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Austrian Audio OD505 Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone

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Handheld Dynamic Microphone with Supercardioid Polar Pattern, 3D Pop Noise Diffuser, and Switchable Highpass Filter
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Microphone technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years, and now you no longer have to settle for anything less than studio-quality sound for your live vocal performances. The Austrian Audio OD505 Active Dynamic vocal handheld microphone leverages the latest developments to deliver the best of both worlds: the bulletproof performance of a dynamic capsule along with the sensitivity of a studio condenser mic. Featuring Austrian Audio’s proprietary Open Acoustics Technology and cutting-edge dual capsule design, the OD505 provides excellent handling along with superior noise suppression and feedback rejection, while their Active Dynamic circuitry ensures consistent sound, regardless of console input impedance. Superbly engineered and manufactured in Austria, the Austrian Audio OD505 captures every nuance of your vocal performances with breathtaking clarity and precision.

      Versatility for any live or studio scenario

      You might not think of a handheld dynamic mic as an especially high-tech device, but the Austrian Audio OD505 is packed with innovation that is unique in this category. While its supercardioid polar pattern provides superior rejection of off-axis sound, its sensitivity is more like that of a condenser mic, allowing it to capture the subtleties in any vocal performance. The OD505 features a custom 3D Pop Noise Diffuser for outstanding suppression of plosives, while a switchable second-order highpass filter attenuates low frequencies below 120Hz to provide even more versatility for live sound and studio recording applications. And you’ll sound the same, from the rehearsal hall to the stage to the studio, thanks to Austrian Audio’s Active Dynamic technology, which ensures consistent sonic quality, regardless of mixer or interface input impedance.

      Austrian Audio: The new Vienna classics

      Carrying on the rich legacy of high-end Viennese transducer and microphone design into the modern era, Austrian Audio is driven by an engineering team with over 300 years of combined experience. Their motto: “Making Passion Heard.” Their mission: to design and manufacture a new generation of recording tools that embrace cutting-edge technologies and sonic excellence while honoring Vienna’s rich musical heritage. That vision is realized in Austrian Audio’s proprietary handcrafted capsules and the superior build quality of their products. Music Experience is proud to bring you Austrian Audio’s distinguished line of fine microphones.

      What Austrian Audio Says...

      The OD505 Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone is designed primarily for the stage, though it is also a very capable microphone for studio application. Uncompromisingly robust, it combines all the advantages of a dynamic microphone with the tonal finesse of a condenser microphone. The OD505 is the perfect choice for singers, podcasters and radio broadcasters. Its amazingly natural sound makes it very easy to shape and highlight a vocalist’s strengths. Featuring Austrian Audio’s proprietary Open Acoustics Technology, the OD505 delivers a pristine, natural and resonance-free sound without any colouring.

      Making passion heard

      The active front capsule requires 48V phantom power and, at 4.4 mV / Pa, has almost the same sensitivity as a condenser microphone. With its active circuitry, the OD505’s sound is always consistent, regardless of the internal resistance of the microphone preamplifier or length of connecting cables. The passive lower capsule is polarity-rotated, it senses and eliminates unwanted handling noise. This state-of-the-art dual capsule design, together with the selectable 2nd order high-pass filter makes the OD505 practically immune to noise such as handling noises, bumps and stage knocks. The OD505 also includes another Austrian Audio proprietary development: The 3D Pop Noise Diffuser. This filter is specially designed for the OD505 and effectively reduces the impact of plosives.

      Austrian Audio OD505 Active Dynamic Vocal Microphone Features:

      • High sensitivity, similar to that of a condenser microphone
      • Supercardioid polar pattern for superior off-axis rejection
      • Active Dynamic technology ensures consistent sound, regardless of console input impedance
      • Proprietary 3D Pop Noise Diffuser for outstanding pop noise suppression
      • Switchable 120Hz second-order highpass filter
      • Rugged die-cast body

                Microphone Type Dynamic
                Mono/Stereo Supercardioid
                Frequency Response 70Hz-20kHz
                Max SPL 154dB
                Output Impedance 275 ohms
                Self Noise 25dB (A weighted)
                Low Cut Filter 120Hz
                Power Source 48V phantom power
                Connector XLR
                Dimensions 7.63" x 2.08"
                Weight 0.74 lbs.
                Included Accessories Carrying Case, Mic Clip
                Manufacturer Part Number 17002F11000