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Boss WL-60 Guitar Wireless System

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Plug-and-play Stompbox-sized Guitar Wireless System with 14 Channel 65' Operating Range, DC Output
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BOSS has made going wireless even easier. A great fit for stage performers, the BOSS WL-60 blends user control with automated plug-and-play simplicity. Made specifically for pedalboards, the WL-60's compact construction and sound quality is impressive. Simply plug your receiver into your pedals and you've got 65 feet of operating range. The BOSS WL-60 Wireless system includes a compact bodypack transmitter that's compatible with almost any instrument and has a battery life of 25 hours. This wireless system also offers two cable length simulations that mimic the natural capacitive effects of guitar cables. At Music Experience, we understand that is not easy to go wireless; but with the user-friendly operation of the BOSS WL-60, going wireless has never been easier.

BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System at a Glance:

  • Includes wireless transmitter and receiver
  • Transmitter battery life of 25 hours of uninterrupted playing.
  • Stompbox size receiver fits easily on your pedalboard
  • LCD display shows channel status, wireless strength, battery life, and more
  • Automatic 14-channel scanning makes setup a breeze
  • Selectable cable tone simulation: short, long, off
  • Powered by included AC adapter or two AA batteries

Lighting-fast BOSS wireless technology

BOSS's premium wireless technology delivers incredibly clear and reliable sound with minimal latency. This unit makes it easy for you to move around your stage without any lag at all. You'll be free to move as much as 65 feet away from your pedal board without worrying about signal interruption. You'll get solid audio performance with no drop-outs and class-leading latency of only 2.3 ms.

Perfect for pedalboards

The BOSS WL-60 has the exact same footprint as a BOSS compact pedal that makes it easy to fit on your pedalboard. When the receiver is powered by a wired connection, you can use the convenient DC output on the receiver to power other pedals. When you don't want to go wireless, you can plug straight into the receiver and use your pedals as normal without having to rearrange your board.

Easy setup and operation

When you put the BOSS WL-60 on your pedalboard, place it in the front of your signal chain and plug in the next pedal to its output. To setup, press the dedicated scan button on the receiver. The digital display will tell you what channel has the best connection. Simply select the desired channel on your receiver and transmitter and you're ready to move around on stage in a way that is totally different from anything you've experienced. When you're on-stage, you'll notice the extra freedom that the WL-60 wireless system gives you.

Bodypack transmitter works with nearly every guitar or bass

The compact and durable WL-60T transmitter easily attaches to your instrument strap or belt. Since it attaches to your instrument with the included standard cable, it works with almost any guitar or bass. Powered by two AA batteries, this mighty receiver will give you 25 hours of rock-solid connection without no worries. If your rig has more than one instrument, you can purchase additional WL-60T transmitters to use with the WL-60 guitar wireless system.

What BOSS Says...

Offering great tone, ultra-low latency, and effortless set up, BOSS’s revolutionary WL series has made it easier than ever for musicians to go wireless. The WL-60 system is a great fit for serious stage performers, bridging plug-and-play simplicity with fast user-guided control. The compact receiver is tailor-made for pedalboards, and features a large visual display and direct-access buttons to quickly scan and select the best wireless channel. Rounding out the system is a rugged bodypack transmitter, which is compatible with nearly any instrument and runs for up to 25 hours on regular alkaline batteries.

Lightning-Fast BOSS Wireless Technology

Equipped with BOSS’s acclaimed high-performance wireless technology, the WL-60 delivers exceptional sound quality with wide dynamic range. The system provides rock-solid audio performance with absolutely no drop-outs, while class-leading low latency of just 2.3 ms delivers great playing feel with no lag whatsoever. Up to 14 WL series systems can be used simultaneously in one space, allowing multiple musicians to enjoy wireless freedom at the same time.*

Ready to Play in Seconds

Using the receiver’s large LCD and dedicated panel buttons, setting up the WL-60 to play is amazingly fast and efficient. Simply press the Scan button, then wait for a moment as the 14 wireless channels are automatically scanned and the clearest are indicated. Next, select the desired channel on the receiver, power on the transmitter and match the channel, and then you’re ready to rock! In addition to making set up a breeze, the WL-60’s LCD also provides constant visual feedback on channel selection, wireless strength, and other parameters.

