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Arturia MiniLab 3 Black 25 Slim-key Controller

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25-note USB-C MIDI Keyboard Controller with 8 Encoders, 8 Velocity/Pressure Sensitive RGB-backlit Pads, 4 Sliders, 2 Capacitive Touch Strips, Pitch/Mod Control, Arpeggiator, External Control Input, MIDI 5-pin DIN Output, DAW Support, and 500 Presets
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With Arturia’s unmatched dedication in synthesizer research and design, it’s no surprise that the latest iteration of their mini MIDI machine would elevate itself from its predecessor. The MiniLab 3 continues the 25-key arrangement, boasting a slender profile and weighing just over three pounds. An ergonomic form factor includes two capacitive touch sensors for pitch and modulation control, respectively. Eight touch- and pressure-sensitive pads are broken into two banks, totaling 16 fully assignable, RGB-backlit slots. Eight rotary encoders are accompanied by four high-quality sliders to accommodate versatile control schemes. A new mini display includes a clickable browsing knob, providing real-time feedback on tweaks and mods made to any one of the MiniLab 3’s 500 presets. Intuitive functionality allows for straightforward control of transposition by octave or semitone, hold and chord modes, and the built-in arpeggiator. Custom DAW scripts are tailored for integration with major workstations, alongside seamless compatibility with Arturia’s extensive library of software instruments. The USB-C connection provides painless use with nearly any system. The MIDI 5-pin DIN output quickly connects you to external MIDI gear, and the external control input means greater expressive expansion. Music Experience’s studio experts agree that the MiniLab 3 is a worthy heir to the name and a must-have for studio setups of any size.

Arturia MiniLab 3 at a Glance:

  • Natural-feel velocity-sensitive 25-note Slim-key keybed
  • 16 encoders; 8 pads (x 2 banks)
  • Capacitive pitch bend and modulation touch strips
  • Customizable RGB pads
  • Footswitch jack
  • Analog Lab Lite included, with 500 high-quality sounds right out of the box
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite and UVI Grand Piano
  • 2 clickable encoders for tight integration with Analog Lab Lite

    Engineered to accommodate

    Slim keys and a lightweight housing aren’t the Minilab 3’s only mobility-minded considerations, though they contribute to its compact and transportation-friendly design. Flexible connectivity options include a 5-pin MIDI DIN output and a USB-C port, alongside a 1/4-inch control input for use with your choice of pedal, sustain, expression, and more. Its USB-C connection can be used to integrate with DAWs or computer-based systems, as well as deep access to MIDI Control Center parameters. With the MIDI 5-pin DIN output, you can seize control of any compatible device, layering and relaying progressions, arpeggiation, and expression controls into a chorus of synthesizer soundscapes. Real-time feedback on patch modification and design lets you stay immersed in the sounds as you craft aural vistas designed to dazzle in any environment.

    Included software to kickstart your creativity:

    • Analog Lab Intro (28 instruments / 500 presets)
    • Ableton Live Lite
    • UVI Model D grand piano VI
    • Native Instruments The Gentleman upright piano VI
    • Melodics lesson intro subscription
    • Loopcloud - 2-month sample subscription

    What Arturia Says...

    Find your own flow and enjoy making music with a plug-and-play MIDI keyboard that does it all. MiniLab 3 gives you easy controls, great-feeling keys, and a fully-integrated all-in-one software package that’s ready to get creative right out the box.

      Go with your flow

      Finally, an easy keyboard controller that adapts to your needs, your style, and your workflow, so you can make music just the way you like it. Hook it up, discover fresh sounds, enjoy premium velocity-sensitive keys, and get hands-on with your music like never before.

      It's that easy

      You don’t need to understand music theory, learn production, or buy any software to enjoy MiniLab 3. Easily control your DAW projects in real-time, explore amazing instrument sounds in a few clicks, and get those tracks, beats, and mixes sounding as good as you’ve always wanted with a workflow fit for a pro.

      It's that creative

      Write platinum melodies, record massive chords with a single key, create totally customized synth sounds in seconds, and so much more. This controller is all about letting you follow your musical curiosity and discover how far your sound can really go.

      It's that versatile

      Play keys, punch in a drum loop, connect to MIDI gear, browse your preset library - all in one. MiniLab 3 comes pre-mapped for most DAWs, gives you every tactile control you need, and delivers a full production-ready suite of software & sounds to fit your flavor of music-making.

      Every sound you need included

      What software & sounds do you get with MiniLab 3? From recording software to a library of over 4 million samples, you’re totally kitted out for whatever music you want to make.

      Hundreds of synth & keys presets

      The hardest basses, lushest leads, smoothest keyboard sounds, and more, taken from the award-winning Analog Lab V, V Collection, and Pigments libraries.

