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M-Audio BX8 D3 8" Powered Studio Monitor Pair

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150-watt Active Studio Monitor with 8" LF Driver and 1.25" HF Driver (pair)
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Have you ever tried to mix with cotton in your ears? No? Then why are you mixing on low-quality speakers? Do yourself a favor — instead of fluttering around in the dark, upgrade to the M-Audio BX8 D3. This studio monitor pumps 150 powerful watts through a 8" military-grade Kevlar woofer and 1.25" silk dome tweeter to deliver the clarity and detail you need to make proper mixing decisions. A custom waveguide ensures accurate dispersion for an incredibly tight soundstage. An optimized rear-mounted port produces defined low-end response with bass extension down to 37Hz. And if your room's a problem, you can adapt the BX8 D3 to your space with the Acoustic Space Control.

Built to deliver critical detail, nuance, and dynamic accuracy

The BX8 D3 was meticulously engineered to provide accurate sound reproduction. A high-current, high-headroom Class A/B amplifier drives a 8" military-grade Kevlar woofer and 1.25" silk dome tweeter. The speaker features a bi-amplified design, so it exhibits a sound that's both powerful and precise. A rear-mounted port was built to a specific length and diameter to produce deep, defined bass. A custom waveguide eliminates unwanted high-frequency scatter, ensuring that the BX8 D3's imaging is spot on. And don't worry about positioning — a front-panel LED shines brightly when the BX8 D3 is at the ideal monitor angle.

Tailor your studio monitor to your mixing environment

Every room is different, and the BX8 D3 takes this into account. Its Acoustic Space Control tailors your monitor to your mix space, ensuring that you experience honest, accurate sound. Thanks to this useful feature, you can eliminate those pesky low frequencies and tame problematic standing waves. Use a set of these monitors, and you'll be amazed at how your mixes sound — they'll sound great in the studio, on your earbuds, and in your car.

Built-in expression pedal

Guitarists at Music Experience love effects pedals that support expression control, and we're pleased to report the G3Xn packs a built-in expression pedal for creative control over your effects. Use it to tweak delay feedback on the fly, fade reverb in and out, adjust the rate of a phaser, or anything else you can imagine.

What M-Audio Says...

A studio monitor is no ordinary loudspeaker. Unlike a conventional speaker, a true monitor must be unerringly accurate, with a flat frequency response and vanishingly low distortion. It has to tell you, the music producer— dependably and unquestionably—exactly what is or is not in your recording. In a studio-grade monitor speaker, there is no place for the usual list of speaker colorations and limitations prevalent in conventional loudspeakers. Response peaks\dips, uneven polar response, high THD, nasal midrange, bloated mid-bass, and crossover-induced phase incoherence do nothing but undermine the confidence demanded for superior mix performance. Introducing M-Audio’s BX8-D3 monitors—the return of a studio icon and the successor to the industry-renowned BX D2 monitors. Trusted by recording/mix engineers and composers globally, M-Audio’s BX monitors guarantee absolute surgical precision and repeatable engineering excellence. Listen with confidence: with M-Audio’s BX8-D3 studio reference monitors, you’ll hear everything in lifelike detail, so your mixes and recordings will sound their best!

M-Audio BX8 D3 Features:

  • 150W active studio monitor with 8" military-grade Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1.25" silk dome tweeter
  • Bi-amplified design delivers a sound that's both powerful and precise
  • Custom waveguide ensures accurate dispersion for an incredibly tight soundstage
  • Optimized rear-mounted port produces defined low-end response with bass extension down to 37Hz
  • Acoustic Space Control tailors your monitor to your mix space
  • Volume control for dialing in the perfect playback level
  • Balanced combo input allows for flexible installation
  • Front-panel LED shines brightly when the speaker is positioned at an ideal angle

            Powered Yes
            Power Configuration Bi-amped
            LF Driver Size 8" woofer
            LF Driver Type Kevlar with rubber surround
            HF Driver Size 1.25" tweeter
            HF Driver Type Silk dome
            LF Driver Power Amp 80W
            HF Driver Power Amp 70W
            Total Power 150W Class AB
            Frequency Response 37Hz-22kHz
            Crossover Frequency 2.0kHz
            Maximum Peak SPL 114 dB SPL
            Features Acoustic space bass response switch
            Input Types 1 x 1/4" TRS, 1 x XLR
            Enclosure Type Rear Ported
            Enclosure Material Vinyl laminated MDF
            Height 15"
            Width 9.8"
            Depth 11.9"
            Weight 23.1 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number BX8 D3