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Meet our friends:

Tony   -  acoustic guitar

Recognised far and wide for his prowess on the steel-string guitar, Tony Cox’s SAMA winning music is utterly unique within the usual guitar repertoire.

Basson   -  electric guitar

One of South Africa’s leading blues guitarists, Basson Laubscher has been playing professionally for 13 years, both as session guitarist and solo artist with his band.

Shaun   -  bass guitar

One of the foremost bass guitarists in South Africa, with a career spanning almost 20 years, Shaun Johannes is a regular first-call bassist for numerous music productions!

Darren   -  drums

Darren Petersen has established himself as a professional drum, percussion & sampling specialist. From orchestras to bands, he certainly knows how to bring the beat!

Derek   -  classical guitar

Critically acclaimed classical guitarist Derek Gripper is a specialist in traditional African playing styles. His compositions has brought new life to classical playing all over the world.

Henry   -  electric guitar

Henry Steel is one of South Africa’s top session guitarists, with a professional career spanning 18 years. He is also one of the most versatile players around, comfortable in almost any genre.

Andre   -  bass guitar

Andre van der Merwe is one of the most versatile young bass guitarists on the scene. Having performed in multiple bands locally and abroad, his wealth of experience certainly comes in "handy".

Kyle   -  piano/keyboard

Kyle Petersen is a Berklee trained keyboardist and musical director with a career spanning 15 years. He is also a Roland endorsee and his playing has taken him to stages all over the world!

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