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Duesenberg Starplayer TV Custom DTV-CM-BK

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The Duesenberg Starplayer TV is a stunning guitar that is the most popular guitar they produce. Every so often Doozy decide to have a play with these guitars and come up with something unique and different while still keeping true to the original design. That is where the Starplayer TV Custom comes from with its stunning black / gold design and innovative electronics.

Gorgeous Design

The Starplayer TV was already a beautiful guitar. It has a semi hollow feel without having a massive body that gets in the way of your playing. Introducing a black and gold finish only makes it stand out more as beautiful instrument. This is a classic colour scheme that has been used on guitars since the mid 50's and now has a large history of being used by many different artists all over the world.

Underneath this paint you have a brilliantly constructed guitar and amazing hardware that will keep on working night after night. The body has been crafted with laminated spruce on top of laminated flame maple back and sides. Although this combination is not commonly used for electric guitar its produces an incredible sound that is part of the signature sound of a 'Doozy'.

Powerful New Hardware

While the original Starplayer TV has a really cool set up of a single humbucker in the bridge with a P90 in the neck this guitar has an even cooler set of hardware. On this guitar you will find 3x D-Tron humbucking pickups that work amazingly well together and deliver an interesting range of sounds.

This set of three pickups are controlled with a master volume control as well as a 3 way selector and an innovative new tone control. When the tone control is in its notched position in the middle of its rotation the three way selector works like it would on any standard 2 pickup guitar. As you roll down the tone control it acts like a normal tone circuit, when you bring it up however it does something seriously cool. The further up the tone control the more of the middle pickup you get in your signal. The three way selector still works in the same way in this mode just the middle pickup is active as well.

Quality Tremolo

With a vintage inspired guitar like this a decent tremolo system really helps you get that iconic sound. Luckily with this guitar unlike a lot of other vintage inspired instruments you can use this tremolo live without an issue thanks to its quality construction that does not let your guitar go out of tune. Also keeping your guitar tuning stable you have an astounding set of Duesenberg Z-Tuners which use their incredibly stable design to keep you in tune.

Here's what Duesenberg have to say about the Starplayer TV Custom

The Starplayer TV Custom is a semi hollow, three pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring arched top and back, bent sides and a 647mm scale.

Building up on the original Starplayer TV design, the Custom features spruce for the top. The translucent blackburst finish on the back slightly shows the flamed maple back and harmonizes perfectly with the deep high-gloss black finish used on the entire instrument.

The three pickup layout makes the Custom stand out amongst all other Starplayers. A robust and easy to use 3-way pickup switch allows you to select either bridge, neck or a combination of both pickups, while our Multi-Tone Pot lets you blend in the middle pickup in any desired position. While acting as a blend option, the Multi-Tone Pot also works as a regular tone control. Both functions are seperated by a middle stop in which the pot clicks in softly, waiting for you to decide what to do.

All instruments are fitted with our own hardware, which you will only find on a Duesenberg. We design it with attention to even the smallest details to create truly unique instruments from tuner buttons to jack plates.

All our fretboards are carefully pleked and finished by hand for optimum playability and the smooth feel they are famous for.
Additionally, our Diamond Deluxe Tremola proved to be one of the best of its kind, providing buttery operation and outstanding tuning stability.

The Starplayer TV Custom is available only in High-Gloss Black and features custom gold plated hardware everywhere on the guitar. It has been one of our most desired instruments since its introduction.

We would be happy to make yours.



  • Type: traditionally glued in
  • Wood: 1-piece maple
  • Width: 42,5 mm / 1.67" (nut), 52 mm / 2.05" (12th fret)
  • Thickness: 21 mm / 0.8" (1st fret), 24 mm / 0.95" (12th fret)
  • Shape: D
  • Fingerboard: indian rosewood
  • Radius: 30,5 mm / 12"
  • Inlays: pearloid dots
  • Frets: 22 jumbo 2,8 x 1,0 mm
  • Scale length: 650 mm / 25.6"
  • Trussrod: steel dual-action
  • Headstock: black veneer


  • Type: Semi-acoustic with sustain block, bent sides, f-hole
  • Top: laminated spruce
  • Back, sides: laminated flamed maple
  • Size: 46 x 34 x 7 cm / 18.11" x 13.38" x 2.75"
  • Binding: cream, 5-layer purfling
  • Pickguard: black & gold
  • Finish: PUR lacquer


  • Tuners: Duesenberg Z-Tuners, "Art Diego" buttons
  • Bridge: Duesenberg steel saddle bridge
  • Tremolo: Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola
  • Strap pins: Duesenberg standard
  • Hardware color: gold
  • Strings: Duesenberg DSA10 (010-013-017-028-042-050)
  • Case: Included


  • Pickups: Duesenberg D-Tron
  • Wiring: 1 volume, 1 multi-tone, 3-way pickup selector


  • Case: Custom Line case (included)
  • Tools: all required allen keys (included)