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Korg i3 Music Workstation Arranger Keyboard - Silver

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61-key Workstation Keyboard with Onboard Sequencer, Effects, and EQ; USB-to-Host, USB-to-Device - Silver
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The Korg i3 music workstation is like an instant incubator for your music. Your musical ideas go in — and out they come, transformed into radio-ready productions. You’ll be amazed and delighted by how the i3 streamlines the creation process by grouping sounds, beats, and parts by Sound Set and Style Performance Set, making short work of choosing the right sounds and pulling together the perfect beats and grooves for any music genre. Powerful onboard effects and EQ tailor your sound for any live performance. The onboard sequencer records, saves, and plays back both MIDI and audio files so you can play along. A self-contained production studio, the i3 is easy to use and fun to play. It’s the perfect synth for the up-and-coming composer, performer, or producer. It even runs on battery power, so the Korg i3 is ready to juice your creativity whenever — and wherever — and you are.

Packed with incredible sounds, features, and value

The i3 is a full-featured music workstation with 61 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys. You can tailor the keyboard response to your playing style via three touch curves. You’ve got transpose buttons and an intuitive joystick for real-time pitch bend, vibrato, and brilliance. There’s also a 2-band EQ for that final professional polish on your overall tone. All front panel buttons and controls are intuitively grouped together by function, and the custom backlit LCD delivers visual feedback that’s easy to see in dim studio lighting. Onscreen parameter values can be tweaked easily with the rotary encoder data wheel. Korg gave the i3 a wicked black-out finish, a nubby rubberized touch surface, and perforated end panels that will look great onstage. Korg packed tons of incredible sounds and features into the i2 — and for such an affordable price!

    It’s all about the Sound

    The i3 is fortified with decades of Korg sound-design know-how, with nearly 800 instrument sounds created with critical precision by master engineers, musicians, and programmers. This includes a complete GM2 sound set, providing flawless General MIDI compatibility. Add to that another 59 custom Drum Kits, and you’ve got a massive sound arsenal at your fingertips. It’s all here: a high-fidelity PCM sound engine with 64 voices of polyphony, instant splits and layers, and two studio-grade stereo effect processors to add motion, depth, and expression to your patches in real time. Need a piano, stat? Press the convenient Grand Piano button at any time to instantly load the main piano sound of the i3.

    Capture your ideas and transform them into finished productions

    The Korg i3 Music Workstation offers numerous ways to capture your creativity so it can be saved, edited, or shared. All of the settings used to create a song or performance can be saved into a single Set List location for instant recall. The i3’s sequencer is a linear16-track recorder in the Normal mode. In Backing Sequencer mode, the i3 captures all Style Performance Set parts and all Sound Set parts in a single pass, placing each part on a separate track. This way, an individual track can still be edited or replaced as you would in a regular sequence. At Music Experience, we really love this feature!

    Share it with the world

    You’ve got ideas. You’ve got some catchy hooks. Gobs of grooves. Even a few lyrics. The Korg i3 is the workstation that can help you pull it all together. Fast. And when you're happy with your creation, you can share it with the world, your collaborators, or your friends. Once finished, your project can be exported as a MIDI data file. A feature that really makes the i3 unique is its Performance Recording mode, where an entire performance can be captured and recorded as audio data, and exported as an audio WAV (44.1kHz) file. The onboard sequencer can even play audio files saved in the .WAV (44.1 kHz) or MP3 format.

    At home, onstage, in the studio

    In addition to its innovative performance features, the Korg i3 offers generous rear-panel connectivity to handle any situation. When not running on battery power, the i3 can be connected to an AC power source using the included adapter. There are two 1/4" outputs (Left/Mono and Right) for audio monitoring, in addition to a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack. A 3.5mm audio input jack is also provided. A 1/4" foot controller jack is provided, with the function of the footswitch or expression pedal definable in settings. A MIDI output jack sends note and timing data from the i3 to your other MIDI-equipped hardware. Two USB ports are provided: Use the TO HOST USB port to connect the i3 to your Mac or PC; the TO DEVICE USB for saving and loading data and songs to and from a USB flash drive.

    What KORG Says...

    With the KORG i3 Arranger, your musical ideas evolve effortlessly into complete ready-to-play songs. i3 makes playing and recording incredibly easy, thanks to fast access to fully arranged accompaniment, sounds, and even chord suggestions. Organizing sounds and rhythms together by Style and Sound Performance Sets is fast and simple, making it easy to choose just the right sounds and rhythms for any musical genre. On-board effects and EQ further refine the sound for any performance setting. The i3 is the ideal arranger for the budding composer, energetic performer, or the inspired music producer looking for a portable, instant, simple to use, and fun to play instrument. With the ability to run on battery power, the KORG i3 can run anywhere, intelligently featuring a convenient auto-power off function to preserve battery life.

        Inspiring Sound Capability

        The i3 is packed with over 800 instruments, 200 sound sets, and 270 authentic musical styles, all created by a team of master programmers and musicians. An additional 59 custom drum kits and a complete MIDI GM2 sound set make the i3 a capable instrument. Calling up any of the 200 factory Sound Sets allows up to four sounds to be played at once: three layered across the upper keys, and one split to the lower keys. While Sound Sets are played in real time by the user, the 270 Style Sets contain various pre-programed drum, percussion and accompaniment parts to elevate your performance into a full sounding musical production. In order to achieve this full sound, there are up to eight parts that make up your backing tracks. A high-fidelity PCM sound engine and two stereo effects processors make the i3 capable of creating expressive music with motion and depth. A convenient Grand Piano button located on the main panel means you can instantly recall a beautiful acoustic piano sound at any time.

