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Duesenberg DPE-BM Blue Move Analog Chorus Pedal

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A good chorus pedal is a must have for any guitar player. It is such a useful effect for most styles even when you lay on a bunch of gain chorus can be that final touch that takes your mix to another level. The Duesenberg Blue Move is a warm, tone hugging chorus that you will never want to take off of your pedalboard.

Deep Sound, Simple Controls

When you see a simple chorus pedal like this you can be forgiven for thinking that it won't have that much range. The Blue Move is not just a one trick pony though as there is a lot of movement on both the  depth and speed controls taking you from a subtle and warm effect to a fast Leslie speaker like effect.

With just Depth, Speed and Mix controls you can get this set up to fit in your rig within minutes so you don't have to spend days fiddling to make it gig worthy.

Real Bucket Brigade Circuit

Bucket Brigade circuits are thought to be the best way to create time and pitch based effects like Chorus. They make sure your sound is warm and saturated which is where chorus sounds its absolute best. But this does come with a certain amount of background noise... unless you are Duesenberg. These guys have worked out a way to keep your signal noise free while still delivering the amazing chorus tone you are looking for.

Top Grade Quality

Like the guitars Duesenberg pedals are made with only the best parts they can get their hands on. Plus they are all handwired in Germany meaning that you know this will last for a long time on your pedalboard no matter how much you travel.

Here's what Duesenberg say about the Blue Move Analogue Chorus

A good chorus effect has to sound creamy, saturated and warm. This can only be achieved with good, old-fashioned analog bucket-brigade electronics, albeit those with a special circuitry design so as not to carry over into today all of yesterday's unwanted noise. The Blue Move realizes a large bandwidth of chorus sounds: at a slow tempo (Speed) and with a great range of modulation (Depth), the Blue Move gives rise to wide, planar, deep and/or shimmering chorus sounds. Wafting Leslie-like sounds can be attained, for example, at faster speed and reduced depth modulation settings. The high input impedance of 1 MOhm sensitively translates the input signal, retaining its inherent musicality despite the effect's sound density.

A pulsing LED light indicates the speed of the Chorus setting, while True Bypass electronics ensures that the Blue Move Chorus remains absolutely sound neutral in its inactivated state.


  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • EH Electronics (USA)
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Epoxy PCB boards
  • Select brand name parts
  • Pots and switches freely wired, not on the board
  • Electrical power via 1x 9V block battery or 9V DC power supply

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