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Line 6 POD Go Red Limited Edition Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor

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Guitar Multi-FX Pedal and Amp Modeler with 8 Footswitches, Onboard Expression Pedal, 270+ Sounds, Analog and Digital I/O, and Color LCD
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The Line 6 POD Go pairs traditional controls with a large color LCD to let players interact with virtual amps, stomps, and cabs in new and meaningful ways. Whether you're running live FX into a stage amp, recording and re-amping through modeled amps and cabs, or outputting rich Helix-derived tones directly from the stage to the PA, the POD Go has you covered. The price and simplicity of the POD Go tailor this floor processor to players who have been on the fence about diving into the Line 6 ecosystem; despite boasting a premium HX Family sound library — the Blackface, Plexi Lead, Treadplate, and all your favorites are here — there's only a short learning curve standing behind the POD Go and total integration with your rig. Who knows? Once you experience the freedom of gigging out with nothing but the guitar on your back and the Line 6 POD Go at your feet, you may never drag an amp out of your practice space again.

Meet your new performance rig

Nobody loves a British stack or TV-front Tweed more than Music Experience guitarists. But in a performance setting, there are so many factors — room acoustics, microphones, sightlines, atmospheric conditions, and sound personnel — standing between the "sound" of your amp and the way it's heard in a mix. The Line 6 POD Go eliminates the hassle of loading up and gigging out by giving you stunning re-creations of some truly timeless amp tones. Sag, chime, harmonics, dynamics, crunch — the Line 6 folks have done a great job of capturing the tone and, just as importantly, the feel of playing through these real tube amps. Onboard cabinet models, stompbox FX, and analog/digital outputs equip the POD Go to be the only piece of gear you record and gig out with, or one of several parts in live amp chain. Expandable features include a headphone output for silent monitoring, an FX loop for incorporating real-deal effects pedals, and a dry amp output for monitoring through a live amp while sending modeled tones straight to FOH.

        Helix-derived amps and stomps

        The Helix line of Line 6 floor processors have been a major hit with Music Experience customers and the industry over. Now you can access a heaping helping of these iconic tones without the all-in size and price tag. Inside the POD Go you'll find 270+ Helix and legacy models of your favorite classic amps, stomps, and cabs. These you can mix and match in endless arrangements for dream tones never possible from a traditional rig. All models are designed to sound great in a traditional amps-and-stomps guitar chain or on their own, sent directly to a PA or computer.

        Lightweight, tour-tested performance

        As with every latter-day Line 6 floor processor, the POD Go gives you bulletproof construction, eight tour-grade rugged footswitches, and a cast aluminum expression pedal that's rated to survive life on the road. Yet for all its strength, the POD Go remains remarkably light and compact — the perfect throw-and-go unit for a backpack or suitcase guitar traveler.

        Large full-color screen

        A drawback to lesser floor units is having to squint to see that one line of monochrome text as it flies by between patch changes. But not so with the Line 6 POD Go. Its full-color screen reads out your full signal chain at a glance, and with a powerful backlight that's easy to read even on a dark and hazy stage.

        Onboard expression pedal

        The POD Go's integrated expression pedal injects the player's heart and soul into every performance. From volume swells and rotary accelerations to landing the perfect Mick Ronson cocked-wah sound, the expression pedal adds a ton of potential to the POD Go's powerful amps and FX. And if you're the type of player who wants more expression, you can always add a second expression pedal (sold separately) down the line for dedicated wah/volume foot control.

        Recall tones with Snapshots

        Achieving total recall on an analog setup is tough. And even then, all it takes is a thoughtless bandmate grabbing a knob or moving a pedal to completely trash your hours of hard work. Fortunately, the Line 6 POD Go gives you the tools you need to craft countless guitar rigs and recall them in a flash. Snapshots doesn't just let you pull up tones a song at a time — here you can set verse, chorus, and lead tones and access them on a section-by-section basis, all in real time. Snapshots is just another way in which the Line 6 POD Go can greatly enhance your performance life.

        USB audio interface with re-amping

        Floor units like the Line 6 POD Go excel in the recording environment. There are no amps to set up, no time-consuming mic placement rigamarole — just dial up your favorite sounds and connect to a laptop via USB (cable included). Now you can track guitar parts direct into a DAW session in pristine 24-bit/96kHz stereo quality. Or, for greater expandability, you track your parts dry and take advantage of the POD Go's re-amping capabilities for endless tonal variation down the road.

