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Fender Acoustic Junior - 100-watt Acoustic Amp

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100-watt, Combo Acoustic Guitar Amplifier with 2-channels, 8" Woofer and Compression Tweeter, 3-band EQ, Digital Effects, Looper, Bluetooth Playback, USB Output, and Balanced XLR Outputs
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The Fender Acoustic Junior is the next step forward in acoustic amplification. This 100-watt 2-channel acoustic amplifier is ideal for gigs of all kinds! From coffee shop sets to outdoor gatherings, it gets the job done right. It has two XLR/TRS combination inputs to accommodate your favorite dynamic microphone and acoustic guitar. Onboard effects allow you to put a professional polish on your performance. Plus, you can stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices for backing tracks or break music. Plug your microphone and acoustic guitar into the Fender Acoustic Junior and enjoy its powerful amplified tone.

Fender Acoustic Junior Amp at a Glance:

  • 90-Second Loooper with Record/Dub, Play/Stop, and Undo buttons
  • Bluetooth Pairing for audio streaming from phones and tablets
  • Universal voltage for global use
  • Integral tilt-back kickstand

Perfect for solo performers

The Fender Acoustic Junior is a solo performer's best friend. This two-channel amp has a pair of XLR/TRS inputs for a microphone and a guitar. Each channel features a 3-band EQ, eight selectable effects, effect volume, phase switch, and master volume control. This allows you to polish each signal to perfection for a professional sounding performance. The Acoustic Junior also has a built-in looper with a 60 second record time, dubbing, and undo function. And when you need to step away from the stage, integrated Bluetooth playback lets you keep the vibe going. And if you're about to play the set of a lifetime, you can immortalize it with the Acoustic Junior's built-in USB recording output. If you're an acoustic player, the Fender Acoustic Junior is the amp to buy.

Onboard effects polish your performance

  • Room Reverb
  • Hall Reverb
  • Echo
  • Delay
  • Chorus
  • Vibratone
  • Delay + Chorus
  • Delay + Hall Reverb

Use it alone or with a PA

If you're gigging regularly, you need to be prepared for any PA situation. With the Fender Acoustic Junior, you can be confident walking into any venue. In addition to its 8-inch speaker, the Acoustic Junior has a pair of XLR line outputs. With the controls on the back panel, you can choose exactly the right output configuration for your needs. And with a compatible footswitch (sold separately), you get effortless control over the looper and effects.

Go-anywhere-do-anything amplifier

Fender designed the Acoustic Junior with one thing in mind — utility. They wanted to create a lightweight amp that looks good, travels easily, and has the power heavyweight amp. And if you ask Music Experience, the designers over at Fender nailed it. The Acoustic Junior comes in at just 15 pounds so that it won't kill your arms on the way into the venue. The amp is also equipped with universal voltage technology to take it anywhere in the world without experiencing power issues. Complete with a classy design, the Fender Acoustic Junior is more than ready to take on any challenge you give it.

What Fender Says...

The Acoustic Junior amplifier delivers full, natural, best-in-class performance for acoustic-electric guitar and vocals. This powerful, portable system has two channels designed for instrument or microphone use, each with studio-quality effects. Other convenient features include Bluetooth wireless audio streaming, an onboard 90-second looper perfect for solo shows, and more.

Two Identical Channels, Interchangeable for Instruments and/or Vocals

Either channel can accept an instrument or a microphone, and you get 3-band EQ and a choice of eight effects on both channels.

Feedback Elimination Control

Play backing tracks or “break” music from your phone or tablet, with no need for a cable or separate playback system.

90-second Looper with Onboard Control; Optional 4-button Footswitch

Loop, overdub, and undo up to 90 seconds of your playing/singing. Create your own backing loops on-the-spot to amaze and delight yourself and your audience.

Fender Acoustic Junior Acoustic Amplifier Features:

  • 100W acoustic guitar amplifier for solo performers
  • 8-inch woofer and compression tweeter produce a great sound
  • Dual XLR/TRS inputs accommodate acoustic-electric guitars and dynamic microphones
  • Looping function provides 60 seconds of recording time with Play/Stop, Record/Dub, and Undo controls
  • 3-band EQ and onboard digital effects let you add extra ambience to each channel
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream backing tracks and break music
  • USB output enables seamless recording to a computer
  • Universal voltage lets you use the amp anywhere in the world

Fender's Acoustic Pro combo amplifier is the ideal tool for solo acoustic gigs!

          Number of Channels 2
          Total Power 100W
          Speakers 1 x 8" Cloth-Surround Low-Frequency Driver
          Inputs Two (2) Balanced 1/4" - XLR Combination
          Outputs 2 x XLR (line out), 1 x 1/8" (headphone)
          Cabinet Material
          Lightweight Plywood
          Effects Reverb, Echo, Delay, Chorus, Vibratone, Delay+Chorus, and Delay+Reverb
          EQ 3-band with Phase
          Footswitch I/O Yes, optional 4-button MGT-4 footswitch
          Height 12" (30.5 cm)
          Width 15.7" (39.9 cm)
          Depth 9.4" (23.9 cm)
          Weight 15 lbs (6.80 kg)
          Manufacturer Part Number 2314306000