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Duesenberg SCRATCH EX Guitar Polish

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Guitar polish cleaner and fine scratch remover in 50 ml bottle

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Polishes and Removes Fine Scratches

The Duesenberg SCRATCH EX formula not only effectively polishes your guitar leaving it stunning and shiny, it also contains polishing and buffing particles which reduce finish irregularities when a bit of pressure is applied during polishing. It can also be used on both your guitar's hardware and the body itself, making it the best option for your guitar.

Why polish and clean your guitar?

The amount of dirt that your guitar builds up will depend a lot on the environment that you play the most in, and for how long. For example, if you’re someone who goes out and gigs most weekends, then you’re probably more than used to enduring 1000-degree stages and standing under enough lights to guide a plane in for landing. Playing an hour set under intense stage lighting makes you sweat – worst thing for your guitar!

Playing in this context causes you to sweat buckets, which is like kryptonite for your guitar. Sweat and grease on your guitar’s finish not only looks pretty bad, but it can wear away the lacquer and cause irreparable damage to the fretboard in particular. It can also reach and harm your guitar’s electronic components and hardware, causing rust and therefore even more problems.

Even under normal playing circumstances, regularly maintaining your guitar by washing your hands before playing and consistently wiping down the finish and fretboard will afford your beloved axe longevity and ensure you get the most life out of your strings. 

Duesenberg SCRATCH EX features:

  • Removes Fine Scratches
  • Effectively Polishes your guitar
  • Long-lasting with minimal amounts needed in each application
  • Can be used on hardware and bodies

    50 ml
    Plastic Bottle
    For use on
    Gloss finishes, hardware
    Manufacturer Part Number DSE