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Roland GO:PIANO88 88-key Digital Piano

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88-key Digital Piano with Built-in Sounds, Metronome, Transpose and Recording Features, and Bluetooth Audio/MIDI Connectivity
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Music Experience knows that having 88 keys makes a big difference when you’re just learning to play the piano. Although smaller 73- or 61-note keyboards are portable and easy to handle for younger players, a full-sized 88-note keyboard helps you develop proper technique and become a better player. The Roland GO:PIANO88 offers the perfect balance between performance and portability. It's lightweight and portable (with optional battery power), yet offers a full-sized 88-note keyboard and sounds derived from Roland’s finest digital pianos, so you can play with the correct technique and expression – vital for classical music or more complex pieces.

Roland GO:PIANO 88-key Digital Piano at a Glance:

  • Premium piano performance in a compact, portable and affordable instrument
  • 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard spacing
  • Onboard high-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smartphone connection
  • Compact and lightweight (7.0 kg) for playing and storing anywhere
  • Fully wireless operation with battery power and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth MIDI support for advanced music lessons with your smartphone or tablet
  • Metronome, transpose and twin piano support daily practice
  • Play anytime with built-in speakers, battery operation and headphones
  • Affordable and easy-to-carry second piano for experienced players

    Full-size keys and vivid piano sounds for a realistic playing experience

    While many portable pianos sacrifice playing feel, the Roland GO:PIANO88 boasts full-sized piano keys with authentic touch response. And thanks to the high-quality piano sounds developed by Roland, you'll hear the subtle tonal effects that your touch has. When you transition to a real piano, you'll be better prepared to play with dynamics and expression.

    Built-in Bluetooth for connecting to your smartphone or tablet

    Thanks to built-in Bluetooth connectivity for audio and MIDI, Roland's GO:PIANO88 is the ideal practice partner. Select a song in your device's music library, stream it to your GO:PIANO88's high-quality Bluetooth speakers, and you can jam along with your favorite songs and explore free online content that makes learning fast and fun — including online piano lessons, karaoke, and tutorial videos. And as your musical journey advances into the realm of lesson apps and recording, GO:PIANO88 will be your ideal solution for controlling your software via MIDI with wireless simplicity.

    Play anywhere, anytime

    The Roland GO:PIANO88 lets you play anywhere, anytime. This lightweight piano can run on battery power for true portability. Listen on the built-in speakers, or on headphones for private sessions.

    What Roland Says...

    When you’re learning to play the piano, having 88 keys makes a big difference. Although smaller 61 or 76-note keyboards are portable and easy to handle for younger players, an 88-note full-size keyboard helps you develop the correct technique and become a more expressive player. Most keyboards make you choose between performance and portability, but Roland’s GO:PIANO88 delivers equally on both fronts. Lightweight and road-ready, with optional battery power and headphones, this mobile instrument has a full-size 88-note keyboard and sounds derived from Roland’s best digital pianos, so you can play with the correct technique and expression – vital for classical music or more complex pieces. GO:PIANO88 also features high-quality onboard Bluetooth® speakers that hook up to your smartphone to create a simple and compact learning solution. Once connected, you can start exploring free online content that makes learning faster and more fun – including online piano lessons, karaoke and tutorial videos for your favorite songs – or just stream your playlists and jam along. Find a space, grab your smartphone, and start your musical journey with GO:PIANO88.

    Enjoy Traditional Piano Feel with 88 Standard-Size Keys

    GO:PIANO88 has 88 full-size keys for authentic playing feel and expressive touch inspired by the keyboards on acoustic grand pianos. Having the full range of notes lets you play more demanding music and helps develop the correct techniques for both left and right hands. It also ensures a smooth transition should you play a weighted hammer-action keyboard. And even if you invest in a premium piano, your GO:PIANO88 is the ideal portable instrument for slinging in a gig bag and playing at rehearsals, sessions and shows.

    Connect Wirelessly To Your Smartphone, Access Online Content and Learn Faster

    GO:PIANO88 pairs with your smartphone to make learning piano fun. Use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet, then access songs from your music library or try some free online lessons. You can play along as the music streams through the high-quality onboard speakers or your headphones. Or if you’d prefer some more intensive piano training, try some of the many excellent apps or tutorial videos, before you start working with a personal piano teacher.