        3rd-party IR support

        A guitar cab and its speakers account for roughly 33% of a total guitar sound (guitar & pedals + amp + cab = sound). Thankfully, the POD Go gives you room grow. Support for third-party guitar cabinet impulse responses (IRs) means you can drop in all your favorite closed- and open-backs with whatever speaker combinations you can imagine. And with the leaps and bounds today's IR manufacturers are making in cab tones, this one feature more or less ensures the Line 6 POD Go a permanent place in your rig.

        What Line 6 Says...

        The POD® Go guitar processor gets you on the road to ultimate tone via its ultra-portable and lightweight design, simple plug-and-play interface, and best-in-class tones.

        Best-in-class Tone

        Professional-quality amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the celebrated HX family of effects processors ensure best-in-class tone. Third-party speaker cab impulse responses (IRs) can also be loaded, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones.

        Simple User Interface

        A streamlined plug-and-play interface and simple and intuitive workflow make POD Go exceptionally easy to use. Choose, edit, and control sounds using the large color LCD screen, five push encoders, eight footswitches, and a multi-function expression pedal—plus add a second expression pedal or two external footswitches for even more real-time control.


        Remarkably light, compact, and portable, the POD Go guitar processor easily fits into any backpack, making it the perfect companion for short tours, fly dates, and rehearsals.


        Snapshots enable you to create up to four variations within a single preset and seamlessly transition between them without experiencing audio dropouts and the disruption of delay and reverb trails that normally occurs when switching between presets.

        Essetnial I/O

        Audio connections include balanced stereo outputs, a duplicate amp out that can be tapped before the Cab/IR block, a stereo effects loop, a headphone jack, and even a USB port for accessing the 4-in/4-out audio interface.

        Recording Interface

        A professional-quality onboard 4x4 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface makes it easy to record directly to your computer. Re-amping tracks is also a breeze, enhanced by the ability to load third-party speaker cabinet IRs.

        Third-Party IR Loading

        Third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) may be loaded and incorporated into the signal chain of any preset, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones.

        POD Go Edit App

        POD Go Edit is a remote editor that brings the same easy-to-use and fast-to-get-around interface of POD Go to your Mac or PC. Edit and manage presets, load impulse responses, export tones to share, and even update the firmware from one convenient app.

        Line 6 POD Go Multi-effects Processor Features:

        • Streamlined floor processor with 270+ Helix and legacy amp, stomp, and cabinet models
        • Lightweight, tour-grade build quality
        • Designed to sound great into an amp or PA
        • Captures the tone and feel of playing through real tube amps and pedal FX
        • Large color screen is easy to see from standing position, even in the dark
        • Onboard expression pedal unlocks dynamic wah, volume, and rotary effects
        • Snapshots feature lets you save and recall tones for each section of a song
        • Supports third-party cabinet impulse responses for greater expandability
        • 4x4 USB audio interface delivers tones directly into a recording session in 24/96 hi-def
        • Onboard FX loop and headphone output
        • Dry amp output lets you monitor through a traditional rig while sending processed tones to FOH

                  Pedal Type Multi-FX
                  Analog/Digital Digital
                  256 (2 setlists with 32 banks x 4 presets
                  Number of Effects 275+ effects (Helix & Legacy combined), Up to 10 simultaneous FX (6 fixed, 4 flexible)
                  Effects Types Mandarin Rocker Drive, Ratatouille Distortion, Fuzz, Tremolo, Chorus, Vibrato, Rotary, Retro Reel Delay, Reverb, Modulator, Wah
                  Amp Modeling
                  80+ Guitar/Bass Amps, 39 Cabinets, 16 Mic Models
                  Impulse Response
                  Custom/3rd Party IR Support, Store up to 128 IRs
                  Looper 40 seconds (mono), 20 seconds (stereo) ; 6-switch Looper, 1-switch Looper, Shuffling Looper
                  Inputs 1 x 1/4" (instrument/G10T charging), 1 x 1/4" (FX return/aux stereo)
                  2 x 1/4" (L/mono,R), 1 x 1/4" (amp out), 1 x 1/4" (FX send stereo)
                  MIDI I/O USB
                  USB 1 x Type B 2.0 (4 x 4 including monitor channels)
                  Headphones 1 x 1/4"
                  Other I/O
                  1 x 1/4" TRS (expression2/footswitch)
                  Expression Control Built-in Pedal
                  Features 400MHz SHARC DSP Processor
                  Software PODGo Edit App
                  Compatibility Windows, macOS
                  Power Source 9V DC power supply (included)
                  Height 3.46"
                  Width 14"
                  Depth 9"
                  Weight 5.2 lbs.
                  Manufacturer Part Number 99-060-2510-02 PODGo