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Duesenberg DPE-TB Treble B Pedal

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The Treble Booster is one of the most popular effects in the world. Not only does it add another layer of gain to your sound but it also adds more clarity and crispness to your tone by boosting the high end. This is amazing for adding new life to vintage gear or just getting the best out of your new tube amplifier.

The Duesenberg Treble B is their take on this classic circuit. With the added advantage of a range control that lets you dial it in to perfectly to your gear.

Simple Controls

Pedals like this are known for having very simple controls and this is no different. You have a boost control which sets just how much extra gain and volume you are adding to your signal. This goes from below unity all the way up to a beautiful crunch on most amplifiers.

The other control is your Range setting. At 0 your pedal produces a sharp treble focused boost that makes you kick out of a mix. Turning this control up lowers the frequency cutoff meaning you start to introduce more midrange and bass in to the signal. When dimmed you get a pretty much full frequency boost that keeps the normal frequency response of your guitar.

Here's what Duesenberg say about the Treble B pedal.

The new Treble B adds power and perfect sparkle to any Guitar. The Treble Booster is in its element as a flexible booster to give Tube-amps a great kick. It gives vintage style pick ups a new lease of life and stays so dynamic while doing so, that a whole array of clean and overdriven sounds can be regulated easily through the guitars volume pot. With the extra "Range" control, the frequencies that need to be boosted can be adjusted. This makes the TREBLE B easy to accommodate any Guitar and any new sound-ideas.


  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • EH Electronics (USA)
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Epoxy PCB boards
  • Select brand name parts
  • Pots and switches freely wired, not on the board
  • Electrical power via 1x 9V block battery or 9V DC power supply

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