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JBL 305P MKII 5" Powered Studio Monitor Pair

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82W Powered 2-way Studio Reference Monitors with 5" Woofer, 1" Tweeter, and Magnetic Shielding (pair)
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JBL 305P MkII active studio monitors are a great nearfield solution for any serious audio engineer or music producer. They're great for mixing music in your DAW software, editing video, or any other task that requires monitoring accuracy. JBL designed the 305P MkII with advanced features acquired from their 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitor, making legendary JBL performance accessible to every studio. JBL's innovative Image Control Waveguide works in concert with refined transducers to deliver a well-defined and incredibly dimensional stereo image. Ask anyone at Music Experience: from surprisingly rich lows to smooth highs, you'll find it easy to produce great-sounding recordings with JBL 305P MkII studio monitors.

JBL 305P MKII Active Studio Monitor at a Glance:

  • Incredible stereo imaging thanks to an innovative waveguide
  • Ported design means more accuracy at low volume levels
  • Wide sweet spot equals a better studio experience

    Incredible stereo imaging thanks to an innovative waveguide

    When you can clearly hear everything in your mix, you make accurate sonic judgments — which leads to better-sounding recordings. To that end, JBL applied innovative elements from their 7 Series and M2 Master Reference Monitors to give the 305P MkII truly impressive sound reproduction capabilities. The Image Control Waveguide design is one such feature, and it helps the 305P MkII present a deep, detailed soundstage and a wide, room-friendly sweet spot.

    Ported design means more accuracy at low volume levels

    Checking your mix at low volume levels is a great way to confirm your overall balances, but many monitors will suffer in the bass regions when monitoring at low levels. The JBL 305P MkII uses JBL's patented Slip Stream low-frequency port for accurate bass response at low playback levels. The double-flared port shape also reduces the turbulence some ported designs suffer from, meaning that bass response remains pure when you turn the 305P MkII back up.

    Wide sweet spot equals a better studio experience

    We're engineers, musicians, and producers, too — we know you don't spend every second of your studio time in the ideal mixing position. JBL 305P MkII monitors have a broad sweet spot, which means there's less variation in what you hear when you're not in the perfect position. Especially if you have clients in the room, you want consistent sound throughout your studio, and you'll like what you hear from the 305P MkII.

    JBL 305P MkII Powered Studio Monitor Features:

    • NEW Next-generation JBL transducers for optimized transient response and enhanced linearity
    • NEW Boundary EQ settings compensate for environmentally induced low-frequency anomalies
    • Patented Image Control Waveguide for detailed imaging and a wide, room-friendly sweet spot
    • Patented Slip Stream low-frequency port for superior bass performance at all playback levels
    • Integrated custom Class D amplifiers deliver 82 watts (LF: 41W; HF: 41W) of power for high output and dynamic range
    • Frequency response (±3dB): 49Hz–20kHz
    • HF Trim switch adjusts high-frequency output to accommodate room acoustics or personal preferences
    • Flexible connectivity with balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs, +4dBu/–10dBV input-sensitivity switch, and volume control
    • Engineered to JBL Linear Spatial Reference design criteria for outstanding accuracy in any acoustical environment
    • Strenuous JBL 100-hour power test ensures years of reliability
    • Shielded for safe placement near magnetically sensitive equipment
    • Sleek, modern design provides a dramatic flair to any studio
    • Compact footprint accommodates a variety of studio spaces
    • Sold as a pair
      Powered Yes
      Power Configuration Bi-amped
      LF Driver Size 5"
      HF Driver Size 1"
      HF Driver Type Soft Dome
      LF Driver Power Amp 41W
      HF Driver Power Amp 41W
      Total Power 82W
      Frequency Range 49Hz-20kHz
      Crossover Frequency 1725Hz
      Maximum Peak SPL 108 dB
      Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4" TRS
      Enclosure Type Ported
      Height 11.7"
      Width 7.3"
      Depth 9.1"
      Weight 10.43 lbs.
      Manufacturer Part Number 305PMKII