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Mackie MC-350 Arctic White Professional Closed-Back Headphones

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Closed-back Headphones with 50mm Drivers, 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response, 3 Detachable Cables, and Carrying Case  - Arctic White
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The Mackie MC-350 Closed-back Headphones deliver impressive isolation and detailed sound reproduction without breaking the bank. This pair of headphones is equipped with high-headroom 50mm drivers that transmit exceptionally clear audio reproduction. The closed-back design provides noteworthy isolation, giving you an immersive listening experience. Long listening sessions won't be a problem either, thanks to the ergonomically-designed earcups and padded headband. And when you're done with them for the day, just fold the MC-350s down and store them in the included carrying case. The Mackie MC-350 Closed-back headphones are an awesome option for anyone who's looking for a solid all-purpose pair of headphones.

Awesome for tracking instruments and vocals

Closed-back headphones, like the MC-350, are some of the most popular headphones on the market. That's because they're good for almost any listening application that you can think of! The MC-350 headphones are ideal for recording instruments and vocals in the studio since the click track won't bleed through into the mic, and you'll find Music Experience team members using MC-350s in crowded areas because they provide an impressive level of isolation. Whatever you're using them for, the Mackie MC-350's closed-back design will make it easy to concentrate on what you're listening to.

Includes extra cables so you can listen your way

The Mackie MC-350 headphones include extra cables so you can use them anywhere! In the package, you'll receive a 10-foot fabric-jacketed straight cable, a 10-foot coiled cable, and a gold-plated 1/4-inch adapter for studio work. Just choose whatever cable style works for you and plug right in! When you're out and about, use the 3-foot straight phone cable. It has inline controls and a microphone so you can take calls without digging your phone out of your pocket. And when you're done listening, simply fold up your MC-350s and store them in the included carrying case.

What Mackie Says...

Whether you're referencing your mix in the studio or producing your next track, MC Series Headphones allow you to take the Mackie studio sound, trusted by artists around the world, wherever you go.

        Monitoring On A Whole New Level

        Whether you are tracking in the studio, mixing on your laptop, or even holding a boom on a set – having accurate, sturdy headphones are essential. Building on our studio monitor legacy, MC Series headphones offer the clarity and accuracy Mackie is known for in professional designs. All models feature large custom drivers for clear, distortion-free sound with ergonomic headbands and ear pads for hours of listening comfort in the studio or on the go.

        Mackie MC-350 Arctic White Professional Closed-Back Headphones Features:

        • Closed-back design provides impressive isolation
        • Ultra-comfortable earpads enable hours of comfortable listening
        • Wide frequency response makes these headphones ideal for critical listening
        • 50mm drivers deliver clear sound reproduction
        • Rugged, collapsible design stores small and handles punishment
        • Protective case protects your cans from damage while in transit
        • Includes extra cables (10-foot straight, 10-foot coiled, 3-foot straight with microphone)

                Open/Closed Closed
                Fit Style
                Circumaural (Around the Ear)
                Driver Size 50mm
                Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
                Impedance 32 ohms
                Connectivity 1/8" plug, 1/4" adapter
                Cable Type
                Coiled, Straight
                Cable Length
                9.8 ft., 4 ft. (coiled), 4 ft. (straight)
                Detachable Cable
                Built-in Mic
                Inline Cable Microphone
                Swivel Earcups
                Color Arctic White
                Material Leather Earpads and Headband
                Case/Bag Hard Case
                Weight 0.8 lbs. (without cable and connector)
                Manufacturer Part Number 2053020-00 MC350