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Electro Voice ELX200-12P 12" Powered Speaker

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12" 2-way Multipurpose Self-powered PA Speaker with QuickSmartDSP, SST Waveguide Technology, and Bluetooth Application Integration (each)
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The Electro-Voice ELX200 series powered speakers are engineered to deliver greater functionality than their predecessors in lighter-weight, ultra-portable form factors with superb build quality and elegant design. Music Experience live performers, DJs, and production companies will be amazed by the value packed into each ELX200 unit. This ELX200 12" two-way powered speaker consists of a strong, internally reinforced composite cabinet with an ergonomically sound three-handle design and M10 suspension points, an anteriorly placed Signal Synchronized Transducer (SST) waveguide that time-aligns the woofer and the tweeter, and app-controllable QuickSmartDSP for best-in-class processing.

Heavyweight talent in a portable form

ELX200 series speakers deliver heavyweight sonics, thanks to extra-efficient, low-distortion Class-D amplification. But don't worry; load-in and -out will be a cinch, thanks to light but strong composite cabinet construction with internal reinforcement. These cabinets also feature a three-handle design that gives you comfortable carry options to lessen strain. And If you'll be flying your speakers, it's easy to remove the covers on the M10 suspension points in order to install forged eyebolts (also available at Music Experience).

Complex DSP made simple

Digital signal processing (DSP) has been around for a while now — so what makes Electro-Voice QuickSmartDSP special? For one thing, it embodies best-in-class processing power, giving you the highest-quality digital audio available to wow your audience. Plus, all the massive signal-shaping prowess of QuickSmartDSP is accessible through a single knob and an integrated liquid crystal display (LCD). Its four presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Club) are powerful and intuitively arranged within the menu, and they simply sound great, whether you're the FOH engineer for a band, belting out your original tunes, running sound for a presenter, or spinning a killer set under the lights. QuickSmartDSP also gives you five user-programmable presets, crossover system matching for sub/top applications, input level control with precise metering, and of course Master volume control.

Tomorrow's functionality — today

Have you been looking for mobile device management of your DSP? Via wireless Bluetooth technology, the QuickSmartMobile app lets you configure up to six ELX200 loudspeakers at the same time — from out front, where you can actually hear what the audience hears — ensuring your sound check results in optimal audio quality. It's DSP accessibility is ahead of its time, and for you, it means quick, simple, precise, and mobile sound control.

SST design for enhanced acoustics

By positioning the ELX200 speaker's horn more anteriorly than in conventional designs, the LF and HF transducers are more accurately time-aligned, resulting in enhanced sound quality. This design, called Signal Synchronized Transducer (SST), also allows for a more compact enclosure, a larger waveguide for better control over the dispersion pattern, deeper bass response, and reduction of distortion and standing waves inside the speaker enclosure. All of this results in better acoustics with lower weight and a smaller footprint.

What EV Says...

The ELX200 series offers professional Electro‑Voice audio quality, precision control, and robust, EV‑engineered components in an ultra‑lightweight package — a truly potent blend of performance and portability. Get the smooth clarity of the EV sound in the right size to suit your needs: with 10‑inch, 12‑inch, and 15‑inch two‑way models, and 12‑inch and 18‑inch subwoofers* available, ELX200 is a flexible, feature‑rich choice for DJs, mobile entertainers, bands, and musicians.

Electro-Voice ELX200-12P 12" 2-way Powered Speaker Features:

  • 12" woofer and high-performance tweeter for balanced low-end punch and high-end clarity
  • Lightweight, easy-carry loudspeaker with next-level features for optimal performance
  • Class D amplification is extra-efficient and reduces distortion for cleaner audio
  • QuickSmartDSP offers best-in-class signal processing power with single-knob control
  • Efficient LCD menu access to four factory presets (Music, Live, Speech, and Club)
  • Five user-programmable presets let you dial in perfect sound for every venue or room
  • QuickSmartMobile app for simultaneous out-front configuration of up to 6 ELX200 speakers
  • SST optimizes transducer time-alignment for enhanced acoustic quality
  • Integrated M10 suspension points for flying your speaker

              Powered Yes
              LF Driver Size 12" EVS-12M
              HF Driver Size 1" DH-1C Titanium Compression Driver
              Total Power 1200W Class D
              Inputs 2 x XLR-1/4 combo, 1 x Dual RCA Stereo
              Outputs 1 x XLR (thru)
              Signal Processing QuickSmart DSP
              Software QuickSmart Mobile app
              Bluetooth Yes
              Frequency Range 51Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
              Frequency Response 57Hz-16kHz (-3dB)
              Crossover Frequency 1.7kHz
              Maximum Peak SPL 130 dB SPL
              Horizontal Coverage Angle 90°
              Vertical Coverage Angle 60°
              Enclosure Material Polypropylene Composite
              Mounting Options Pole Mount, Floor Wedge, 3 x M10 Fly Points
              Height 24.76"
              Width 14.29"
              Depth 13.54"
              Weight 34.39 lbs.
              Manufacturer Part Number F.01U.326.040