    Enjoy Authentic Piano Performance with a Compact, Space-Saving Footprint

    Not every home has space for a full-size acoustic piano. But the compact design of GO:PIANO88 lets you play in any setting, with all the benefits of 88 full-size keys. Just sit down, switch on and enjoy GO:PIANO88’s full dynamic range, free from setup hassles or tangled wiring. Plus, to ensure you can practice without disturbing others, GO:PIANO88 lets you plug in headphones to play in peace.

    Make Music on the Move with Battery Power and a Wireless Smartphone Connection

    An acoustic piano ties you to one location, while portable electronic keyboards limit the type of music you can play as they have fewer keys. With GO:PIANO88 and a smartphone, you’re ready to make music whenever inspiration strikes. With its compact 7.0 kg design and battery-powered operation, GO:PIANO88 lets you perform through its speakers or practice with headphones. Plus, with wireless connectivity to your smartphone, you can work on your skills any time, any place – especially as the 88-note full-size keyboard means your technique won’t be compromised

    Get Inspired with Roland’s Responsive Piano Sounds

    As you appreciate GO:PIANO88‘s 88-note full-size keyboard, you’ll also be inspired by the choice of onboard sounds derived from Roland’s acclaimed premium pianos. Touch the keys and you’ll hear notes full of character, changing seamlessly in response to your touch, just like on a fine acoustic piano. And alongside the expressive keyboard, GO:PIANO88 lets the dynamics of your playing shine through, encouraging you to improve faster as your skills grow. GO:PIANO88 also includes electric piano, organ, and strings, allowing you to explore different musical styles.

    Get More from Your Practice Sessions with Onboard Learning Features

    GO:PIANO88 helps you focus on playing, with onboard tools that support your daily practice regime. Try the metronome to build your timing skills or experiment by transposing the keyboard to a different musical pitch. And when you’re ready, connecting your smartphone reveals a world of apps and tutorial videos. Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app is an ideal companion, offering fun education features and a recording function that lets you capture your playing and evaluate how you’re progressing.

    Create High-Quality Videos with Your Smartphone and GO:MIXER PRO

    With the 88-note keyboard and tuition features, you’ll soon be playing better than ever – and wanting to share your progress with the world. Although recording videos with your smartphone is easy, the built-in mic doesn’t always sound professional. Instead, try plugging your smartphone and GO:PIANO88 into Roland’s GO:MIXER PRO, to directly capture the great sound while you shoot. You can connect additional sources to GO:MIXER PRO as well, including a mic or another keyboard. With the combination of your smartphone, GO:PIANO88 and GO:MIXER PRO, there’s no simpler way to create pro-quality videos for sharing on social media.

    Roland GO:PIANO 88-key Digital Piano Features:

    • Perfect first piano for aspiring musicians
    • 88-note keyboard with full-size keys and standard spacing
    • Roland's acclaimed piano sounds deliver lifelike tone and realism
    • Onboard high-quality Bluetooth speakers for wireless smartphone connection
    • Compact and lightweight for playing and storing anywhere
    • Fully wireless operation with battery power and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming audio from your smartphone or for wireless MIDI control
    • Built-in recorder to capture your practice sessions and performances
    • Metronome and transpose features support daily practice
    • Play anywhere, anytime with built-in speakers, battery operation, and headphones

            Number of Keys 88
            Type of Keys Full size keys, touch response
            Other Controllers 10 x performance pads
            Presets Over 500 sounds
            Polyphony 128 Notes
            Effects Chorus, Reverb
            Sequencer SMF recorder, 99 song storage (up to 30,000 notes)
            MIDI Recording Standard MIDI Files, 99 songs (up to 30,000 notes)
            Audio Inputs 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
            Audio Outputs 1 x 1/8" (headphones/main out)
            Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4" (pedal)
            MIDI I/O Bluetooth
            USB 1 x Type Micro-B
            Bluetooth v4.2
            Features Loop Mix (12 sets x 56 patterns)
            Amplifier 2 x 2.5W
            Number of Speakers 2 x (4.75" x 2.36")
            Power Supply DC power adapter (included) / 6 x AA batteries
            Height 3.25"
            Width 34.56"
            Depth 10.68"
            Weight 8 lbs. 10 oz.
            Manufacturer Part Number GO88P GOPIANO88