DMX and IRC-6 wireless remote control (not included)
      • Small enough to fit on your truss yet powerful enough to cut through fog

        Add a tone of energy and excitement to your lighting rig with a Chauvet DJ FXpar 3 RGB+UV Compact Effect Par!

                  Type Par, Effect, Strobe
                  DMX 3-pin XLR in/out
                  DMX Modes 3, 9 channels
                  Sound Active Yes
                  LED 3 x LED RGB+UV, 27 x LED White SMD, 18 x LED Tri-color RGB
                  Illuminance 1,118 lux @ 2m
                  Beam Angle 22°
                  Power Consumption 62W
                  Remote IRC-6 (sold separately)
                  Height 10.3"
                  Width 8.4"
                  Depth 3"
                  Weight 2.2 lbs.
                  Manufacturer Part Number FXPAR3