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Korg Minilogue XD Pearl White Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

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4-voice Analog/Digital Synthesizer with 2 VCOs per Voice, Digital Multi-engine, Effects, 16-step Polyphonic Sequencer, 4 Voice Modes, and MIDI/Sync I/O
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With the Korg minilogue XD hybrid synthesizer, you’ve got a 4-voice analog synth bolstered by Korg’s digital multi-engine. Factor in the built-in effects, powerful sequencer, and micro tuning capability, and you have a full-featured sound design system at your fingertips. It’s based on the analog synth circuit from the minilogue, further refined for maximum sonic appeal. And with the digital multi-engine giving you access to four types of noise, a VPM/FM oscillator, and your own custom user oscillators, there’s a lifetime of creative potential to be explored with the Korg minilogue XD hybrid synthesizer.

Combining the best from monologue, minilogue, and Prologue

Korg essentially combined player-favorite features from their monologue, minilogue, and Prologue synthesizers to create the minilogue XD. The most notable features from the minilogue are the familiar compact form factor, 4-voice architecture, multiple voice modes, and the arpeggiator (now with a much-appreciated latch function). From the monologue, we get the motion step sequencer, the monologue’s re-voiced filter, and the ability to overdrive your signal going into said filter. And from the Prologue we get the digital multi-engine, providing the third oscillator per voice, and multiple stereo effects. Synthesists at Music Experience are fans of each of these synths, and we’re ecstatic to see all our favorite features combined into a single synth.

    Digital multi-engine for FM, wavetable, and effects

    The Korg minilogue XD features the digital multi-engine first presented in the Prologue synthesizer. This gives you access to an FM/wavetable oscillator you can layer with the analog oscillators in each voice. Its sound generators include noise, variable phase modulation (VPM), and a user oscillator for your own custom oscillators (16 user slots available). This greatly expands your sonic potential beyond typical analog synth sounds. In addition to adding an oscillator, the digital multi-engine delivers deep-sounding effects using 32-bit floating-point processing.

      Four voice modes for creative performance options

      While the minilogue XD offers delightful polyphonic playability, you can also choose Unison mode to make it an all-unison monosynth. And Chord mode produces chords with a single key press. Arp/Latch mode features the arpeggiator with up to four voices, and it can also be used while the sequencer is running. Whether you’re looking for musical inspiration or preparing for a live performance, the minilogue XD’s flexible voice modes offer big creative potential.

        What KORG Says...

        We wanted to deliver a next-generation analog synthesizer for a new generation of musicians new to analog synthesis. That dream was realized in the development of the minilogue, which instantly made the analog synthesizer approachable. In addition to emphasizing the same real analog sound and joy of controlling an electronic musical instrument offered by the original minilogue, the minilogue xd newly adds a digital multi-engine, effects, a powered-up sequencer, and micro tuning functionality, further expanding the possibilities for sound design and performance potential. minilogue xd is a fitting addition to the original groundbreaking minilogue.

        Now, it’s available as a limited-edition model in an elegant pearl white color

        minilogue xd is KORG’s newest polyphonic analog synthesizer and an absolute powerhouse musical instrument. Now, it’s available as a limited-edition model in an elegant pearl white color. The pearl white color has a reflective finish, which changes color according to the light around it and the viewing angle. The top panel features a powder-coat to ensure high durability, especially when you’re playing out or on the road touring. The minilogue xd PW combines stunning sound with a beautiful design that stands out on stage or in-studio.

        An elegant and easy-to-read pearl white finish

        The minilogue xd PW features a "pearl white" finish created by a durable powder coating that feels great and is easy to read and use. The white panel sparkles according to the amount of light, and is paired with a solid oak back panel exclusive to this PW model, which makes for a huge presence n any stage. Other than the color of the unit, the specifications are identical to those of the minilogue xd regular model.

        Analog synthesizer circuit that shatters expectations for its class

        Four-voice polyphonic analog synthesis. The analog synthesizer circuit of the minilogue, whose genuine analog sound had a huge impact on the synth world, has been further developed for the minilogue xd. Voice structure of minilogue xd is 2VCO + MULTI ENGINE, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. In addition to the distinctive circuits found in the series, such as wave shaping to shape the overtones of the oscillator and a sync/ring switch, there's also cross modulation, a sharp two-pole filter, and a drive switch that adds thickness and drives signal into minilogue xd’s filter. Every parameter has been tuned in detail based on what musicians want out of their synth. The sounds range from the warm pads typical of analog to fat basses and crisp lead sounds, covering every situation. Of course, programs that you create can also be saved in the unit. Out of the box, minilogue xd comes loaded with 200 presets, and a total of 500 programs can be saved.

        Equipped with a digital multi-engine

        The additional sound design possibilities of digital sound are delivered by the multi-engine that's provided as a third oscillator in addition to the two analog VCOs. This engine, which is equipped with three different types of sound generator (noise, VPM, and user slot) lets you take advantage of a sonic character that's different than analog, and use it at the same time as the analog engine, infinitely expanding the potential of hybrid sound design.

        Noise generator

        The noise generator provides four types of noise that are indispensable for percussive sounds or for sound effects. You can use the digital filter to directly change the color of the noise.

        VPM oscillator

        minilogue xd’s multi-engine features a VPM (Variable Phase Modulation)/FM oscillator with a two-operator structure. It can produce sharp, metallic sounds with complex overtones beyond the possibilities offered by analog systems. With 16 types of oscillator and a SHAPE knob control, you'll be able to create complex sounds intuitively.

        User oscillators

        User oscillators allow you to load your own oscillator programs that you created or obtained via the internet. There are 16 user slots, as well as one type of morphing wavetable oscillator provided as a preset.

