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Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15" High-Performance Powered Loudspeaker

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2,000W Powered Speaker with 15" LF Driver, 1.4" HF Driver, 4-channel Digital Mixer, Bluetooth Streaming, App Control, and Onboard Digital Signal Processing (Each)

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Today’s performers demand greater performance than ever before from portable PA systems. Mackie has risen to that challenge and created the SRM215 V-Class Loudspeaker. This 2,000-watt portable PA fits easily on your front seat and loads into the venue in just one trip. Complete with a 15" LF driver and 1.4" Sym-X Horn HF driver, the SRM V-Class Loudspeaker delivers impressive SPLs with tons of headroom for full and accurate articulation. Simply put, this sleek and stylish loudspeaker was designed to be the loudest and best-sounding speaker in Mackie’s lineup. It’s equipped with Advanced Impulse DSP and Intelligent Bass Management that create an unbelievably expansive sweet spot. This speaker is completed by a 4-channel digital mixer with in-app control and Bluetooth streaming capabilities. Additionally, the dual-angled cabinet design allows it to be used as a high-performance floor monitor. So, however you use it, the Mackie SRM215 V-Class Powered Speaker will deliver consistent and clear sound every time.

Robust LF driver and custom Sym-X Horn HF driver combine for incredible performance

The Mackie SRM V-Class Loudspeaker may pump out 2,000 watts of reliable Class D power, but the secret to its great sound is in the drivers. The SRM215 is loaded with a 15" woofer and a custom polymer tweeter. Both drivers have high-performance transducers and oversized magnets that transmit your audio with unmatched accuracy. For optimal efficiency, the horn-loading frequency is set below the tweeter's low-frequency capability. You'll enjoy the symmetrical, flat response at the crossover point for smooth transitions. Simply put, the Mackie SRM V-Class Loudspeaker is versatile enough to handle any application you can imagine.

SRM Mix Control built-in 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth

On the back panel of the SRM V-Class Loudspeaker, you'll find a 6-channel digital mixer with a high-contrast full-color display. Dual independent channels support mic, line, and instrument signals while a dedicated 1/8" stereo auxiliary channel provides seamless audio playback between performers. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily stream music when you're off stage. Single-knob control gives you quick access to all parameters, including levels, EQ, voicing modes, and presets. A built-in system lock and 4-digit pin ensure that nobody can tamper with your settings while you're not looking.

Advanced Impulse DSP delivers ultra-accurate sound reproduction

The SRM215 V-Class Loudspeaker is equipped with Mackie's Advanced Impulse DSP. This proprietary acoustic tuning mechanism uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to great effect. Precisely placed crossover points work together with time-aligned transducers to create symmetrical and detailed reproduction. To simplify, Advanced Impulse DSP allows the SRM215 to provide über-clear audio reproduction across the whole dispersion zone. When you run audio through the SRM215, the whole room is your sweet spot.

Transparent system protection guards against excessive levels

As the seasoned live sound experts here at Music Experience will tell you, unpredictable level spikes are a fact of life. The Mackie SRM215 takes this into account, providing you with a dedicated processing module that monitors your amplifier in real time to guard against excessive levels. It's extremely transparent — instead of sacrificing your overall output to prevent overloads, the SRM215 uses multiband compression to attenuate specific frequency ranges. What's more, input limiting tames extra-hot sources before they cause issues. You also get Power Factor Correction for rock-solid operation in venues with unstable power.

SRM Connect app gives you complete wireless control

Controlling your Mackie SRM215 is incredibly easy, thanks to the Mackie SRM Connect app for smartphones and tablets. Simply open the app, pair your device with your loudspeaker, and you're ready to get to work. You can cycle through each channel, tweak the graphic EQ, select from three reverb modes, and use the Mixer view to monitor the level of each channel on a single screen. You can also link two SRMs wirelessly for music streaming applications.

What Mackie Says...

The Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15-inch powered speaker delivers industry-leading sound, power, and reliability for mobile DJs and musicians who need uncompromising performance in an easily portable form factor.

  • Best performance, sound quality, and reliability in its class
  • Industry-leading 2000W Class-D amplifier with transparent system limiting and protection
  • Superior sound with Advanced Impulse™ DSP tuning and Intelligent Bass Management™
  • High-performance transducers and custom SymX™ Horn for unmatched clarity and accuracy
  • SRM Mix Control™ built-in 4-channel digital mixer with Bluetooth®
  • Complete wireless control via the SRM Connect™ app
  • Wirelessly link 2 SRM | V-Class speakers together for music streaming applications plus control
  • Dual-angle pole mount plus angled design for use as a floor monitor

Become Legend. Taking SRM To A New Level.

