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MXR M134 Stereo Chorus

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18-volt Stereo Chorus Pedal with Rate, Width and Intensity Controls, Bass Filter, and Bass/Treble EQ
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The MXR Stereo Chorus pedal adds that extra "something" to your guitar's tone, animating your strummed passages, and widening your power chords in that shimmery way that only chorus can. You can set this pedal's Rate and Width controls to your liking, and then dial in the level of the chorus effect using the Intensity knob. Convenient Bass and Treble controls let you further sculpt your tone by EQ-ing the modulated frequencies. Sounding great in mono, you can also use this pedal's stereo outputs for an even huger, anthem-like sound. Plus, a cool Bass Filter button can keep your low end intact while your guitar's high frequencies sing with the MXR's Stereo Chorus tone!

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Pedal at a Glance:

  • EQ Controls
  • Bass Filter

      Get to the Chorus

      This gorgeous sounding pedal will remind you how cool chorus can be. Set the Rate and Width controls to your liking and then dial in as much effect as you want with the Intensity knob. You can then shape the tone even further by EQ-ing the modulated frequencies with the Bass and Treble controls. Run in mono or use the stereo outputs for a huge, vibrant sound. If you're looking to preserve the low end of your guitar tone, the Stereo Chorus has got you covered with its Bass Filter button that applies the effect to the high frequencies only.

      MXR M134 Stereo Chorus Pedal Features:

      • Footswitch toggles effect on/hardwire bypass (red LED indicated on)
      • Intensity control adjusts overall effect level
      • Rate and Width knobs tailor chorus tone - from subtle and sparkly to lush and watery
      • Bass and Treble knobs EQ the modulated frequencies only
      • Bass filter button leaves low end intact
      • Stereo outputs for a huge tonal spread
      • Accepts two 9-volt batteries
      • Can be powered by Dunlop ECB-004 18-volt AC Adapter (included)

            MXR's Stereo Chorus gives your sound that extra shimmer!

                    Pedal Type Stereo Chorus
                    Inputs 1 x Instrument
                    Outputs 2 x 1/4"
                    Batteries 2 x 9V
                    Height 2.5"
                    Width 5.5"
                    Depth 4.5"
                    Weight 1.5 lbs.
                    Power Supply Included Yes
                    Manufacturer Part Number M134