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JBL PRX ONE Column PA with Built-In Mixer

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2,000W (Peak Power) Powered Column PA System with 7-channel Digital Mixer, 12" LF Driver, 12 x 2.5" HF Drivers, Onboard Effects, and Bluetooth

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From live sound reinforcement and event audio and speaking engagements to mobile DJing, the PRX ONE outputs a shocking amount of sound and boasts an intuitive workflow to boot. It features 12 vertically arranged 2.5-inch drivers, driven by JBL’s AIM (Array Inumbration Mechanics) technology, distributing crystal-clear HD audio throughout a room in a wide 130-degree x 30-degree dispersion pattern. Place the PRX ONE in the center of your performance stage, and you can be sure listeners on either side of the room will be able to hear you clearly. The JBL PRX ONE’s speaker columns connect to a 12-inch woofer that extends the frequency response down to a bone-rattling 35Hz. Playing smaller gigs? You can leave your outboard mixer at home since the PRX ONE gives you seven channels of audio to suit the whole band. There’s even a dedicated Bluetooth/aux channel for music between sets and dance tracks for weddings and parties. With 2,000 watts of peak power and a design that nearly slips into the background, the JBL PRX ONE column PA system from Music Experience is your one-way ticket to high-impact sound in a low-profile, easy-gigging design.

    7-channel digital mixer

    Some column PAs really skimp when it comes to channel count. But not the JBL PRX ONE. This system gives you seven audio channels and four mic preamps to build your sound. Plug in your bass, your guitar, a couple microphones, and a keyboard, and you’ve got reinforcement for the whole band that literally straps to your back. And yes, there’s +48V phantom power for all your handheld stage condensers.

    Bluetooth/aux channel

    Jamming along to live backing tracks or pumping out jams before a set is a no-brainer using the PRX ONE’s dedicated Bluetooth/aux channel. Now you can stream tracks wirelessly from your phone via this PA’s blazing Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, or simply plug in a laptop for DJing duties.

    XLR Pass Thru

    The PRX ONE’s XLR Pass Thru sends a mirror of your entire mix — gain, levels, EQ, and effects — out over a single mono XLR cable into another PA speaker or recorder. This is useful for gigs that necessitate increasing the number of speakers available or for special sets when you want to capture a memorable performance.

    Knob-per-function gain, EQ, and effects

    Menu diving is a must on many popular column speakers, but that is not the case with the JBL PRX ONE. This PA makes it so even novice users can dial in gain, set EQ, and unleash a potent cocktail of reverb, chorus, and delay in 60 seconds. Music Experience users especially like the dedicated master knob located right in the center of the control panel for easy-peasy level setting.

    8 user presets

    Instant set recall is one of the best things about using a PA like the JBL PRX ONE. Now you can lock in settings during practice and recall them instantly once you get to the venue.

    Onboard DriveRack tech

    The dbx DriveRack gets top billing on the rider lists of many live sound engineers. In the PRX ONE, the tech is built right in. Now you can enjoy automatic feedback suppression, 8-band room tuning, and a speaker-protecting master limiter without bringing a full rack of gear.

    USB 2.0 ports: charge phones and power wireless units

    Whether you need to power wireless systems straight from the sub or you just want to keep your phone topped off as you play backing tracks, a pair of USB 2.0 ports in the JBL PRX ONE has you covered.

    12 x 2.5-inch speaker array

    A dozen 2.5-inch drivers run up and down the JBL PRX ONE’s speaker columns. These speakers contain custom high-frequency drivers with copper-capped pole pieces to deliver a smooth high-frequency response. From the air in a singer’s voice to the harmonics of a strummed acoustic guitar, the PRX ONE can faithfully reproduce any sound.

    12-inch subwoofer

    A 12-inch bass-reflex woofer extends this system’s low-end response all the way down to 35Hz. That’s low enough to faithfully reproduce the low E on a bass guitar, the boom of a 24-inch kick drum, and the room-shaking LFE of your favorite dancehall banger.

    2,000 watts of peak power

    The muscle behind the PRX ONE’s bustle is a 2,000-watt Class D power amplifier. This amp was chosen by JBL for its clean headroom and high linearity, as well as its light weight for easy transit.

    What JBL Says...

    The JBL PRX ONE all-in-one powered column PA features an acoustically optimized column array featuring a 7-channel digital mixer, a full suite of professional DSP, class-leading audio connectivity, Bluetooth functionality and JBL Pro Connect universal app control. Enjoy unmatched power and performance in a sleek, compact package: PRX ONE delivers a stunning 130db max SPL, with consistent front-to-back throw, thanks to its custom-engineered 12-tweeter column array featuring JBL AIM acoustic technology, 12-inch bass-reflex woofer and built-in 2,000-watt (peak) amplifier. Dial in great sound fast, with fewer pieces of gear, using PRX ONE’s full suite of professional Lexicon and dbx effects including reverb, delay, compression and dbx DriveRack technology featuring AFS Pro Automatic Feedback Suppression. Connect microphones, instruments, mobile devices and wireless rigs using PRX ONE’s versatile I/Os (featuring dedicated phantom power and Hi-Z inputs and pro-grade Neutrik connectors) and sophisticated Bluetooth 5.0 features. Work faster and easier with an intuitive Soundcraft-designed dual-mode digital mixer that can be set to general mix functions or channel-strip control, all controllable via app or a built-in color LCD. PRX ONE is ideal for DJs, musicians, entertainment venues, corporate presenters, rental companies and houses of worship. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who demands best-in-class power, acoustic performance, creative control and connectivity in a stylish, full-featured column PA that’s ideal for both installed and portable applications.

