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Duesenberg DPE-VT Violet Trem Tremolo Pedal

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Tremolo is an interesting effect that has been found in guitar tones since the days of the tweed Fender amps back in the 50's and 60's. Although then it was closer to what we would now describe as a vibe effect, tremolo became a mainstay in rock and pop guitars for years to come.

The Duesenberg Violet Trem takes this vintage effect and gives you a couple of small tweaks for a range of sounds you normally would not expect out of a pedal with just 3 controls.

From Subtle To Insanity

Due to the incredible range on all of the controls in this pedal you can go from a slow, swelling effect that can really a nice character to your sound to a more in your face fast, sharp attack trem great for modern styles. And so you don't forget how you have it set the LED will flash along with the tremolo effect so you can easily get your timing on point.

Real Photo Cell Technology

While a lot of manufacturers have started to move to digital circuits to make their tremolo effect Duesenberg have stuck with traditional photo cells for that classic 'wet' tremolo effect. The photo cell tremolo circuit has been hand calibrated and synchronized to deliver the best possible and most reliable sound night after night.

Sine Or Square

While it may look like there are just 3 controls (Speed, Intensity and Volume) Duesenberg have actually hidden one of the most important features on the back of the pedal. This is the ability to switch between sine and square waves at a moments notice which assists in changing between the vintage and modern sounds.

Here's what Duesenberg say about the Violet Trem

The pulsing tremolo effect is probably the most magical of all guitar effects. The Violet Trem has a hand calibrated and synchronized photo cell at the heart of its electronics, by which the buttery "wet" tremolo sound we've come to know and love from the old tube amps is perfectly reproduced. The Violet Trem has a volume control that counterbalances loss of volume that can occur with active effects. Or it can as a booster; left-striking the intensity regulator turns the Violet Trem into either a booster or a buffer, with all the advantages these effects bring with them. A switch enables the choice between hard square or soft sine waveforms, thereby offering two tremolo directions that could not be more different from each other: vintage meets modern - so then, Dick Dale can surf over here, while the "stutter" effect of Tom Morello can thunder over there. Meanwhile, the Status LED light pulses in time with the tremolo's wave frequencies. With its True Bypass electronics, the Violet Trem remains absolutely sound neutral when not in an active state.


  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • EH Electronics (USA)
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Epoxy PCB boards
  • Select brand name parts
  • Pots and switches freely wired, not on the board
  • Electrical power via 1x 9V block battery or 9V DC power supply

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