        Ultra-Portable Design

        Weighing in at under 9 pounds (4kgs) and featuring 61 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys the KORG i3 is the most compact and lightweight arranger keyboard KORG has ever made. The keyboard response is adjustable using the three touch-curves designed to fit your playing style. Convenient transpose buttons shift the pitch of the keyboard up or down and a versatile X/Y joystick allows for real-time articulation of pitch bend, vibrato, and brilliance during a performance. The front panel controls are conveniently grouped together by function and a backlit LCD display clearly delivers the most important information regarding the i3’s current settings. The color changing buttons on the i3’s main panel further allow for easy visualization of the music creation process. With two colors to choose from (Black a rubberized touch surface or a clean Silver),, and sleek perforated end panels the i3 has a unique and premium look making it welcome in the home, studio or on any stage. Unlike other arrangers in this price range, i3 is designed to be sleek, slim, and even more portable by going “speaker-less.” This makes i3 the perfect arranger for use as a main synth, and even main controller, on any desktop in a home studio, in addition to being a great go-anywhere instrument.

        Arranger Roots

        The KORG i3 inherits an easy-to-use arranger interface distilled from our renowned Pa series keyboards to help you put together ideas quickly and efficiently, making it easy to enhance any performance by adding in additional parts. Drumbeats, bass lines, percussion hits, and any other backing parts can be instantly selected or muted by pressing the convenient illuminated push buttons on the main panel. Style performance settings, sound set settings, tempo, effect settings, can all be saved into a single Set List location for instant recall. There are 10 banks of Set Lists, each with 5 locations to save your favorite configurations. Similar to our Pa Series, each Style includes four rhythmic variations, a count-in, a break, plus an intro and an ending. Active backing parts will follow your chord changes to create a personalized backing track to match your performance. If you need some harmonic inspiration, the eight Chord Buttons can trigger ready-made chords to keep your creative process moving forward. As you get more familiar with the i3, you can swap or substitute backing sounds, grooves and parts from any Style Performance Set, resulting in a truly custom sound. These features mean that each Style can be a complete song-creation environment, with ready-to-play sounds, parts, and chords.

        Compose, Record, and Share

        The KORG i3 Arranger offers a number of ways to easily capture your musical creations, and with convenient one touch recording, your ideas can be quickly captured when inspiration strikes. A powerful and easy to use sequencer can function as a linear 16-track recorder, allowing any individual track to be edited or replaced as you fine tune a recording. Once recorded, a project can be exported as a MIDI data file or as an audio .WAV (44.1 kHz) file. The onboard sequencer can even play back audio files saved in the .WAV (44.1 kHz) or MP3 format.

        Easy Connectivity

        The i3 Arranger features plenty of connections to satisfy any musical situation. When not running on battery power, the i3 can be connected to an AC power source using the included adapter. There are two 1/4" outputs (Left/Mono and Right), and a useful 1/8” stereo headphone output jack that makes it easy to connect your favorite pair of headphones. An 1/8” audio input is also provided for easy play along functionality with your favorite tracks. A 1/4" foot controller jack is provided, with the function of the footswitch or expression pedal being defined in the settings of the i3. A MIDI output jack sends note and timing data from the i3 to other MIDI equipped instruments or audio gear. Two USB ports are provided, one that can save and load user data and songs to and from a USB flash drive, and the other to connect the i3 to a computer.

        Music software bundled at no charge

        The i3 comes with an entire music software bundle. "Ozone Elements" not only lets you create songs but also features AI-powered mastering, "Skoove" helps you improve your keyboard skills, and "Reason Lite" is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) so you can immediately jump into recording your own music. Also included are software synths from KORG and other brands. This means that as soon as you get your hands on this workstation, you'll have access to all the tools you need to begin creating the music you want to create.

        Korg i3 Music Workstation Arranger Keyboard Features:

        • 61 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys
        • Onboard Sequencer with Backing and Backing Sequencer modes
        • Performance Recording mode captures an entire performance as audio data
        • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack; 3.5mm audio input jack
        • 1/4" foot controller jack for sustain/expression pedal (definable in settings)
        • Runs on battery power or included AC adapter
        • USB-to-host; USB-to-device
        • Auto-power off function preserves battery life

                Number of Keys 61 keys
                Type of Keys Full Size, Synth Action
                4-way Joystick (pitchbend, vibrato, brilliance)
                Polyphony 64 Notes
                790 Sounds, 59 Drum Kits, 200 Sets, 270 Style Performances
                Number of Effects
                2 x Stereo Effect Processors, 173 Variations
                Effects Types
                Reverb, Delay, Modulation, Overdrive, Rotary Speaker, Dynamics and more
                16-track, Real-time recording, 999 Songs
                Audio Playback
                MP3, WAV
                Audio Inputs
                1 x 1/8" TRS
                Audio Outputs
                2 x 1/4" TS (L/R)
                1 x Type A, 1 x Type B
                MIDI I/O
                1 x 1/8" TRS
                Pedal Inputs
                1 x 1/4" (foot controller)
                Power Supply
                AC Adapter power supply (included) / 6 x AA batteries
                Height 3.15"
                Width 40.83"
                Depth 11.65"
                Weight 8.82 lbs.
                Manufacturer Part Number I3MS