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MXR M85 Bass Distortion

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Bass Distortion Pedal with Clean Low End, Lowpass Filter Tone Control, 2-mode Distortion Switch, and Separate Wet and Dry Level Controls
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When MXR decided to create an all-new M85 Bass Distortion pedal, they enlisted the help of Fuzzrocious Pedals founder Ryan Ratajski, one of the industry's premier authorities on grungy, dirty bass tone. The adventurous bass players at Music Experience really dig their distortion effects, and this versatile stompbox is a real hit around here. For starters, the M85 gives you a choice between silicone diode or LED clipping, giving you a choice of seriously aggressive distortion or a more open distortion sound. But the distortion itself leaves your fundamental intact, so even without blending in much dry signal, you're left with intelligible tone. And if your highs start to get out of control, you can always tame them with the high-cut tone control.

MXR M85 Bass Distortion Pedal at a Glance:

  • Silicon & LED Clipping
  • Dry & Wet Controls

    What MXR Says...

    The MXR Bass Distortion dishes out big gnarly tones with all the low end your bottom-dwelling heart desires. Working closely with indie pedal phenom, bass dirt guru, and Fuzzrocious Pedals founder Ryan Ratajski, we took a famously nasty sounding distortion circuit and re-tooled it for the modern working bass player. Back in the day, if you wanted to use a distortion pedal and keep your low end intact, you had to split your clean and dirty signals between two amps. With the MXR® Bass Distortion, there's no such need-this pedal puts control over the clean/dirty mix right at your feet with separate Dry and Wet level controls. The Tone control, which only affects the distortion signal, is a simple high cut filter for dialing back the top end, and the Distortion control sets the distortion signal's intensity. Finally, the MXR® Bass Distortion's raunchy sound comes in two flavors, selectable via the LED/SIL switch. The default SIL setting uses silicon clipping diodes for an aggressive, biting sound and a bit of compression, while the LED setting uses LED diodes for a more wide open sound and a nice gain bump.

    MXR M85 Bass Distortion Pedal Features:

    • A cool bass distortion co-designed with Fuzzrocious Pedals founder Ryan Ratajski
    • Two kinds of classic distortion (silicone diode or LED) in one pedal
    • Distortion affects only higher frequencies, leaving your fundamental full and punchy
    • Separate wet and dry level controls make it easy to dial in the perfect mix
    • Roll off unwanted harmonics and high-frequency overtones with the high cut filter

        Get two killer bass distortion effects in the MXR M85 Bass Distortion stompbox!

                Pedal Type Distortion
                Inputs 1 x 1/4"
                Outputs 1 x 1/4"
                Manufacturer Part Number M85