    Acoustic Innovations Deliver Unrivaled Sonic Performance

    With PRX ONE, every seat is the best seat in the house: 12 custom-engineered tweeters work in combination with JBL A.I.M. (Array Inumbration Mechanics) geometrically optimized array-shading technology to provide controlled, consistent front-to-back coverage and even response. Custom-designed high-frequency transducers feature copper-capped pole pieces to reduce inductance for smoother, more precise high-frequency response; HF transducers exhibit less power compression, offering more natural performance without the need for heavy DSP. High-frequency performance is optimized down to 500 Hz, allowing the woofer to deliver a more natural, accurate bass sound. PRX ONE’s acoustically optimized woofer delivers superior performance without DSP, reducing “huffiness.”

    Pristine Power at Any Volume

    Go ahead, crank it up with confidence, thanks to ultra-efficient amplification that ensures you’ll be heard loud and clear at any volume level. PRX ONE’s 2,000-watt Class D amplifier with power factor correction delivers clean, stable power through various voltages, ensuring longevity of components and reliable operation anywhere. High-quality, high-linearity inductors improve efficiency and minimize total harmonic distortion. And, because the amp is fully bridged, you’ll truly tap its full power potential, with plenty of headroom to handle any scenario.

    Everything You Need to Dial In Your Signature Sound

    Who wants to lug cumbersome outboard effects to gigs? Sculpt your sound right inside PRX ONE with a full suite of iconic dbx and Lexicon audio effects, including reverb, delay, chorus, echo, compression, limiting and gating. Presenters, teachers and fitness instructors will always be heard loud and clear when they rely on PRX ONE’s built-in ducking feature, which lowers background music when speech is detected. Presets let you save and recall go-to settings. Four console-quality microphone preamps maintain full bandwidth, even at maximum gain. It all adds up to clean, clear, studio-quality sound, no matter how loud you go.

    Sonic Success In Fewer Steps

    PRX ONE’s Soundcraft-designed dual-mode mixer is optimized for fast navigation: Channel Strip Mode provides hardware control of gain, EQ and effects sends for each channel, while Mix Mode provides gain control over the 7-channel mixer. Going for next-level effects? A Triple Tier DSP interface control lets users choose experiences that match their knowledge level, from beginner to advanced. PRX ONE’s full-color LCD screen provides complete access to DSP, EQ and dynamics, and a Setup Saver saves snapshots for easy recall. Simple Success dynamic LED metering gives users a fast, easy way to verify levels and channel functions such as mute and clipping.

    Your Workhorse Anytime, Anywhere System

    It’s never been easier to sound your best anywhere, thanks to PRX ONE’s robust DSP and custom presets. Once you’re up and running, count on dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression to squash those screeches before they start. PRX ONE can be used in both portable applications and fixed installations; installers, presenters and houses of worship will appreciate the ability to detach and mount the PRX ONE array separately from the subwoofer, using an optional mounting accessory.

    Class-Leading Connectivity

    PRX ONE offers two independent channels of true +48V phantom power, plus four XLR Combo jacks, one 1/8-inch in, two dedicated Hi-Z inputs and Bluetooth 5.0 functions including audio streaming to one device and control of up to 10 devices. Two onboard USB ports can be used to charge external devices or power AKG wireless systems.

    Room to Expand

    PRX ONE goes the distance: XLR male Thru output offers true analog expansion with the ability to time-align multiple speakers, with up to 100ms of delay per speaker.

    An All-In-One Control Ecosystem

    Get hands-on anywhere with the JBL Pro Connect app, which offers control over every PRX ONE feature from mixing to DSP to Bluetooth functions. Adjust levels from anywhere in the room. Because the app and the mixer are always in sync, you’ll never have to guess where your levels are. Plus, get access to Plus get access to app-only features like speaker grouping, delay tap tempo, and whole speaker snapshots.

    Tested, Trusted and Road-Tough

    Every PRX ONE portable PA undergoes 100 hours of JBL stress testing to ensure that it’ll perform like a champ in real-world conditions. The system is housed in a durable shell that’s rugged enough for your most demanding gigs yet discreet enough to complement any presentation scenario.

    JBL PRX ONE Column PA with Built-In Mixer Features:

    • 2,000W (peak power) column PA system from JBL
    • Sets up in minutes
    • Integrated 7-channel digital mixer means you can leave your outboard mixer at home
    • Packs a surprising amount of coverage and power
    • Perfect for live sound reinforcement, event audio, speaking engagements, and mobile DJing
    • 12 vertically arranged 2.5-inch drivers distribute audio in a wide 130° x 30° dispersion pattern
    • Copper-capped pole pieces supply a smooth high-frequency response
    • 12-inch woofer extends bass down to a bone-rattling 35Hz
    • Bluetooth/aux channel for music streaming and backup tracks
    • XLR Pass Thru for speaker expansion and recording
    • Intuitive knob-per-function mixer layout
    • 8 user presets let you recall sets instantly
    • Onboard dbx DriveRack tech offers feedback suppression and overload protection

            Powered PA Speaker
            Speaker Drivers 1 x 12" LF, 12 x 2.5" HF
            Number of Mixer Channels 7
            EQ 3-band Channel EQ
            Effects Reverb, Delay, Chorus
            4 x XLR-1/4" combo, 2 x 1/4" (Hi-Z), 1 x 1/8" (aux), 1 x XLR
            2 x Type A
            Yes, v5.0
            Total Power
            1000W RMS, 2000W Peak
            Mounting Options
            Battery-powered No
            Power Source Standard IEC AC power supply
            Height 80.3"
            Width 17.6"
            Depth 14.7"
            Weight 56.6 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number JBL-PRXONE-NA