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Marshall 2525H Silver Jubilee 20/5-watt Tube Head

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20/5-watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head with DI Output, Effects Loop, and Footswitch
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This 20-watt 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee gives you everything you love about Marshall's highly coveted 2-channel, 100-watt head in a smaller and more volume-friendly package. The 2525H has all the tone and look of the original, like high- and low-output switching for 20- and 5-watt performance. This offers you the sound of a Marshall at full roar, but at studio and club levels. The Marshall 20-watt 2525H Silver Jubilee amplifier also gives you even lower noise performance and improved reliability over the 1980s originals.

Classic lineage

The original Marshall Silver Jubilee is one of the most sought-after tube amplifiers in all of rock history. Their aggressive sound was widely used in the '80s and early '90s by hard rock players of all types. Marshall's reissue started with that iconic design and upgraded the amp's performance. And the 2525H Mini Silver Jubilee takes that one step further by putting all of that sound into a more compact box with a usable 20 watts of tube power. The 2525H is the next offering in this proud series of amplifiers.

Perfect power

If you're a gigging guitarist, you know that keeping the stage volume down is becoming an absolute necessity. While older 100-watt amps sound amazing, it is hard to get optimal tone at reduced levels. The Marshall 2525H solves this problem by putting the Silver Jubilee sound into an amp that only pushes 20 watts of all-tube power. Twenty watts is a great amount of power for headroom and grind on modern stages. And if you need even quieter performance, you can switch the amp to 5-watt mode.

Straightforward design

Marshall amplifiers are historically known for their ease of getting a great tone. Though Marshall has some powerful designs with a lot of tonal options, amp designs like the original Plexi, the JCM 800s, and the Silver Jubilees have straightforward panels that let you turn on, turn up, and play. You still get a great effects loop and the low-power switch, but the panel is easy to navigate, and you'll get your tone dialed in with no problem.

From the music store to stages everywhere

Jim Marshall didn’t start out building great amps. In fact, his entry into the amp world came about in part because the drummers that visited his music shop for equipment and lessons often brought along their guitar players. Conversations about their amplification needs led to the birth of a line of amps that would eventually change the sound of music. From those first humble creations to Pete Townshend’s first monster full stacks; from the mid-’60s combos to Hendrix to backlines of multiple Marshall rigs, there’s a reason why so many guitarists (including quite a few here at Music Experience) swear by Marshall amps. Try one out and see for yourself!

What Marshall Says...

We're bringing back the classics, in a smaller format. Some of the most infamous sounds of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s housed in a 20W amp. For the musicians that want to recreate nostalgic music memories in your own home or studio. With power reduction that helps you switch between 20W and 5W power without any need for an attenuator, making the amp your safest bet for huge tone at home, studio or stage.

Give it Head

The 2525HTM delivers the heavy grit and sparkling classic rock tones of 1987. Based on the 25th anniversary Silver Jubilee series, this 20W 2525H has two footswitchable channels, a sleek silver look and a portable structure. With the ability to add extra distortion and reduce power this amp is perfect for those who love everything from rock to metal and want to play in different environments.

UK made all valve amplifier

Just like the original that kicked off the Marshall crunch revolution and changed the face of modern amplifiers forever.

Mix your sound

Switch between two channels using the pull channel and go from dirty overdrive to shimmering cleans.

Practice, Perform.

Play in a variety of environments from rehearsal to the small venue. Take this one step further and play in your bedroom using the power reduction feature and go from 20W to 5W.

Expression of agression

The pull rhythm clip lets you add in extra distortion if you desire, to really add in that crunch.

Marshall 2525H Silver Jubilee Tube Head Features:

  • Packs the incendiary tone of a 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee into a 20-watt head
  • Same tone as the iconic '87 Jubilees
  • Separate Preamp Volume and Master Volume controls allow for high-gain tones at low volumes
  • 3-band EQ with Presence control supplies flexible sound shaping
  • Effects loop makes integrating your effects pedals and processors easy
  • Power reduction circuit takes wattage down to a bedroom-friendly 5 watts
  • DI output for easy recording or routing to a PA

          Type Tube
          Number of Channels 2
          Total Power
          20W (5W power settings)
          Preamp Tubes
          3 x ECC83
          Power Tubes 2 x EL34
          EQ 3-band EQ
          1 x 1/4"
          1 x 1/4" (16 ohm internal), 2 x 1/4" (single 8 ohm or 2 x 16 ohm), 2 x /14" (single 4 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm), 1 x 1/4" (DI out)
          Effects Loop Yes
          Footswitch Included
          Yes, 1-button footswitch
          Construction Material Silver Tolex
          Power Supply Standard IEC AC cable
          22 lbs.
          Manufacturer Part Number