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TC Helicon Mic Mechanic

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The TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic gives you a powerful vocal toolbox in a compact, easy-to-use pedal. Whether you're blessed with a great voice or struggle just to get through a song, the TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic adds that little extra bit of magic that every vocal performance needs. Mic Mechanic leaves out the superfluous bells and whistles, giving you studio-grade reverb, delay, natural-sounding pitch correction, and adaptive tone - which dynamically tweaks EQ, compression, de-essing and gating on the fly - to make your voice sound its best. Sing awesomely - with TC-Helicon's VoiceTone Mic Mechanic.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic Features at a Glance:

  • Enhance your vocals with studio-grade reverb
  • Add tasty delay, for that special touch
  • Always sing in perfect pitch
  • Adaptive Tone gives your voice studio polish

Enhance your vocals with studio-grade reverb

Reverb is the must-have vocal effect, used in virtually every recording studio and live venue on the planet. Hand-selected from TC-Helicon's flagship VoiceLive series, Mic Mechanic's lush 'verbs enhance your voice with studio-grade ambience, from small rooms to ginormous concert halls.

Add tasty delay, for that special touch

From short slap to entire repeating phrases, Mic Mechanic's Delay infuses your vocal sound with an essential ingredient. What's more, Mic Mechanic lets you easily tempo-match the delay to your song. With TC-Helicon's VoiceTone Mic Mechanic in your vocal path, polished, studio-quality vocal sound is a given.

Always sing in perfect pitch

Mic Mechanic's Chromatic Pitch Correction smoothly guides your voice to the "true" note you're singing, without dramatic (and obvious) pitch manipulation, unless you're going for that - in which case Mic Mechanic is happy to oblige. A tad flat or sharp? Mic Mechanic steps in and gives your voice a little (or big, if necessary) prod in the right direction. Whether you want transparent vocal "assistance," or a heavy-handed effect, TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic is your passport to vocal excellence.

Adaptive Tone gives your voice studio polish

Mic Mechanic's Adaptive Tone technology tweaks your EQ and dynamics, well, dynamically as you sing. Equalization, Compression, De-Essing and Gating are all adjusted on the fly - giving your voice the perfect "tone" at all times. This little stompbox makes you sound great - without a mega-buck microphone and superstar engineer. If your voice needs a little help now and then (and whose doesn't?), TC-Helicon's VoiceTone Mic Mechanic is the hot ticket.

TC-Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic Features at a Glance:

  • Eight high-quality Reverb and Echo presets
  • Separate Reverb (Room, Studio, Hall) and Delay (Tap and Slap), with combinations of both
  • Footswitch tapping can match echoes to song tempo
  • Tone button for Adaptive EQ, Compression, De-essing and Gating
  • Auto Chromatic Pitch Correction
  • Easy connection between standard mic and mixer
  • Phantom power always available
  • Low noise microphone pre-amp
  • Mic Control for remote on/off switching with optional TC-Helicon MP-75 mic
  • Compact and easy to use; rugged all-metal construction
  • USB connection to VoiceSupport application for updates, product-specific news, and more

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