So you have always felt yourself inclined to bang out a rhythm on your desk while you are at work, perhaps this drives your colleagues crazy or perhaps they like these tunes you are entertaining them with. Either way why not let your rhythm be set free during a drumming workshop at Music Experience music store in Cape Town? From those desk thumping rhythm makers to the advanced drummer keeping his neighbourhood bouncing to his beat over the weekends, the drumming workshops hosted by Music Experience music store are for all types. 


The last drumming workshop we hosted was done in partnership with the exceptionally talented Lance Rhoda, who has been drumming his whole life, and his drumming foundation. The workshop was aptly named “Playing over the groove” and was well attended. Though seats were limited we charged no fees for those attending. This drumming workshop was incredibly informative and it taught the widely diverse attendees a number of skills suitable for the most advanced drummer as well as the novice drummer.

Not all of us who beat the drums aspire to be a drummer by profession, but this does not mean that drumming cannot be a hobby enjoyed by all. At Music Experience in Cape Town we know that the benefits of drumming go beyond the pleasant sounds. Did you know that drumming has benefits for your health? In fact drumming is one of the musical experiences that is known to be soothing for the soul. At Music Experience music store, we encourage everyone to give the drums a go and experience the affects it will have on you.


What are some of the benefits of drumming?

One of the greatest benefits of drumming is that it transcends language, culture and life experience and it becomes a language spoken by all.  Drumming reduces the body’s stress and boosts your immune system so it has great benefits for your health. Whether spiritual or not, drumming can awaken and deepen your self-awareness and ignite your inner creativity. Drumming has been known to help people overcome and heal past trauma and by beating a drum you are beating out all of the negative emotions you hold onto. Drumming can be a form of exercise and one session on the drums can leave you feeling reinvigorated.

At Music Experience music store in Cape Town, we hope to host more drumming workshops in the future to encourage and inspire people to take up this musical instrument even if it is just as hobby. Drumming is fun and can and should be enjoyed by all of those who are looking for a life changing experience.

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