On Friday 19 December 2014 we had our last Music Experience Session for 2014. The highlight of the night was undoubtedly Dave Van Vuuren who won Idols in 2011. After Idols you never really saw much of him and he only occasionally made appearances at festivals, but never really lived up to his Idol status like the previous winners did, and now I know why. He isn't a "pop Idol" in the general sense of the what people expect him to be, he is a true artist with raw, emotionally charged, captivating talent. Somebody you can't put in a box. He opened his set with a cover and then went over to some of his original material, new and old. His own songs left me gobsmacked... It's honest, real and left half of the audience in tears with his emotional deliverance. He is mainly going to focus on his band next year, but be sure to check him out when you get a chance.


Joshua Kempen and Sutherland (JHB)  also didn't disappoint. Sutherland have something completely different going for them with catchy melodies and with almost "Drum & Bass"  drum beats they keep the folk melodies lively and energetic. Joshua Kempen who opened the stage is also doing something completely different. He is a true story teller and all his appearance and presence reminded me of Paolo Ntini. Playing all original material on his strat he used his tambourine tastefully during more upbeat parts in the songs. He is busy recording his EP which should be available early next year so be sure to check it out. It was their first time in Cape Town and we can only hope they return very shortly. 


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