Just Another Pedal on Your Board

The receiver in the WL-60 system is the same size as a standard BOSS compact pedal and can be powered just like your other stomps, making it an easy addition to any pedalboard setup. Simply place it at the beginning of your chain and connect the receiver’s output to the first pedal. And thanks to the regular ¼-inch input jack, you can always connect via a traditional guitar cable when needed without having to re-patch or remove the receiver from your board.

Pedal Power Distribution

When the WL-60 receiver is powered via a BOSS PSA-S adaptor, it becomes a power distribution center for other stomps on your board. By using an optional PCS-20A daisy-chain cable, you’re able to power a number of BOSS compact pedals at the same time.

Visual Feedback Puts You in Control

With the WL-60’s automatic scanning feature and informative display, the channel-selection process is virtually effortless, eliminating the complicated procedures required with other systems. All 14 channels are shown at one time during the scan process, giving you a complete overview of the current wireless conditions. This makes it simple to optimize performance for any stage situation, ensuring that you always have the very best tone. And when one or more bandmates are also using WL-60 systems, it’s quick and easy to assign each one to its own unique channel.

Rugged Bodypack Transmitter Works with Any Guitar or Bass

Compact, lightweight, and durable, the included WL-60T Transmitter mounts easily on your belt or instrument strap. Up to 25 hours of runtime is provided with two alkaline AA batteries, which can be swapped out in seconds during the heat of a gig. Using the display and selector buttons, you’re able to adjust the operation channel from your playing position. And since the WL-60T connects to your instrument via a short standard cable (included), it works with nearly any guitar or bass. It’s also possible to purchase additional WL-60T units for backup or outfitting multiple stage instruments.

Cable Tone Simulation

The WL-60 includes two selectable cable tone simulation options that reproduce the natural capacitive effect that’s introduced when using a guitar cable with standard passive pickups. You can also bypass the effect when cable tone simulation is not desirable, such as when using an acoustic/electric guitar with an onboard preamp or an instrument with active pickups.

Battery-Powered Operation for Mobile Gigging

When performing on the street or playing gigs that require quick set up and teardown, running your pedals on battery power is often the best way to fly. The WL-60 lets you go wireless as well, with the receiver providing clear, cable-free operation for up to ten hours on two AA alkaline batteries.

    BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System Features:

    • Premium audio performance with lightning-fast BOSS wireless technology
    • Automatic 14-channel scanning makes set up quick and uncomplicated
    • Large LCD shows channel status, wireless strength, battery life, and more
    • Stompbox-size receiver fits easily on your pedalboard
    • Bodypack transmitter works with nearly any instrument and runs for up to 25 hours on two AA alkaline batteries
    • Transmission range: 20 meters/65 feet line of sight (may vary due to local conditions)
    • Short high-quality cable included for connecting the transmitter to a guitar or bass
    • Receiver powered by AC adaptor or two AA alkaline batteries
    • Convenient DC output on receiver for powering other pedals (when using AC adaptor)
    • Instrument input for using a standard cable without removing the receiver from a pedalboard
    • Included WL-60T Transmitter also available separately for backup and outfitting additional stage instruments

              Type Complete System
              System: Simultaneous Channels Up to 14
              System: Analog/Digital Digital
              System: Frequency Range 2.4 GHz
              System: Operating Range 65 ft. Line-of-sight
              System: Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
              Transmitter: Form Factor Bodypack
              Transmitter: Dynamic Range >110dB
              Transmitter: Battery Type Lithium-ion rechargeable
              Transmitter: Battery Life 10 hours
              Transmitter: Connector 1/4"
              Transmitter: Dimensions 2.68" x 3.5" x 1.18"
              Transmitter: Weight 5 oz. (including batteries)
              Receiver: Front Panel Display Yes
              Receiver: Displays LCD
              Receiver: Type Pedal
              Receiver: Inputs 1 x 1/4"
              Receiver: Outputs 1 x 1/4"
              Receiver: Power Source 9V DC power supply, DC in/out
              Receiver: Dimensions 2.87" x 4.81" x 2.25"
              Manufacturer Part Number WL60