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Electro-Harmonix Pico Oceans 3-Verb Multi-Function Reverb

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Compact Digital Reverb Pedal with 3 Algorithms, Blend, Time, Tone, and Delay/Spring Controls
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For the pedalboard in need of full reverb submersion and adaptable custom controls, with limited real estate to spare, the bite-size Electro-Harmonix Oceans 3-verb is just the box for the job. The Oceans 3-verb arms you with a trio of absolutely classic reverb essentials to work with: iconic Spring, vintage studio Plate, and enormous concert Hall. Once you’ve chosen your fitting reverberant path, look to an impressively customizable control surface for sculpting the effect to your exacting ambience with the Blend, Time, pre-Delay, and Tone controls. You can also switch into Tails Bypass mode to hear the cascading reverberations of the Oceans 3-verb while the bypass is engaged. The EHX Oceans 3-verb’s robust reverb capability and compact build are suitable for all boards — Music Experience gearheads have scarcely seen another reverb station so surprisingly versatile.

Electro-Harmonix Pico Oceans 3-Verb at a Glance:

  • Compact Pico chassis
  • 3 different reverb types: SPRING, PLATE, & HALL
  • Adjustable Decay, Pre-delay and Tone for flexibility
  • SPRING mode features 3 selectable spring lengths
  • Infinite Reverb function for creating ambient soundscapes
  • Tails Bypass function allows reverb to decay after pedal is bypassed
  • Power supply included

Three reverbs for any vibe

Every effects fanatic knows there are three essential reverbs to have at the ready on your board — and the Oceans 3-verb has them all! Starting with Spring, you’ll access the boingy nature of Fender’s original 6G15 tube-driven reverb unit of the ’60s. Next comes Plate, which tributes the warmer response of those massive metal plate reverb units from the recording studios of yesteryear. Finally, Hall employs a dimensional reverberation that injects your pedalboard with the roominess of a gigantic auditorium space. Just tap the “Type” button to select the next reverb in-line, and you’re off to the races.

Simple yet customizable UI

Now that you’ve picked the perfect reverb for your show, track, or jam session, it’s time to take advantage of the Oceans 3-verb’s delightful 4-control array. Submerge your signal with the Blend knob to establish the overall presence of your effect, then use the Tone control to give your frequency response a chirpy brightness, cloudy dampness, or unique balance of the two. For crafting the effect itself, allow the Time knob to determine how much release your reverb is awarded and the Delay/Spring dial to curate proper pre-delay. But that’s not all! The EHX Oceans 3-verb has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Namely, when Spring mode is selected, you have the freedom to toggle between a trio of different spring lengths. You can also create an “infinite reverb” effect by cranking the Time control in either Plate or Hall modes, as well as by simply holding down the footswitch. Soundscape mode: unlocked! Finally, Tails Bypass lets you experience the lingering moody reverberations of the effect you’ve just created, even after disengaging the pedal.

    What Electro-Harmonix Says...

    The EHX Pico Oceans 3-Verb is an ultra-compact reverb pedal packed with the essentials of ambience with plenty of flexibility and control. This Pico-sized reverberator adds the huge sounds of Spring, Plate, and Hall reverb to any pedalboard while using minimal space. Adjustable decay time, pre-delay / spring length, and tone make the Oceans 3-verb able to create a plethora of spacious sounds.

    SPRING – pays homage to the classic Fender® 6G15 tube spring reverb
    PLATE – the lush, warm reverb that got its name as it was originally created by a large metal plate
    HALL – the rich reverberant sound of a grand concert hall

    A comprehensive control set allows for tailored sound to any setup. BLEND adjusts from 100% dry to 100% wet. TIME controls the decay time of the reverb. DELAY/SPRING sets the pre-delay time in PLATE and HALL mode or selects between 3 springs lengths in SPRING mode. The TONE control adjusts the overall brightness of the reverb from bright and airy to warm and smoky. Additionally, TAILS bypass can be selected so the reverb continues to decay after the pedal is switched to bypass. This allows for a more natural sounding decay when turn the reverb off. Infinite Reverb can be achieved by maxing out the TIME control in both PLATE or HALL mode or by pressing and holding the footswitch. This creates a building ambient soundscape until you release the footswitch.

    Electro-Harmonix Pico Oceans 3-Verb Multi-Function Reverb Features:

    • Compact 3-mode reverb pedal that’s perfect for pedalboards of all sizes
    • Spring mode channels the bouncy effect of Fender’s 6G15 unit from the ’60s
    • Plate mode harkens back to the days of massive metal plates for studio use
    • Hall mode delivers a large, roomy effect reminiscent of auditorium spaces
    • Blend control balances the degree of wet and dry signal
    • Tone control brightens and dampens up the delivery of the effect
    • Time control determines your reverb’s release amount
    • Delay adjusts both pre-delay and selects between 3 spring lengths when using Spring mode
    • Holding the footswitch/cranking Time control in Plate/Hall modes creates an infinite reverb
    • Tails Bypass allows you to hear the reverb decay even while the pedal is off

    Ultra-compact ambience featuring the spacious sounds of Spring, Plate and Hall Reverb!

                    Pedal Type Reverb
                    Analog/Digital Digital
                    Effects Spring, Plate, Hall
                    Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
                    Outputs 1 x 1/4"
                    Bypass Switching Buffered
                    Power Source 9V DC power supply (included)
                    Power Usage 100mA
                    Height 2"
                    Width 2"
                    Depth 3.65"
                    Weight 1 lb
                    Manufacturer Part Number PICO OCEANS3 683274012513