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Akai Professional APC Key 25 mk2 Ableton Live Keyboard Controller

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25-key MIDI Controller for Ableton Live with 5 x 8 Clip-launch Matrix, RGB-backlit Pads, Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed, 8 Assignable Rotary Knobs, and Bundled Software (Mac/PC)
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As any user of Ableton Live knows, its performance mode is a cornucopia of opportunity, allowing for modular playback and on-the-fly adjustments for a versatile live show. True to Akai’s APC series, the Key25 Mk2 is precisely modeled to indulge the flexible opportunities afforded with Ableton Live. The 25-note range returns, this time outfitted with a Gen 2 dynamic keybed. Like its predecessor, you’re getting an ergonomically designed array of fully assignable 360-degree rotary knobs, alongside a 40-button grid for launching, managing, and controlling clips and scenes. Production pros at Music Experience appreciate the thoughtful, quality-of-life updates made to the user experience, such as the RGB-backlit pads. Each APC Key25 Mk2 also comes boxed with the powerful, versatile virtual instruments of AIR Music Technology, as well as a copy of Ableton Live Lite.

Akai Professional APC Key 25 mk2 Ableton Controller at a Glance:

  • 5x8 Pad Grid Matrix Featuring 40 RGB-backlit Pads
  • 25-Key Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed
  • 8 Assignable Endless 360 Rotary Knobs
  • 4 Directional Arrows to Navigate Clip Matrix
  • Dedicated Scene Launch Buttons
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite Music Production Software (Mac/PC)

Set the scene

With the APC Key25 Mk2, the 40-button, 5-inch x 8-inch control grid returns, designed to mimic the respective placement within your DAW grid. The RGB-backlit buttons allow them to be color coded to represent the clips on-screen more accurately, glowing vividly for unwavering execution in any performance. The pads themselves have been enlarged to encourage a more fluid workflow. Scenes can be cued all at once via the righthand column of buttons, with dedicated shift controls for click-free navigation. Along the bottom, directional pads allow you to move through your clip matrix with ease.

Clutter-free workflow

Akai’s deep history of beat making means they know a few things about efficient production, and the little things can go a long way. The APC Key25 Mk2 tidies up its interface for a smoother, uninterrupted workflow. All of the buttons are now polygonal, maintaining clean ratios of distance and shape, relative to one another, drastically reducing visual clutter. Similarly, labels are now directly in line with their respective buttons. Each of the eight assignable knobs features a 360-degree rotation with an ergonomically satisfying feel, doing away with distracting, clock-like marks.

Improvise at every level

Now designed with Akai’s Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed, the 25-note keyboard provides excellent response across its synth-weight keys. Expression and range aren’t limited to just 25 notes, however, with dedicated buttons for octave up/down, and sustain, supplementing your sound with plenty of dimension. To inspire your time with the ivories, Akai has bundled the APC Key25 Mk2 with a virtual instrument pack from AIR Music Technology. Their award-winning sound design comes in the form of three plug-ins. Hybrid 3 evokes iconic, analog synths with polyphonic playback. Mini Grand delivers evocative acoustic pianos, while Velvet is comprised of vintage-sounding electric pianos.

    What Akai Professional Says...

    The new APC Key 25 mk2 is a versatile and compact MIDI keyboard controller that seamlessly delivers the power to perform and create anywhere, for the perfect combination of clip launching and composing in Ableton Live. Bring your original melodies, chord structures and layered harmonic ideas to life with APC Key 25.

    40 Brilliant RGB-backlit Pads

    APC Key 25 mk2 features 40 new RGB-backlit pads for a brilliant and precise representation of your Ableton Live session clips. Whether in the studio or on stage, the scrollable RGB enabled pad matrix will boldly shine through. In the heart of your most creative moment, launch and activate loops, instruments, vocals, and more with confidence.

