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ADAM Audio A4V Active Nearfield Monitor Pair

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Powered Studio Monitor with 4" LF Driver, Rotatable X-ART HF Driver, and DSP-based Tuning (pair)
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The Adam Audio A4V Powered Studio Monitor is the smaller sibling to the Adam Audio’s A44H. Here at Music Experience, we commonly recommend this 2-way monitor to users with project studios and smaller control rooms. Adam Audio loaded the A4V with a 4-inch, long-excursion woofer and their legendary X-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter for clear definition across the broad 54Hz-42kHz frequency response. The A4V’s vertical orientation offers the imaging characteristics you’re used to and a sweet spot tailored for nearfield monitoring. Plus, it easily fits on just about any monitor stand out there. There’s also onboard DSP-based tuning to help you get the most out of your monitor.

ADAM Audio A4V Active Nearfield Monitor at a Glance:

  • German Handmade Precision X-ART Tweeter with rotatable HPS waveguide
  • 4'' Woofer (Multi-Layer Mineral)
  • Total Peak Amp. Power: 130 W
  • Frequency Response @ -6 dB: 52 Hz - 45 kHz
  • Maximum SPL per speaker at 1 m: 100 dB SPL

Designed for tight projection

Quality sound is essential for mixing music, movies, and podcasts. For the A4V, a 4-inch Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) speaker cone pairs with a 1-inch voice coil for a consistent and powerful response. What’s more, the long-throw design enables solid imaging all the way to the back of the studio. If you’re looking for a monitor with a robust sound and small footprint, check out the Adam Audio A4V.

    X-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter

    Your new A4V monitor includes Adam Audio’s vaunted X-ART tweeter. When it was introduced, the accelerated-ribbon tweeter design changed the high-frequency drive game. The folded ribbon diaphragm prevents distortion by moving air more than four times faster than the folds themselves are moving. What’s more, the driver is capable of extreme dynamics throughout the frequency range — all the way up to 42kHz! You’ll appreciate the clean, efficient headroom on every project you mix.

    DSP-based tuning lets you dial in your sound

    YThe minds at Adam Audio know that every studio has its own unique challenges and sonic characteristics. As such, the A4V comes equipped with onboard DSP-based tuning that teams up with the Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) to help you create mixes that translate on other sources. The DSP makes it simple and easy to tailor the sound of your monitors to fit your space’s characteristics. Wherever you mix, the A4V’s DSP-based tuning has you covered!

    What ADAM Audio Says...

    Designed for small studio spaces, short listening distances and immersive multi-speaker configurations, the A4V delivers accurate, full-bodied sound in a compact form factor. The A4V is a two-way speaker incorporating a 4-inch long-throw woofer made from the same Multi-Layer Mineral (MLM) fibers as other A Series speakers plus the classic X-ART tweeter. Onboard DSP-based tuning capabilities let you easily dial in the perfect sound for your space. With a frequency range of 52 Hz to 45 kHz, the A4V can accommodate a broad spectrum of audio applications—from producing podcasts to mixing string quartets—and will fit well within immersive and 3D setups.

    Explore The Technology

    ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation for the innovations that we have established in the field of loudspeaker technology. Here you can explore the technology of the A4V.

    A Control Remote Software

    The DSP-based functionality of all A Series monitors can be controlled remotely and in real time over ethernet using A Control.

    Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART Tweeter

    Made from a new glass fiber polymer compound, the HPS waveguide enables the X-ART tweeter to disperse sound in space with controlled consistency.

    Automated Room Correction WIth Sonarworks

    ADAM Audio is proud to partner with Sonarworks on an automated room correction solution that runs directly on the DSP of A Series monitors. 

    Focus On Creating

    A 5 year warranty is standard across our entire product portfolio, allowing you to work without worrying about your gear.

    ADAM Audio A4V Active Nearfield Monitor Features:

    • 2-way powered studio monitor designed for nearfield applications
    • 4-inch, long-excursion LF driver delivers bold, accurate projection
    • X-ART tweeter provides surgically-precise high-end
    • DSP-based tuning helps you get the most out of your monitors and your room
    • Deep integration with Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) refines your sound to the max
    • 24-bit AD converter and 96kHz internal sampling rate preserves your audio quality
    • Vertical orientation allows you to use any monitor stand
    • Includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs

            Powered Yes
            Power Configuration Bi-Amplified
            LF Driver Size 4"
            LF Driver Type Multi-Layer Mineral Fiber
            HF Driver Size 2" Rotatable X-ART with HPS Waveguide
            LF Driver Power Amp 110W
            HF Driver Power Amp 20W
            Frequency Response 58Hz-41kHz (-3dB), 52Hz-45kHz (-6dB)
            Crossover Frequency
            Maximum Peak SPL ≥100dB SPL @ 1m
            Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x RCA
            Other I/O 1 x RJ45 (remote control)
            Features Room Correction Controls, Voicing Select
            Software A Control
            Enclosure Type
            Dual Front Ported Vinyl Wrapped MDF
            Height 10.5"
            Width 6.25"
            Depth 8.62"
            Weight 12.81 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number 12105100 AMS-A4V 4260113134566