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Akai Professional MPC One Standalone Sampler and Sequencer

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Hybrid Standalone Hardware DAW with Software Integration, 7" Multi-touch Screen, 16 Velocity-/Pressure-sensitive Pads, Extensive Control I/O (MIDI, CV/Gate, USB), 4GB Storage, and MPC 2.0 Internal Software
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Based on the same powerful multi-core processor as the MPC X, the Akai Professional MPC One standalone sampler and sequencer delivers huge creative potential in a more compact form factor. From sampling and beat programming to editing, mixing, effects, and more, the MPC X packs everything producers love about the classic Music Production Center. And now you can edit and chop samples with hand gestures on the 7" touchscreen, map your most-used parameters to touch-sensitive encoders, and tap into the ultimate creative workspace with MPC Software 2 integration. The role of a music producer has evolved over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the vast sonic potential of MPC workstations like the Akai Professional MPC One standalone sampler and sequencer.

Akai Professional MPC One at a Glance:

  • Standalone MPC – No Computer Required
  • Powerful Multicore System from the MPC Live and MPC X
  • 16 Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads
  • Brilliant 7” Multi-Touch Display
  • 2 GB RAM, 2GB Onboard Storage, 2GB pre-installed content
  • Mac & PC Controller for MPC Software (included)
  • Stereo Line Level Inputs
  • MIDI In & MIDI Out
  • 4 TRS CV/Gate Jacks, 8 Outputs Total
  • USB 2.0 Slot for Storage Drives or Midi Controllers for use in Standalone
  • SD Card Slot

The original standalone music production workstation

The Akai Professional MPC experience has always been about getting your hands on your music, no computer required. Musicians at Music Experience are pleased to see the MPC One delivers the true MPC experience, right down to 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads for banging out beats, playing bass lines, and composing melodies. Classic MPC note entry tools including Note Repeat, Full Level, and 16 Levels are all here, and you can assign four of your most-used parameters to the touch-sensitive rotary encoders. From your first inspiration to the final polish, you'll never have to take your hands off your MPC One.

      Modern connectivity options

      With its powerful sequencing and sampling abilities, the MPC One is perfect for pairing with other synthesizers, drum machines, and other sound generators. It's ready to fit into your creative workflow no matter how you like to create music. In addition to line-level inputs and outputs you'll find a bank of CV/Gate outputs for use with Eurorack modular synthesizers. MIDI I/O is present for connecting synths, effects, and other MIDI-capable gear. You'll even find a USB input so you can compose music with your favorite controller instead of the pads.

      Powered by MPC Software 2

      Whether you're using MPC One standalone or in controller mode, Akai Professional's MPC Software 2 delivers a ton of creative potential. It's the most advanced MPC engine to date, delivering 128-track sequencing, real-time time stretching, clip launching, and incredibly advanced MIDI editing. It's compatible as a VST in controller mode, and a standalone application is also available for advanced functionality with your Mac or PC. MPC Software 2 basically gives you the most comprehensive experience when using the MPC One standalone, and also gives you unprecedented potential when you do decide to get your computer in on the action.

      Loaded with loops, samples, instruments, and effects

      The MPC One packs 4GB of internal storage (you can add your own samples via SD card or USB), and right out of the box you'll find a ton of great content. A new drum sample and loop library deserves some auditioning time, with production-ready sounds created by sound designers including RawCutz, F9, Decap MSX Sound Design, and MVP Loops, among others. MPC One also features Akai Professional's acclaimed instrument plug-ins — Electric, Tubesynth, and Bassline — plus renowned AIR FX mixing and mastering processors. You're more equipped than ever to produce radio-ready tracks with the MPC One.

      What Akai Professional Says...

      MPC One is a total music production solution to take your ideas from concept to finalized radio-ready beats.

      Full MPC Experience

      Don’t let the size fool you. The MPC One packs a lot of features and workflow tools into ONE powerful punch. Beat programming, editing, mixing FX and instruments and so much more means an uncompromised creative experience.

      Full Control

      MPC ONE delivers a truly empowering hands-on experience, ready for any music production task. Edit and trim samples with hand gestures on the brilliant 7” touch screen display. Express your ideas perfectly with the assigned knobs and touch keys that eliminate diving through pages of menus.

      Studio Connectivity

      MPC One integrates into your creative space with all the ports and jacks you need. USB, MIDI DIN, CV/Gate, and 1/4” line-level audio input. With USB and SD card slots, you can save, transfer and share your music.

      Pro Performance & Techniques

      Your favorite music production techniques come standard on MPC One. Tape Stop effect, Note Repeat for pulsing hi hats, and 16 Levels to play those melodic 808s plus many more.

      Exclusive Sound Content

      Discover over 2GB of exclusive sound content from industry leading sound designers. With samples and loops from Sample Tools by CR2, Rawcutz, F9, Decap, MSXII Sound Design and MVP Loops, you’ll never be short of inspiring sounds to make amazing records.

      Splice Integration

      Ready for new sounds to inspire you? Network connectivity means its super simple to sign into your Splice account and download a fresh set of samples to get your creative juices flowing again.

      MPC Beats Academy

      Our dedicated resource to learn and master MPC One. We’ve tackled every function and feature to make it possible for you to master the MPC ONE workflow in no time at all.

        Akai Professional MPC One Standalone Sequencer/Sampler Features:

        • Standalone music production center with 4GB onboard storage
        • Fully compatible with projects, programs and sequences from previous MPC versions and legacy hardware
        • Delivers much of the functionality of the MPC X in a more convenient, compact form factor
        • Comes loaded with loops and samples created by industry-leading sound designers
        • Load up your own custom samples via SD card or USB
        • 7" touchscreen allows you to edit and chop samples via gestures
        • 16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads for programming beats and playing melodies
        • Includes acclaimed instruments including Electric, Tubesynth, and Bassline, and AIR FX mastering processors
        • USB controller input allows you to play sounds with your favorite controller keyboard
        • 8 CV/Gate outputs for controlling modular synthesizers
        • MIDI I/O for integrating synthesizers, drum machines, and other hardware
        • Stereo line-level inputs and outputs on 1/4" TRS connections
        • Single USB-A port for thumb drives or control surfaces

              Standalone Sampler and Sequencer
              Internal Sound Engine
              Multicore System with Sample Playback, Drum Library
              Screen 7" Multi-touch display
              16 x Velocity-sensitive RGB Pads
              Other Controllers
              4 x Encoder Q-Link Knobs
              Drum Sample & Loop Library, Synth & Instrument Plug-ins, AIR FX
              Advanced Sampling & Audio Editing/Recording
              Analog Inputs
              2 x 1/4" (L/R)
              Analog Outputs
              2 x 1/4" (L/R)
              1 x 1/8"
              MIDI I/O
              2 x 3.0 Type A, 1 x 3.0 Type B
              Other I/O
              SD card, USB port, 2.5" SATA drive connector
              MPC 2.0 software
              OS X 10.9.5 or later
              Windows 8.1 or later
              Power Supply 19V DC power supply (included) / Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
              Height 2.1"
              Weight 4.7 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number MPCONE