      Music recording software

      Record, perform, and produce anything with an introduction to one of the hottest DAWs in the business, including instrument presets, drums, FX, MIDI clips, and more.

      Intimate upright piano

      Enjoy the cheery, vintage sound of a Century-old upright piano, recorded to deliver charm and intimate character to your mix.

      A timeless grand piano

      The epic stage-sized character of a Steinway grand piano, arguably the most iconic piano of all time, sampled in detail to bring your production to life.

      Millions of samples & loops

      A 2-month subscription to Loopcloud gives you millions of hi-def royalty-free samples, from lo-fi drum loops to vocal one-shots, plus a 1GB welcome pack.

      Learn with MiniLab 3

      Improve your pad & keyboard skills with a subscription to Melodics, offering 40 lessons, tips, and musical hacks that are fun, easy, and tailored to your style.

      What’s in it for you?

      Whatever your style, whatever your ability, whatever your setup, MiniLab 3 is built to get the job done - there’s something for everyone.

      Great for beginners, fit for pros

      Whether you’re new to music production or a DAW veteran, you need more than just a keyboard. You need plug-and-play simplicity; you need flexible recording software; you need to be able to tweak every aspect of your mix in an instant; you need access to decent sounds and samples to make your music shine. Don’t sweat it - MiniLab 3 has got you covered.

      A beat-maker’s paradise

      From the lo-fi to the hard-hitting, MiniLab 3 is your ultimate DAW beat machine. The perfect beat-making setup needs quick results, a hands-on approach, and the flexibility to follow a vibe when it catches. MiniLab 3 lets you control instruments, punch in your pad drums, and adjust your faders with a flow so fluid, you’ll forget you had a mouse.

      Not just for keyboardists

      Calling all guitarists, singer-songwriters, drummers, DJs… Wanna add keyboard parts to your rock tracks, trigger samples next to your drum kit, or find fresh synth sounds for your next project? MiniLab 3 is the accessible little box that’ll finally make keys work for you, complete with deeper integration with your DAW of choice.

      Performance-ready portability

      Save time with a controller prepared for inspiration to strike at any place, any time. On your commute, at home, between lessons, or on stage, MiniLab 3 is light enough for your backpack, connects seamlessly to your computer, and is ready to unleash your creativity in seconds. Whether recording, performing, or jamming with friends, inspiration doesn’t wait - why should you?

      A Hands-on Experience

      Explore the layout, features, and hidden talents of MiniLab 3 in detail, from its quality slim keyboard to its easy-to-use creative commands.

      The world’s first eco-designed MIDI controller

      A better product for the environment means a more sustainable creative future. MiniLab 3 represents a new benchmark in eco-friendly instrument design and lifespan, built to last longer, produce less waste, and reduce our carbon footprint for good. Made with minimum 50% recycled plastic, brand new fully-recyclable cardboard packaging, and a 5-year warranty, rest assured that this keyboard takes value and sustainability seriously, from manufacture to your music-making setup.

        Arturia MiniLab 3 25-note Mini Keyboard Controller Features:

        • 25-key controller expertly melds studio functionality with modern, mobility-minded workflow
        • Capacitive touch sensors deliver responsive control of pitch and modulation, respectively
        • 8 touch-/pressure-sensitive RGB-backlit pads provide a fully assignable 16-slot bank
        • 8 rotary encoders and 4 sliders accommodate a diverse array of customizable control layouts
        • Display screen and clickable browsing knob allow for painless browsing of 500 onboard presets with active feedback for mods and tweaks
        • Straightfoward face controls let you easily transpose and shift by octave or semitone, toggle hold and chord modes, and utilize onboard arpeggiator
        • USB-C connection ensures seamless integration with any system
        • Custom-written DAW scripts enable Transport Control and up to 8 DAW and user presets
        • MIDI 5-in DIN output makes for straightforward use with external MIDI gear
        • Control input is great for pedal, sustain, foot-switch, or expression expansion
        • Lightweight, compact design guarantees easy transportation without compromising functionality
        • Weight: 3.3 lbs.
        • Size: 14 inches x 8.7 inches x 2 inches

              Number of Keys 25
              Type of Keys Slim keys, Synth action
              Velocity Sensitive Yes
              Pads 8 x RGB Back-lit Pressure Sensitive Pads
              Other Controllers Pitchbend/Modulation Capacitive Touch Sensors
              Pedal Inputs
              1 x 1/4" (control)
              MIDI I/O
              1 x USB-C
              Computer Connectivity USB
              Power Supply USB bus powered
              Height 2"
              Width 14"
              Depth 8.7"
              Weight 3.3 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number 231502