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Duesenberg DPE-RE2 Red Echo II Analog Delay Pedal

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Versatility is key behind a lot of the Duesenberg pedals and the Red Echo II is no different. This pedal is a 100% analogue circuit but yet it can still easily move between short slapback like delays to the kind of sounds you expect on a roaring rock solo. If it is echo you love you need this pedal.

The Tone

While some may think of Echo as a pure time based effect it does effect your tone as well. By using an all analogue circuit carefully designed after vintage gear the Red Echo II has a beautifully warm tone when engaged.

This means you have a much smoother sound that lets your solo flow beautifully and pop out of the mix even if you are using a fair amount of gain or a treble heavy amplifier.

The Delay

While most analogue delay pedals can't go particularly fast or slow they sit somewhere in between the Red Echo II manages to do both with ease. With up to 600ms of delay time even those after the largest of echos will be pleased with how this pedal responds.

Even if you don't want those extremes the Red Echo II can fit anywhere in the mix you want with wide sweeping Time, Repeat and Level (blend) controls to fit in to your band however you want.

Here's what Dueseneberg say about the Red Echo II

The Red Echo II is an extremely warm sounding delay pedal with up to 600 ms delay time. The dry unprocessed signal of the guitar stays completely analogue to prevent any loss of dynamic and clarity. It delivers typical retro sounds. Whether spherical ambience effects on relaxed ballads, short slapback echos for country and rockabilly or the magical driving force behind hot rock solos, the Red Echo II achieves outstanding results with both clean and distorted amp sounds. True Bypass electronics ensure that the Red Echo II in its inactivated state remains absolutely sound neutral. Like all Duesenberg effects, the Red Echo II is built to high technological standards, is simple to use and built to withstand wear and tear on the road.


  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • EH Electronics (USA)
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Epoxy PCB boards
  • Select brand name parts
  • Pots and switches freely wired, not on the board
  • Electrical power via 1x 9V block battery or 9V DC power supply

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