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Mackie Thump212 12" Powered Speaker

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1,400-watt Powered Loudspeaker with 2-channel Mixer, 12" Woofer, 1" Compression Driver, Feedback Eliminator, and Ducking Mode (each)

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Mackie’s next generation of Thump loudspeakers is redesigned from the ground up to provide you with enhanced power and utility, all at a wallet-friendly price! The Thump212 loudspeaker’s ultra-efficient 1,400-watt class-D amplifier pushes plenty of air through the high-performance 12-inch woofer — a design that Music Experience's live sound pros find is more than capable of handling most small- to medium-sized venues. Next, the 1-inch compression driver ensures that your sound is evenly dispersed, allowing the entire crowd to hear your music with crystal-clear quality. There’s even a built-in feedback eliminator to keep everything noise- and rumble-free! Plus, the Thump212 is loaded with flexible I/O power, boasting a versatile 2-channel design that can be set up for music ducking, allowing this loudspeaker to extend its utility outside of standard musical applications into the world of public address and education. Finally, like all Mackie products, the Thump212 is built tough to withstand the rigors of the road, and the unloading crew is sure to appreciate the lightweight 30-pound form factor.

Ultra-efficient class-D power

The Mackie Thump212’s ultra-efficient class-D amplification kicks out a powerful sound that defies this loudspeaker’s modest size! A 12-inch woofer dishes out plenty of low-end punch, and the 1-inch compression driver ensures that your sound is evenly dispersed across the entire venue. Lastly, Mackie’s built-in feedback eliminator all but eradicates unwanted speaker screech and rumble, maximizing your sonic potential and ensuring that your show runs smooth from start to finish.

Portable design for easy setup and transport

Weighing in at less than 30 pounds, the Thump212 is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. The Thump212's small and portable size will ensure that you won't need a road crew to mount it on a pole or pack it into your car. What’s more, the Thump212 is housed in a super-tough road-ready enclosure, so don't think that its light weight makes it fragile!.

What Mackie Says...

The lightweight Thump212 12" 1400W loudspeaker features proven sound quality in an all-new design with a built-in Feedback Eliminator and Music Ducking mode. Lightweight and Built-like-a-tank™, Thump212 is the ultimate compact loudspeaker for mobile PA systems, DJs, bars, and more.

Performance For a New Generation

Thump212 is ready to take on your most demanding performances. Completely redesigned from the ground up, Thump212 has beefier drivers, a 1400W amplifier, and powerful tools to make your next gig easier than ever. Packed with incredibly useful features, Thump212 makes gigs run smoother with feedback elimination and music ducking built right in. And with dual TRS / XLR inputs plus a stereo 1/8” aux input, you can plug in all of your gear without odd cables and adapters..

Music Ducking

You’ve got music playing nice and loud but, it’s time for another announcement. Sure, you could mess with your levels every time, but who’s got time for that. Simply press the Music Ducking button, and channel 2 will automatically turn down whenever you speak into the mic on channel 1.

Feedback Eliminator

Ever get a little too up close and personal with the microphone only to hear a loud, ear-destroying squeal? That’s commonly known as feedback. And it’s an unfortunate issue that physics won’t change its mind on. But wait! Hit the Feedback Eliminator button and laugh in the face of those silly acoustic laws..

No Mixer? No Problem!

Connect any combination of audio sources, including guitar, microphone, keyboard, or DJ mixer. The built-in 2-channel mixer on the rear panel has two combo input jacks for easy plug-and-play plus an 1/8" stereo line in for connecting the audio output from a smartphone or media player..

Mackie Thump212 12" Powered Loudspeaker Features:

  • 1,400W of class-D amplification is more than loud enough for most small- to medium-sized venues
  • 12-inch woofer and 1-inch compression driver deliver a full-range sound with plenty of low end
  • Flexible I/O, versatile 2-channel design, and a through output for a wide range of configurations
  • Music ducking mode is ideal for public address and education settings
  • Angled design is perfect for floor monitoring, but can also be mounted on a standard pole setup
  • Lightweight 29-pound design offers effortless portability
  • Signature Mackie durability to withstand the rigors of the road
  • Built-in feedback eliminator reduces unwanted screech and rumble

            Power Configuration Bi-amped
            LF Driver Size 12" woofer
            HF Driver Size 1" HF compression driver
            Total Power 1400W Peak
            Inputs 2 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x 1/8" TRS
            Outputs 1 x XLR (mix out)
            Frequency Range 47Hz-23kHz (-10dB)
            Crossover Frequency 24 dB/octave @ 2kHz
            Maximum Peak SPL 128 dB SPL @ 1m
            Channels 2
            Enclosure Material Polypropylene with textured black finish
            Mounting Options Pole Mount, Floor
            Power Source Standard IEC AC cable
            Height 24.4"
            Width 14"
            Depth 14"
            Weight 27.6 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number 2053483-00 663961062328