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Ibanez BTB20TH5-BRL BTB Standard 20th Anniversary - Blue Reef Gradation Low Gloss

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5-string Electric Bass, Limited Edition, with Flamed Maple Top, Ash/Okoume Body, Maple/Walnut Neck, Panga Panga Fingerboard, 2 Single-coil Pickups, and 3-band Active EQ - Blue Reef Gradation
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We're fortunate to get our hands on some of the finest instruments available today, and we can confidently say that Ibanez's Limited Edition 20th Anniversary BTB20TH5 5-string bass punches above its price range in every way. In some ways, the look of its flame maple top and sleek through-neck are understated — that is, until you pick it up and get a closer look. Spec'd with a pair of aggressive Nordstrand Big Single pickups, the BTB20TH5 belches out massive, roaring tone enhanced by monumental sustain and rock-solid stability. The 5-piece maple/walnut neck, with Gotoh tuners on one end and a Mono-rail bridge at the other, is topped with a panga panga fingerboard. Custom Ibanez electronics with 3-band EQ complete the setup.

    Massive, aggressive tone from Nordstrand pickups

    With a "super-packed" coil, the Big Single is considered by Nordstrand to be the tonal giant of their pickup offerings. Ibanez spec'd a pair of these aggressive-sounding single-coil monsters for the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary BTB20TH5. In addition, you have the powerful sound-shaping capabilities of Ibanez's Custom 3-band EQ, which gives you control over boost/cut for bass, mid, and high frequencies, a mid-frequency switch to fine-tune your midrange, and an EQ bypass. No matter what tonal texture your music calls for, this instrument's superb electronics will get you there fast. Fingers, thumb, or pick — the BTB20TH5's electronics have you covered.

    Neck-through design ensures exceptional sustain

    Generations of innovators and top-tier manufacturers have relied on neck-through designs for superior sustain. Pick up an Ibanez 20th Anniversary BTB20TH5 LTD, and you'll experience everything neck-through construction has to offer. You can feel the instrument vibrate clear through its ultra-stable 5-piece maple/walnut through neck, right down to the strap pegs. The extended sustain doesn't just add body to your tone, but it also provides a greater tonal balance that you'll hear in every note you play.

    Mono-rail bridge enhances definition and sustain

    Ibanez specified their excellent Mono-rail 5 bridge for the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary BTB20TH5. Unlike single-body bridges, each Mono-rail V saddle is completely separate from the others. This does two things for you. First, since they aren't connected, the saddles create minimal sympathetic vibration. This prevents unused strings from ringing. Second, each saddle is double-anchored, allowing energy to transfer efficiently between the string and the body. As a result, bassists here at Music Experience are raving about the BTB20TH5's astonishing clarity and sustain.

    Ibanez: a brief history

    Ibanez began its life in 1908 as the Hoshino Gakki company in Nagoya, Japan. However, the company didn't get into the guitar business until 1929, when they started importing Salvador Ibanez guitars from Spain. In 1935, Hoshino Gakki began building Spanish acoustic guitars under the "Ibanez Salvador" name, which was later shortened to "Ibanez." Although Ibanez began manufacturing electric guitars in 1958, the company was relatively unknown in the West until the 1960s, when they started producing guitars based on American designs. By the late 1980s, Ibanez had stopped producing derivative guitars and had begun manufacturing the original designs that the company is now known for. Ibanez is also famous for their effect pedals (most notably the Tube Screamer) and guitar amplifiers.

    What Ibanez Says...

    Without a doubt, your instrument should equal the quality of your effort. At some point the word "boutique" comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously crafted instrument. But what about the price? That's where Ibanez comes in. Our ability to build small-shop quality into inspiring yet affordable instruments is showcased by BTB series basses.

    Nordstrand Pickups

    Nordstrand™ "Big Single" crams as meaty a single coil as can fit in a soapbar style pickup, producing a full-bodied, powerful, aggressive tonal texture, while still retaining the clarity that's characteristic of single coil pickups.

    MR5S Bridge

    The saddles can be adjusted +/-1.5mm, to answer to the bassist's detailed demands and to help finding out the best string spacing for many playstyles.

    Ibanez Limited Edition 20th Anniversary BTB20TH5 5-string Electric Bass Features:

    • BTB5 5-piece maple/walnut neck-through
    • Flamed maple-capped ash/okoume wing body
    • Bound panga panga fingerboard with 24 medium frets (+ zero fret) and abalone offset dot inlays
    • Nordstrand Big Single neck and bridge pickups
    • Custom Ibanez electronics with 3-band EQ
    • EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot), mid-frequency switch
    • Mono-rail 5 bridge; black hardware

          Body Type Solidbody
          Body Shape BTB 20th Anniversary
          Left-/Right-handed Right-handed
          Number of Strings 5
          Body Material Ash/Okoume
          Top Material Flamed Maple
          Body Finish Satin Polyurethane
          Color Blue Reef Gradation Low Gloss
          Neck Material 5-piece Maple/Walnut
          Neck Shape BTB5
          Radius 37.4"
          Fingerboard Material Panga Panga
          Fingerboard Inlay Abalone Off-set Dot
          Number of Frets 24 (plus zero fret)
          Scale Length 35"
          Nut Width 1.377"
          Nut Material Plastic
          Bridge/Tailpiece Mono-rail 5S
          Tuners Ibanez machine heads
          Neck Pickup Nordstrand "Big Single"
          Bridge Pickup Nordstrand "Big Single"
          Controls 1 x Volume, 1 x Balancer, 1 x Bass, 1 x Middle, 1 x Treble, 1 x 3-way Mid-frequency switch
          Strings .045, .065, .080, .100, .130
          Manufacturer Part Number BTB20TH5BRL