The original Mackie SRM Series changed the game. And the SRM215 | V-Class 15-inch powered speaker taps in to the legacy of the industry-defining series that started it all and is here to raise the bar once again. More power. Higher fidelity. Extra dependability. Smart features. The Mackie SRM215 V-Class Powered Speaker delivers all that and more in a compact loudspeaker that represents everything we’ve learned across three decades (and counting) as an industry leader in pro audio.We took a deep look at what matters today in powered speakers. And then went above and beyond. The Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15-inch powered PA speaker combines our most reliable amplifier platform, premium transducers and a built-in mixer with the latest DSP technology to create the ultimate all-in-one premium loudspeaker for bands, DJs and venues.

Advanced Impulse™ DSP Module

What does it do for me? Mackie’s filtering technology is not your typical speaker processing. The goal of our Advanced Impulse™ DSP is to remove all the anomalies that loudspeakers and horns contribute to a signal, from “honkiness” or “squelch” to "mushy" low end, effectively making the drivers "invisible" and output nothing but perfect, clean sound. By more intelligently (and more thoroughly) employing the benefits of FIR filtering, Advanced Impulse DSP eliminates undesired acoustic anomalies across the entire dispersion zone (horizontal and vertical), as well as frequency range and time domain.Mackie Advanced Impulse DSP.

How It's Done

The main way this is accomplished is by measuring the negative frequency response and time domain impacts that each transducer and horn in the system introduces – on axis as well as off – and reversing/correcting for those anomalies before the signal hits the speaker. The result is the output from the speaker is fully corrected for flat, clear, time-aligned, and smooth sound throughout the entire time, space, and response domains.

SYM-X™ Horn

The custom horn within each loudspeaker was designed with the goal to bring out the very best from the HF transducer while maintaining the flattest response possible at the crossover point. Surprise surprise... we nailed it. The special design of this horn allows the compression driver to operate at near maximum efficiency. This means it gets louder and sounds better with less effort. The transition between the LF and HF is a symmetrical, flat response which is what helps make the incredibly smooth midrange possible.

Transparent System Protection

Other loudspeakers feature some sort of protection and limiting to help them squeeze a dB or two out of the speaker. This is almost always at the expense of sound quality and is commonly experienced as diminished bass response and the "pumping" sound of the internal limiter having a bad day. When operating at very high levels (ears beware), the processor-controlled system monitoring analyzes the audio signal and identifies the problem areas, then dynamically applies multi-band compression to those specific frequencies rather than lowering the overall output. This keeps your levels where you want them and maintains the sound quality you expect.

Wireless Control & Streaming

With the SRM Connect™ app available for iOS and Android® devices, you get complete control over everything and then some for up to 2 speakers simultaneously. Quickly access levels, EQ, meters, and configuration. Plus, you can save memory presets to streamline setup at your next gig. When you link to another SRM | V-Class speaker, you get control over the entire system in the app, all in one view. No additional pairing or swapping back and forth on your device is required. For an incredibly simple music playback system, you can stream music directly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

Mackie SRM215 V-Class 15" High-Performance Powered Loudspeaker Features:

  • Compact design makes for easy transportation
  • Factory presets tailor the PA to your application with one touch
  • 4-channel digital mixer supports mic, line, and instrument signals
  • Robust LF driver delivers smooth sound at high SPLs
  • Advanced Impulse DSP creates a massive sweet spot
  • Premium polymer HF driver provides flat response for smooth, balanced highs
  • High-contrast full-color display is easy to see in all lighting conditions
  • SRM Connect iOS/Android app gives you total control
  • Wireless capability lets you link two SRM units for stereo streaming
  • Specially molded cabinet allows for use as a wedge monitor
  • Includes Mackie's 3-year all inclusive warranty with 3 additional years upon product registration

            Power Configuration Single Amp
            4-channel digital mixer
            LF Driver Size 15" woofer
            HF Driver Size 1.4" Sym-X Horn Tweeter
            Total Power
            2000W Class D
            Inputs 2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x 1/8" (aux)
            Outputs 2 x XLR (DI), 1 x XLR (mix)
            Frequency Response
            Maximum Peak SPL
            135 dB SPL @ 1m
            Horizontal Coverage Angle
            90 Degrees
            Vertical Coverage Angle
            60 Degrees
            Signal Processing
            SRM Connect App
            Enclosure Material
            Molded Plastic
            Mounting Options Pole, Floor Wedge, M10 flypoints
            Power Source Standard IEC AC cable
            Height 25.9"
            Width 15.2"
            Depth 14.2"
            Weight 40.6 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number 2050930-00