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Gretsch G9240 Alligator Biscuit Cone Roundneck Resonator

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Gretsch's G9240 Alligator Biscuit Cone Roundneck acoustic resonator guitar adds rich and raspy resonator tone to your repertoire. The G9240 features a fine laminated mahogany top, body, and neck, while its smooth rosewood fretboard makes it as easy to play as any acoustic guitar. One of the loudest resonator guitars to find its way to Music Experience, Gretsch's Ampli-Sonic hand-spun, 99%-pure aluminum Ampli-Sonics diaphragm cone puts out impressive volume, perfect for live and studio playing! If you want classic swampy resonator tone, without learning a whole new instrument, pick up a Gretsch G9240 Alligator resonator guitar!

Gretsch G9240 Alligator Acoustic Resonator Guitar at a Glance:
  • Plays just like a guitar
  • Beautifully appointed
  • Gretsch's legacy in American music
Plays just like a guitar

As a guitarist, you're constantly looking for unique tones to spice up your music, right? Then you've got to check out the Gretsch G9240 Alligator resonator guitar. Whether you're tuned E-to-E in standard fashion or going nuts with a traditional slide and open tunings, you'll have no trouble at all making the transition to a resonator, when you pick up a G9240.

Beautifully appointed

Gretsch's G9240 Alligator resonator guitar is seriously decked out with tasteful vintage appointments that would look right at home in the company's catalogs of yesteryear. With the G9240, you get a lovely laminated mahogany top finished in a vibrant vintage 2-color sunburst. Add to that a vintage-style Weathered Poinsettia design cone cover and pearloid headstock, and there's no doubt you'll turn heads with this roundneck resonator.

Gretsch's legacy in American music

The Gretsch G9240 Alligator resonator guitar transports you back to Gretsch's roots in American music. Everyone knows Gretsch electric guitars and drums, but did you know that got their start in 1883 as a banjo company? It wasn't long before Gretsch was making mandolins, ukuleles, and eventually flat-top guitars, contributing to the very roots of American music. So when you pick up a Gretsch resonator, you're holding more than a great resonator, you're holding a piece of American music history.

Gretsch G9240 Alligator Acoustic Resonator Guitar Features:
  • Bound mahogany top; mahogany back, sides and neck
  • Bound rosewood fingerboard with 19 frets (12 to body)
  • 25" scale length
  • Gretsch Ampli-Sonic Eastern European hand-spun buiscit cone and bridge
  • Grover Stay-Tite tuning machines
  • Semi-gloss mahogany finish

Get resonator tone and easy playability with Gretsch's G9240 Alligator Biscuit Cone Roundneck!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number 2718010503