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Laney LA10 Acoustic Guitar Amp

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The Laney LA10 Acoustic Guitar Amp produces a fantastically pure and dynamic tone and despite the amps small stature it can be very loud. The LA10 runs on a single channel and has a 2 band EQ with a shape switch which provides great sound straight out of the box. The LA10 also features a handy headphone input that allows you to practice privately or to allow you to play into the night.

Features & Specifications

  • Power Consumption: 15W
  • Output Power Rating: 10W
  • Loudspeaker: 5" Custom Designed Driver
  • Features: Input Socket (6.3 Jack), Shape EQ Circuit, Bass, Treble, Aux In (3.5 Stereo Jack), Headphone Socket (3.5 Stereo Jack), Master Volume
  • Size: 245 x 216 x 146 (HxWxD)

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