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Boss VE-1 Vocal Echo

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Battery-powered Portable Vocal Processor with 7 Echoes, Double-tracking Effect, Enhance, Pitch Correction, and USB Audio Out
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The BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo effects processor is a compact unit that delivers ambience effects you can use at any gig. This floor unit is so easy to use, you don't have to know a thing about music gear to dial in the perfect effects, and with a push of a button, you'll get instant studio magic. What's more, you can run the BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo on just four AA batteries for totally portable operation, and USB connectivity even lets you take your favorite vocal effects into the studio.

BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo Effects Module at a Glance:

  • An easy way to create and use high-quality vocal effects and processing anywhere
  • Enjoy a user interface that's so simple to use that you don't need to understand effects
  • Choose from 7 echo types and tweak them to perfection
  • Double button lets you instantly create the classic double-tracked vocal sound
  • Enhance function automatically controls dynamics and lets you apply subtle pitch correction as you sing
  • Select pitch correction ranging from subtle to hard-tuned, electronic-sounding voices
  • Three memory slots let you store and quickly recall your favorite settings
  • XLR mic input with phantom power that's available even when running on batteries
  • USB audio function lets you capture processed vocal sounds into your computer
  • Runs on 4 x AA batteries or optional PSA-series AC adapter

    Add a full range of studio polish to your voice

    Echo is just one of the things that the BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo lets you do. In fact, it comes loaded with a smattering of cool effects and processors, making it easy to add a touch of studio magic to your live vocals. If you'd like to smooth out your vocals just a touch, just hit the VE-1's Enhance button and you'll be rewarded with a healthy dose of studio polish. Hit it again and you'll add in subtle but effective automatic pitch correction, which not only help you stay in tune in loud environments in which you can't hear yourself as well as you'd like, it even lets you dial in hard-tuned electronic-sounding vocals.

    A perfect vocal tool onstage or in the studio

    Great vocals aren't just important onstage, they're absolutely essential in the studio as well, just ask any Music Experience recording specialist. That's why BOSS designed the VE-1 Vocal Echo to be as flexible as possible. To begin with, the VE-1 runs on four AA batteries and still provide reliable phantom power to your favorite condenser microphone. Easy-to-reach buttons also let you store and recall your favorite settings. On the flip side, USB connectivity allows the VE-1 to double as an audio interface, so you can take everything it has to offer into the studio.

    What BOSS Says...

    Every vocalist can benefit from having professional-grade reverb and studio effects to sound their best on stage. This is what the BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo is designed for—to make your voice sound even more incredible when you sing. It provides lush reverb and other essential vocal tools magically packaged in a compact and user-friendly unit, allowing you to easily create a great ambient vocal sound every time you perform. What’s really cool about the VE-1 is that you don’t have to be a pro sound engineer to make your voice sound sweet. Everything is right at your fingertips to get great-sounding vocals anytime and anywhere. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of audio effects processing or a highly trained PA engineer, the VE-1 provides high-quality processing for any singer to take their voice over the top with that extra luster and polish. With the VE-1, there’s no need to worry about complicated parameter settings to achieve rich results. Simply dial up a sound from one of the seven available professionally designed presets, and then twist the knobs to easily and intuitively control the effect level and depth. And if you’re a more advanced user, additional detailed parameters are available to fine-tune sounds even further. Along with the top-quality reverbs, dedicated controls are right at your fingertips for applying Double, Pitch Correct, and Enhance features to your vocals to put the finishing touch to your sound. Pitch Correct helps you to stay in tune, and also allows you to obtain that characteristic “electronic voice” sound. With the convenient Memory feature, you can store and recall up to four favorite settings, including your current live setting. The built-in USB audio port enables you to record your polished vocal sound directly to a DAW or create a studio-quality sound for a YouTube performance. The VE-1 runs on batteries or AC power, and works great in any situation, from street performing to recording in your home studio to performing live at a café or club.

    Control Your Vocal Sound Without the Need of a PA Engineer

    Most vocalists don’t have the luxury of a pro sound engineer to dial in the perfect ambient vocal sound for every performance. The VE-1 is the perfect all-in-one solution to simply and easily get great sound without any outside help. Whether you’re a street performer or playing at a local café or club, you’ll always sound like a pro when you sing with the VE-1.

    Seven Different Echo Types

    The seven built-in presets don’t simply increase in depth or intensity as you step through them—they each contain multiple reverbs that are intricately adjusted for every setting. These variations provide the most suitable settings for each depth level, blending in beautifully while never overwhelming your direct vocal sound. BOSS engineers have used their decades of accumulated expertise in vocal reverb to design and meticulously craft these studio-level adjustments along with input from top recording engineers from around the world. This results in great ambient vocal effects that are easily obtained in any live situation, providing a big advantage for any singer!

    Who is the VE-1 Designed For?

    The VE-2 is incredibly intuitive for anyone to use, even for vocalists that have no previous experience with sound equipment. Buttons and knob-based controls make it simple to get great sounds instantly, while the handy LED indicators show the current vocal harmony setting at a glance. The integrated multi-function footswitch allows you to turn harmony on/off or bypass the VE-2’s sound entirely as you perform, and you can even connect up to two optional footswitches for more control if desired. In addition, you can save three favorite sounds in onboard memories and recall them at the touch of button.

    Essentials for a Polished Vocal Sound in One Compact Pedal

    Studio-grade reverb is crucial for every vocalist. The VE-1 is designed for anyone who wants to sweeten their singing with beautiful ambience and sound like a pro. It greatly enhances any voice with spaciousness and sparkle, and it’s really easy to use, even if you’re a newcomer to the world of audio gear. The VE-1 is especially valuable for vocalists who perform with a minimal PA setup in a café, club, or any other live setting.

    Built-in Memory to Switch between Different Vocal Sounds

    As a vocalist, you‘re always the center of attention—you not only sing, but you speak to the audience as well. Sometimes you need to design a different vocal ambience from one song to another. With the VE-1’s built-in memory, you’re able to simply switch between the ambient vocal sounds you need for different song styles. Between songs, you can easily bypass the ambient sound while the Enhancer remains active, which is perfect for speaking to the audience. You can choose from four different settings, including your current live setup with the VE-1.

    USB Audio Capability

    Aside from the sweet ambient vocal sounds you can easily obtain with the VE-1, there’s also a built-in USB audio port to record to your computer. This is a particularly great feature for making professional-sounding YouTube videos that show off your incredible vocal ability. But we didn’t stop there—with a microphone connected to the VE-1, you can record your vocals along with effects directly to your favorite music software. You can even mix in a song played back from your computer at the same time!

      BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo Effects Module Features:

      • Seven types of ambience effects with adjustable settings for your voice
      • Double-tracking effect to instantly thicken your vocal sound
      • Enhance effect and Pitch Correct (including hard-tuned “electronic voice” sound)
      • Adjustable detailed parameters for advanced users
      • Battery or AC operation enables performing anywhere
      • Built-in Memory for switching between the best settings for each song
      • USB audio port provides versatile options for use with your computer

      When you need great-sounding vocals to go, trust the BOSS VE-1 Vocal Echo!

                Processor Type Vocal Echo
                Number of Channels 1
                Form Pedal/Desktop
                Analog Inputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" (Footswitch)
                Analog Outputs 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/8"
                Computer Connectivity USB
                Power Source 9V DC power supply (sold separately) / 4 x AA batteries
                Height 2.52"
                Depth 4.57"
                Width 6.14"
                Weight 1.32 lbs.
                Manufacturer Part Number VE2