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Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla Normal Tension Classical Strings - 2403

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.028-.042 Medium Gauge Normal Tension Nylon Classical Guitar Strings with Clear Nylon monofilament Treble Strings, Nylon multifilament with Silver plated copper wrap bass strings, Tie End

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Ernie Ball strings have been a top choice for players of all types since the early 1960s, when guitarists came into Ernie Ball's music store, customizing their string gauges to make their axes easier to play. After fruitless attempts to interest major guitar manufacturers in a lighter set of strings, Ernie Ball decided to start making his own. When you open a pack of his strings today, you know you're getting a quality set of strings designed to give you great tone, reliable performance, and long life. You can't go wrong when you string up with Ernie Ball strings!

This particular set of Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla classical guitar strings is among the finest we've seen. The treble strings are clear nylon monofilaments — flawlessly smooth to ensure extended lifespan and brilliance. The bass strings are multifilament for added strength and wrapped in a thin tape of silver-plated copper. Traditional tie ends complete the Ernesto Palla classical guitar strings picture.

Workhorse reliability

The Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla strings offer value-for-money playability and affordable pricing to many discerning classical and flamenco style guitarists.

What Ernie Ball says about the 2403 Ernesto Palla strings:

Ernie Ball Ernesto Palla concert quality classical guitar treble strings are made of clear nylon monofilament. Silver wound basses are made of silver plated copper wrapped around a nylon multifilament core providing a smooth, rich tone. All Ernie Ball strings are precision manufactured to the highest standards and most exacting specs to assure consistency, optimum performance, and long life. Gauges First .028, Second .032, Third .040, Fourth .030, Fifth .036, Sixth .042 - Medium tension

Ernie Ball 2627 features:

  • Professional-quality, high-performance classical guitar strings
  • Treble strings made from solid monofilament clear nylon for vibrant clarity
  • Multifilament bass strings wound with silver-plated copper for warm and complex tone
  • Traditional tie ends are compatible with most classical and flamenco guitars
  • Designed to last and keep sounding fresh long after typical strings give out

    Plain String Material Monofilament Nylon
    Winding Material Silver Plated Copper
    Core Material
    Multifilament Nylon
    Winding Type
    Round Wound
    Manufacturer Part Number 2403