    Launch An Immersive Music-Creation Experience

    APC Key 25 allows you to trigger loops, samples, Ableton Scenes and melodies for the most imaginative and inspirational music creation performances. 40 RGB-backlit pads on a customizable 5x8 grid accurately reflect clips from your Ableton Live Session and are always in reach for the ultimate navigational experience, even with large sessionsd.

    Your Melodic Performance

    The APC Key 25 authentically brings out your melodic ideas. Dive into Ableton’s powerful instruments and express your music on your own terms. Create your own bass lines with AIR Technology’s Hybrid 3, and layer dynamic piano sounds with the Mini Grand Virtual Instrument. Combined with Ableton's Scene and Clip launching workflow, APC Key 25 allows you to add unique performances to your tracks.

    Gen 2 Keybed - Performance And Feel

    APC Key 25 features 25 keys with the Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed for melodic and harmonic music creation. Play your own chords, arpeggios, solos, and soundscapes with the incredibly versatile keys. Use the Octave Up/Down buttons for expanded note range. The dedicated Sustain button adds space and dimension to your playing, ensuring the APC Key 25 is ready for any musical moment.

    A More Powerful Ableton Experience

    Enjoy serious hands-on control for a powerfully creative Ableton Live experience. APC Key 25 features 8 endless 360-knobs to adjust volume, pan, insert effect sends and more for smooth, intuitive control of your sessions. Tweak reverbs, sweep filters, or write automation that will bring your music to life. Shape your sounds instantly using the assignable 360-knob controls.

    Precise Intuitive Control

    Create your own distinct sounds with ease. With Device Mode, the APC Key 25 knobs are automatically mapped to the eight Macro Controls of Ableton Live’s selected device. Control multiple parameters with one knob to generate totally innovative sounds. Get more hands-on control with Soft Keys for easy access to Solo, Mute, Stop and Record arm functions.

    Transport, Sustain, And Octave Controls

    The APC Key 25 has dedicated controls for total integration into Ableton. Transport Controls help you capture new ideas quickly and listen back to your song instantly. Octave control gives you access to the APC Key 25's 10-octave range while the Sustain button adds smooth note and chordal transitions.

    Ableton live Lite and Air Technology Software Bundle

    APC Key 25 mk2 includes Ableton Live Lite software with all the tools to transform your musical ideas into exciting songs and performances. APC Mini also includes multiple world-class plugin instruments from award-winning sound design company AIR Music Technology including Hybrid 3 — a powerful polyphonic analog synth, Mini Grand — an acoustic piano instrument, and Velvet — a vintage electric piano instrument.

      Akai Professional APC Key 25 mk2 Ableton Live Keyboard Controller Features:

      • 5-inch x 8-inch grid matrix includes 40 buttons for launching clips in your session
      • RGB-backlit pads ensure vivid representation of on-screen information
      • Streamlined visual layout ensures a clutter-free experience
      • Righthand buttons let you launch and manage entire scenes
      • Shift controls allow for click-free control of clips and scenes
      • 4-way navigation buttons enable painless movement throughout your clip matrix
      • 8 assignable rotary knobs feature 360º range of motion to accommodate use in with any parameters
      • 25-note Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed provides responsive, synth-weight keys for instrumental performance
      • Dedicated oct up/down, and shift buttons drastically increase range of key-based playback
      • Included AIR Music Technology plug-ins add inspiring instruments across numerous synths and pianos

        Portability and performance with the Akai APC Key 25 mk2!

              Number of Keys 25 velocity-sensitive keys; 10-octave range with octave up/down buttons
              Type of Keys Non-weighted
              Pads 40 RGB backlit clip-launch buttons in 8x5 matrix
              Encoders/Pots 8 x 360º knobs with 4 modes
              USB 1 x Type B
              Computer Connectivity USB
              Ableton Live Lite Music Production
              AIR Music Technology
              Power Supply
              USB bus powered
              Height 1.9"
              Width 12.4"
              Depth 7.6"
              Weight 2.1 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number APCKEY25MK2 694318025598