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Novation Launchpad USB MIDI Pad Controller

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USB MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 64 RGB-backlit Pads, 8 Scene-launching Buttons, Bi-directional Ableton Live Communication, and Ableton Live Lite 9.5
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A mainstay of the electronic music world for years, this latest version of the Novation Launchpad makes getting hands on with Ableton Live and FL Studio more fun and rewarding than ever. With a matrix of 64 RGB-backlit pads at your fingertips, the Launchpad lets you fire off clips, tap out beats, manipulate levels, and perform all kinds of essential functions in real time, without ever touching your mouse. What's more, the Launchpad is totally portable and fully USB bus powered, and if you want to add on to your rig, just hook up another Launchpad or Novation Launch series controller. Break the barrier between your music software and your creative flow with a Novation Launchpad controller!

    Novation Launchpad Pad Controller at a Glance:

    • Total hands-on control for Ableton Live and other software
    • Stow-and-go convenience makes this controller totally portable
    • Grow your rig with additional Launch series controllers

    Total hands-on control for Ableton Live and other software

    Over several generations, the Launchpad has continuously evolved to provide Ableton Live users like you with the comprehensive control you need to get in touch with your creative process. From launching clips and triggering scenes to laying down beats and mixing tracks, this latest Launchpad model covers all the bases. RGB lighting under each pad makes performing with the Launchpad easier than ever, since each pad's color can automatically change to match the clips in your set or the track you're working on. You can go totally nuts too, creating your own instruments and gadgets in Max for Live and then mapping your Launchpad to integrate with it perfectly. What's more, even when you stray from the world of Ableton Live or simply want to tweak a plug-in,

    Stow-and-go convenience makes this controller totally portable

    As powerful as it is, one of the things that the electronic musicians here at Music Experience really dig about the Novation Launchpad is how easy it is to take with you. Other than leaving a bit of extra room in your laptop case and an extra USB cable, you don't need to worry about a thing - not even finding an extra power outlet. You certainly won't notice the extra weight, and if you like to travel extra light, grab your iPad and leave your laptop at home entirely. Even running on USB bus power, the Launchpad's LEDs are remarkably bright, making it easy to operate when you're out in the park or working on a coffee shop patio. Wherever you go, your Launchpad will be there, ready to go.

    Grow your rig with additional Launch series controllers

    All on its own, your Launchpad already provides an epic amount of control over Ableton Live, FL studio, and the rest of your music-creation rig, and with handy navigation controls, you can easily negotiate even impressively large sets and sessions. When it comes to live performance, however, it can be really nice to have additional pads and extra hands-on controls waiting at arm's reach. With Launchpad, growing your system is as simple as adding additional Novation Launch series controllers, such as Launchpads, Launchpad Pros, Launch Control models, or even Launchkey keyboards.

    Included software:

    • Ableton Live Lite 9 (version 9 required for InControl)
    • Novation Bass Station and V-Station
    • 4GB library of session-ready samples from Loopmasters
    • Your choice of XLN Addictive Keys instrument (VST/AU/AAX) with product registration

    What Novation Says

    If you use Ableton Live, you need a Launchpad. Its 8 x 8 grid has become ubiquitous with the evolution of electronic music, letting you launch clips, play drum racks and control your mixer, all while creating impressive lightshows.

    Get Creative

    Launchpad's 64 pads integrate immediately with Ableton Live. They're also lit by RGB LEDS, which match the colour of your clips - so you can see at a glance what clips are loaded, playing or recording. As well as using your pads to launch clips and create entire songs, you can also use them to control your mixer: start and stop loops, arm tracks, and control volumes, pans and sends.

    Control Your Music Software

    Launchpad integrates immediately and seamlessly with Ableton Live, without any setup whatsoever. Just plug in and start making music.

    Throw It in Your Bag

    Launchpad is totally portable: lightweight, easy to pack and carry around, and fully USB bus powered - so there's no need for power sockets. You can also combine it with more Launchpads or other Launch products to build yourself a fully hands-on Ableton Live studio. Just add Launch Control, Launch Control XL or Launchkey.

    Make Music Straight Away

    Complete with Ableton Live Lite, 1GB of royalty-free Loopmasters samples and the Novation Bass Station and V Station VST and AU plug-in synthesisers, Launchpad comes with everything you need to start making great music.

    Novation Launchpad Pad Controller Features:

    • A powerful button-matrix-style control surface for Ableton Live, FL Studio, and other music applications
    • 64 pads let you launch clips, trigger samples, control levels, and perform other essential functions
    • RGB pad backlighting lets each pad change color to match your clips, tracks, and other content
    • Create colorful performances and custom instruments with advanced mapping capabilities
    • Lightweight and 100% USB bus powered for easy grab-and-go use
    • Build your dream control rig by combining multiple Launch series controllers
    • Includes Ableton Live Lite 9.5, Novation V Station and Bass Station plug-ins, and 4GB of Loopmasters samples
    • Integrates perfectly with the Novation Launchpad App for iOS
    • Class compliant and USB bus-powered on Mac or PC

    Take total control of Ableton Live with Novation's Launchpad controller!

      Pads 64 x RGB backlit buttons, 8 x RGB system buttons, 8 x RGB function buttons
      MIDI I/O USB
      USB 1 x Type B
      OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.9 or later
      OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 or later
      Height 0.98"
      Width 9.45"
      Depth 9.45"
      Manufacturer Part Number LAUNCHPAD-S-MK2