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Nord Triple Pedal NTP for Stage 3, Grand and Piano

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Nord 3-pedal Unit for Nord Stage 3, Grand and Piano Keyboard with Half Damping
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The Nord Triple Pedal is the perfect set of pedals for your Nord Stage 2 piano. This pedal set adds extra functionality to your Stage 2 with far more subtlety than basic piano pedals. The Triple Pedal includes a sustain pedal, as well as a soft and a sostenuto pedal in the standard piano configuration. These pedals are capable of half-pedaling, and even trigger mechanical catch and release noises, adding amazing depth to your Nord Stage 2's sounds. If you're looking for more than what a simple sustain pedal can give your Nord Stage 2, then you need a Nord Triple Pedal! Note: This product is intended for use with Nord Stage 3, Grand and Piano series keyboards only.

What Nord Says...

Our new premium Nord Triple Pedal 2 is equipped with continuous sensors for optimal dynamic control. The left and middle pedals can be assigned to control the Pump effect, Layer Scenes, Program Changes, Rotor Speed and more. The Triple Pedal 2 also gives you access to the Pedal Noise and half-damping features of the Piano section.

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Nord Triple Pedal NTP Features:

  • Sustain pedal with half-pedalling for release and catch techniques
  • Soft pedal for added dynamic control
  • Sostenuto for selective sustaining of notes
  • Capable of triggering mechanical noises in select patches

    Type Piano-style Sustain Pedal
    Number of Pedals 3
    Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain
    1 x 1/4"
    Nord Stage 3, Grand and Piano
    Manufacturer Part Number AMS-NTP