        High-quality digital effects

        minilogue xd’s high-quality digital effects use 32-bit floating point DSP processing, adding a finishing touch to its deep sound design platform. The three types (modulation effects, reverb, and delay) can be used simultaneously, letting you choose from a wide range of variations including chorus, ensemble, warm tape delay, and a diverse variety of reverb. The user effect slots allow you to load your own effect programs that you've created.

        User customization brings out infinite potential

        The minilogue xd features a customizable open environment. The unit comes with 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots that you can customize. Oscillators and user programs that you've created with the SDK (Software Development Kit) can be loaded into the minilogue xd via the dedicated librarian software. What sounds might arise from the fusion of the expanded digital oscillators with analog synthesis? Create original programs, share code, and participate in the user community. You can start with sample code provided by KORG.

        Polyphonic step sequencer controlled by 16 buttons

        The step sequencer provides 16 steps, and supports both realtime recording and step recording. You can use the 16 step buttons to select a step directly, allowing quick editing to replace the pitch of a step or to mute it, or even improvisatory performances. Motion sequence lets you record the movements of up to four knobs, adding time-varying change to the sound, and you can record not only smooth changes in value but also values that change precisely at each step. You can use this to design the sound differently at each step; for example, you might create a drum pattern or sound effect from just a single program. This allows countless ideas to be unleashed.


        Controls pitch bend and modulation depth, etc. A desired parameter can also be assigned to the up/down axis.

        Voice mode

        The four voice modes were selected for the minilogue xd.
        - POLY: The minilogue xd operates as a four-voice polyphonic synth.
        - UNISON: The unit operates as a monophonic synth, with the four voices working in unison.
        - CHORD: Chords are produced using one to four voices.
        - ARP/LATCH: (ARP) Provides an arpeggiator with up to 4 voices that can also be used while the sequencer is running/(LATCH) Switches latch on or off.
        A voice mode depth knob is also provided, which applies a corresponding effect for each mode.
        - POLY: Turning the knob toward the right switches to DUO mode and deepens the detune.
        - UNISON: Turning the knob toward the right deepens the detune.
        - CHORD: Selects mono or chord type.
        - ARP/LATCH: (ARP) Selects the arpeggiator type.

        Micro tuning

        The minilogue xd is equipped with the micro tuning function featured on the monologue, allowing you to individually adjust the pitch of each key. Built in are 23 preset tunings that include some created by Dorian Concept and Taylor McFerrin, and users can also create and store six user scales and six user octaves. Start by trying out the preset tunings of famous musicians, and then advance to creating your own original tunings.

        Oscilloscope and motion view display

        The organic EL display is now larger, and also provides oscilloscope functionality for you to view sound as the electrical signal's waveform. This makes parameter changes visible in real time, giving you visual feedback that helps you understand how the synthesizer works. The display can also show motion view for visualizing the movement of a stored motion sequence.

        Output is now stereo

        A stereo effect unit is provided at the final stage, and the output jacks are now also stereo. Spatial-type effects such as delay, reverb, and chorus will add an even more convincing touch to your thick analog synth sounds and sparkling digital synth sounds.

        Damper pedal jack

        A damper jack has been added in response to requests from artists and users.

        Two CV IN jacks

        Two CV IN jacks are provided, with voltage levels of -5V–+5V. In addition to CV/Gate, these can also input modulation signals, allowing you to use external devices to control parameters in the same way as moving the joystick up or down.

        Free bundle of music software

        The minilogue xd comes with a diverse variety of music software from Izotope including “Ozone Elements” which lets you not only create songs but also master them using AI, “Skoove” which will help you improve your keyboard playing skills, “Reason Lite” DAW software, as well as software synths from KORG and other brands. In other words, the moment you get your hands on this synthesizer you'll have a variety of tools to help you take your music to the next level.

          Korg Minilogue XD Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Features:

          • 37-key, 4-voice polyphonic analog/digital synthesizer
          • 3 oscillators per voice, 2 analog and 1 digital (FM/wavetable)
          • monologue filter design with drive circuit
          • 32-bit floating-point digital effects engine with modulation, delay, and reverb effects
          • 16 user slots for loading custom oscillators and effects
          • CV connectivity for modular synthesizers
          • Sync I/O for synchronizing with Volca modules, Electribe drum machines, and other Korg gear
          • Polyphonic step sequencer with 16 steps supports both step recording and real-time recording
          • Motion sequencer for recording the movements of up to 4 knobs
          • Micro tuning function features 23 preset tunings created by Aphex Twin and Dorian Concept
          • Oscilloscope and motion view display provides visual feedback of your sound design

                  Sound Engine Type(s) Analog sound generator + Multi digital sound generator
                  Number of Keys 37
                  Type of Keys Slim-key, velocity sensitive
                  Other Controllers
                  Polyphony 4 voices
                  500 Voices (200 factory, 300 user)
                  2 x Analog VCO (sawtooth, triangle, square), 1 x Digital (noise, vpm, user)
                  1 x LFO (sawtooth, triangle, square), BPM, Normal, 1-shot
                  Sharp Two-pole
                  Envelope Generator
                  1 x AMP EG (ADSR), 1 x EG (attack, decay, EG int, target)
                  Effects Types
                  Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Ensemble
                  4-voice with Latch mode
                  16-step Polyphonic Sequencer, Motion Sequence, Realtime Recording
                  Audio Outputs
                  2 x 1/4" (L/Mono, R)
                  1 x 1/4"
                  1 x Type B
                  MIDI I/O
                  Other I/O
                  2 x CV in, Sync in, Sync out
                  Minilogue Librarian Software
                  Power Supply
                  9V DC power supply (included)
                  Height 3.35"
                  Width 19.69"
                  Depth 11.81"
                  Weight 6.17 lbs.
                  Manufacturer Part Number