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Dunlop GCB95F Cry Baby Classic Wah Pedal

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Cry Baby Wah Pedal with Italian-made Fasel Inductors
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The Dunlop Cry Baby Classic uses Italian-made Fasel inductors - the same kind used on the very first wah effects pedals, including the legendary Cry Baby. The Fasel inductors were unavailable for a long time, but Dunlop's been able to bring the back, giving you the same incredible harmonics and that signature vocal sweep heard on countless classic recordings. The Cry Baby Classic sports the familiar, rugged, time-proven Cry Baby body style, including heavy die cast construction and a Hot Potz potentiometer. Give your rig that true vintage tone with the Dunlop Cry Baby Classic!

        Dunlop Cry Baby Classic at a Glance:

        • True-to-vintage Italian-made Inductors
        • Same heavy-duty design

        True-to-vintage Italian-made Inductors

        Behind those legendary wah sounds of the 60s stood Italian-made Fasel inductors. The inductors were key to the pedals' signature sound, but were unavailable for years. Now, Dunlop's been able to bring them back - and they've put them into the Cry Baby Classic - so you can obtain the original lush harmonics and rich vocal sweeps that have defined so many timeless recordings.

        Same heavy-duty design

        The Dunlop Cry Baby Classic features the Italian-made Inductors, but Dunlop's left its time-tested, rugged design the same. You can be sure that the Cry Baby Classic will keep sounding incredible stomp after stomp, year after year.

        What Dunlop Says...

        The Cry Baby Classic Wah is a modern take on a classic sound. Dunlop's engineers re-tuned the Cry Baby Standard Wah circuit to have a lower frequency center and a more subtle effect while adding the legendary Fasel® Inductor to create the gorgeous tone, voice, and sweep of early Cry Baby pedals. For tonal purists, the Cry Baby Classic Wah also features true bypass switching.

        Dunlop Cry Baby Classic Features:

        • Sports Italian-made Fasel Inductors
        • Heavy die cast construction
        • 100K ohm Hot Potz potentiometer
        • Requires a 9V battery or AC adapter

                    The Dunlop Cry Baby Classic revives that signature, vintage wah-wah sound!

                            Pedal Type Wah
                            Inputs 1 x Instrument
                            Outputs 1 x 1/4"
                            Batteries 1 x 9V
                            Height 4"
                            Width 6"
                            Depth 10"
                            Weight 2 lbs.
                            Power Supply Included No
                            Manufacturer Part Number GCB95F