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Chauvet DJ Kinta FX 3-in-1 LED Derby/Laser/Strobe Effect

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Compact Multi-effects Lighting Fixture with Kinta Derby Effect, Red/Green Laser Effect, and 16 SMD Strobes
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Chauvet's Kinta FX combines three classic lighting effects into a single compact fixture, offering serious bang for the buck when it comes to space and overall value. First, there's the dazzling multicolor derby effect, which covers a wide spread of dance floor with razor-sharp beams. To complement the derby, Chauvet gave the Kinta FX a red-and-green laser projector, and then they topped the whole thing off with 16 SMD strobe LEDs. DMX gives you total control over all three sections, but Music Experience lighting techs dig the automated and sound-active programs onboard the Kinta FX too. What's more, it's compatible with the IRC-6 remote (sold separately), so you can get wireless control too if you want it.


    Create exciting looks, chases, and strobe effects with the multi-effect Kinta FX from CHAUVET. This versatile and compact fixture features a multicolored (RGBW) LED derby effect, laser beams, LED strobe lights, and a wide coverage angle of 118°, making it suitable for blanketing a stage or dance floor. Red, green, blue and white LEDs create a multicolor derby effect with razor-sharp beams, two laser diodes produce hundreds of red and green beams that can both rotate and strobe, and 16 SMD (surface-mount device) white LEDs create eye-catching strobe effects & chases.

    Control your Operation

    The Kinta FX allows for both standalone and DMX operation. For use without a DMX controller, there are two modes to choose from: sound-active and automatic. Link multiple Kinta FX units using the Master/Slave configuration to create coordinated lights shows without any DMX programming. Two channel modes are available for DMX operation (2 or 9 channels), enabling various levels of control. Lastly, the fixture can be controlled either directly via its digital display or remotely using the optional IRC-6 infrared remote.

    Power it Up

    In addition to DMX daisy chaining, the Kinta FX supports power linking via its pass-through IEC input to Edison output, minimizing time spent on cable runs and finding power outlets. Plug a single power cable into the wall outlet and daisy chain up to 16 fixtures in a 120V environment, or up to 31 fixtures in a 230V environment. The fixture's LEDs are rated at an average lifespan of 50,000 hours. The Kinta FX ships with an IEC power cord and a hanging bracket with mounting hardware.

    What Chauvet Says...

    Kinta FX combines an LED derby effect, laser and SMD strobe in one compact fixture. These effects can be coordinated to create a variety of exciting looks that feature multicolored derby beams, dynamic strobes and chases plus hundreds of sharp red and green laser beams. Control this versatile fixture easily via DMX, master/slave, optional IRC-6 remote or its digital display. Multiple units can be power linked to save time running cables and extension cords. Fits best in the CHS-30 VIP Gear Bag.

      Chauvet Kinta FX 3-in-1 LED Multi-effects Fixture Features:

      • Powerful compact multi-effect that combines derby, laser, and strobe effects
      • Derby effect projects countless razor-sharp multicolor beams in a wide pattern
      • Red/green laser adds a scattering of dancing lights into the mix
      • 16 SMD strobe LEDs add extra energy to the effect
      • DMX control and automated/sound-activated programs onboard
      • Master/slave multiple Kinta FX fixtures together for coordinated shows
      • Compatible with Chauvet's IRC-6 wireless remote control (not included)

      Kick up the energy of your light show with the Chauvet Kinta FX!

                Type Multi-effect, laser, strobe
                DMX 3-pin
                DMX Modes 2 or 9
                Sound Active Yes
                LED Yes
                LED Type Kinta (4 LEDs RGBW), Strobe (16 SMD LEDs white), Laser (red/green laser diodes)
                Power Consumption 32W
                Height 7.4"
                Width 10.3"
                Depth 7.4"
                Weight 3.8 lbs.
                Manufacturer Part Number KINTAFX