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Yamaha Arius YDP-S52 88-Weighted Key Digital Console Piano - Black

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88-key Digital Home Piano with Graded Hammer Keyboard, Half-damper Pedal Control, and Cabinet - Black
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The black Arius YDP-S52 from Yamaha is a digital console piano featuring an 88-note graded hammer keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops, touch sensitivity, ten preset voices, and 192-note polyphony. It can be used for the home or playing during lessons.

    Start your Engine

    The YDP-S52 is equipped with the PureCF sound engine. The piano sound was recorded from a Yamahas CFIIIS concert grand piano, and it offers an authentic performance experience, allowing for rich, natural reverberation even during complex passages with flurries of notes and extensive use of the pedal.

    Wait, there is more

    In addition, the YDP-S52 is built with four reverberation presets such as recital hall, concert hall, chamber, and club, so you can enjoy the ambience of concert halls, recital halls, live gigs in jazz clubs, and more. There is a stereophonic optimizer that adjusts the sound when you're listening with headphones, giving you the feeling that you're hearing the piano without headphones on.

    App Compatible

    Finally, there is a free "Digital Piano Controller" app that allows you to control the many functions included in compatible Yamaha digital pianos with your iPhone or iPad. Change voices, reverb, and other settings while looking at the screen. You can even save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time.

    Light up your living room with elegant piano performance and modern design

    Stylish and compact, the YDP-S52 digital piano offers authentic piano performance in an smart, stylish design available in both black and white wood finishes that are the perfect complement to any room.

    "Pure CF sound engine" delivers well balanced, rich, expressive voices.

    The YDP-S52 is equipped with an "Pure CF sound engine" This piano sound was recorded from Yamaha's renowned CFIIIS concert grand piano, heard on stages all over the world. Also it offers an authentic performance experience, allowing players to utilize up to 192 notes at once to provide rich, natural reverberation even on complex passages with flurries of notes and extensive use of the pedal. The YDP-S52 will allow you to enjoy relaxed, stress-free playing whether you're practicing at home or playing in lessons.

    A synthetic ivory graded hammer (GH) keyboard provides authentic acoustic piano playability and comfort

    Enjoy authentic grand piano playability with the feel of an ivory keyboard. Highly absorbent materials ensure that the keys retain their superb feel even when playing for extended periods of time.

    Reverbs that reproduce the distinctive ambience of a wide range of performance venues.

    Reverb effects that reproduce the natural reverberation heard in concert halls and other performance venues. Enjoy the ambience of concert hall recitals, live gigs in jazz clubs, and more, all in the comfort of your own home.

    Recital hall - Clear reverberation, as heard in a medium-size hall used for piano recitals.

    Concert hall - Bright, the gorgeous reverb sound, as heard in a large concert hall for orchestral performances.

    Chamber - Suitable for playing chamber music.The intimate reverb sound in a spacious room, such as for classical music recitals.

    Club - The vivid reverb sound in a live music venue or jazz club.

    Stereophonic Optimizer: a new kind of headphone experience

    Unique to Yamaha, the Stereophonic Optimizer adjusts the spacing of the sound and the separation from the piano when listening via headphones, resulting in a spacious sound image that will inspire you to play for hours at a time.

    Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)

    At low volumes, bass and treble used to be difficult to hear, however, YDP-S52 is equipped with Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC), which adjusts the sound automatically, allowing players to enjoy balanced sound at any volume level.

    Acoustic Optimizer

    The body of the YDP-S52 contains Acoustic Optimizers that regulate the flow of sound and control tone. A new technology developed from Yamaha's intimate knowledge of the acoustic properties of musical instruments, Acoustic Optimizers deliver a natural, smooth sound across the entire keyboard.

    Simple operation using the free Digital Piano Controller app!

    Our special free app, "Digital Piano Controller," allows you to control the many functions included in Yamaha digital pianos with your iPhone or iPad, for even easier operation. Voices, Reverb, and other settings can be selected while looking at the screen, making it easy to enjoy new functions with ease. You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time.

    Conserve energy with convenient auto power off feature

    Auto power off shuts down the instrument after a period of inactivity. You can customize how long it will wait before shutting down, or disable it if you prefer. To learn more about other ways that Yamaha conserves energy, visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

    Yamaha Arius YDP-S52 Features:

    • Great quality Yamaha digital piano
    • Sleek, compact design
    • 88 Note graded hammer keyboard with synthetic ivory tops
    • Pure CF Sound Engine
    • Piano sound sampled from Yamaha CFIIIS Concert grand piano
    • 3 pedals including damper, sostenuto, soft
    • Folding style key cover
    • Maximum polyphony: 192
    • 10 on-board voices
    • Four types of reverb for concert hall effects
    • Intelligent Acoustic Control delivers balanced sound at any volume
    • Stereophonic Optimiser offers a great headphone experience
    • Acoustic Optimiser adds control, expressivity and beautiful, flowing tone
    • 1 song, 2 track recorder
    • 10 Demo songs, 50 Piano Preset songs
    • Built-in metronome and transpose functions
    • Internal memory: 900KB approx.
    • 2 x Headphone Inputs
    • Duo Function
    • Split/Layer options
    • Powerful, 2 x 20W speakers
    • USB to Host
    • Easy operation through Yamaha apps
    • Supplied with AC Adaptor and 50 Great for Piano music book

              Number of Keys 88
              Type of Keys Graded Hammer (synthetic ivory key tops)
              Presets 10 piano voices
              Polyphony 192 notes
              Effects Types 4 Reverb Types, Intelligent Acoustic Control, Stereophonic & Acoustic Optimizer
              Sequencer 2-track recorder (SMF)
              Song Playback 50
              USB Yes
              Number of Pedals 1 x Damper, 1 x Sostenuto, 1 x Soft
              Built-in Speakers Yes
              Amplifier 20W x 2
              Bench/Stand Included No
              Manufacturer Part Number YDP-S52B