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Roland GP609-PE Digital Grand - Polished Ebony

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88-key Digital Grand Piano with SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling, PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard, 6.1-channel Acoustic Projection Multi-speaker System, and Included Bench - Polished Ebony
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Have you been thinking about a grand piano for your home but are put off by its cost, size, and maintenance requirements? Enter the Roland GP609 Digital Grand. The GP609 has a curvacious cabinet that conveys all the elegance of a five-foot baby grand but delivers the sound of a full concert grand. Roland’s PHA-50 keyboard with escapement gives you authentic feel and touch responsiveness, while their acclaimed SuperNATURAL modeling technology replicates the entire sound generation process of an acoustic piano, including cabinet and string resonance, for a rich and complex sound that responds naturally to your playing. And although it sports a traditional appearance, the GP609 is packed with cutting-edge tech, such as Bluetooth connectivity that lets you wirelessly stream songs from your phone or tablet through the piano’s powerful 6.1 multi-channel speaker system, filling your room with rich, transparent sound.

Roland GP609-PE Digital Grand Piano at a Glance:

  • Classic 4.9’/150 cm depth grand digital piano, and light weight 325 lbs./148 kg
  • Built-in 6.1-channel multi-speaker system (six speakers/one woofer) powerful enough for sound projection in a small hall
  • SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology for a rich, living sound
  • Authentic grand piano touch from the new PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard with Escapement, which combines the look and feel of wood with the durability of modern materials
  • Music playback from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • MIDI over Bluetooth for connecting to a world of exciting apps such as Roland’s Piano Partner 2, which encourages daily piano learning and makes practice fun
  • Headphones 3D Ambience technology for natural, realistic sound when practicing privately
  • Variable lid height with two prop sticks
  • Movable with casters and maintenance-free
  • Two elegant finishes to complement your living room: polished ebony or polished white

Authentic grand piano performance for any skill level

In the GP609, Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling engine delivers supremely authentic acoustic grand piano sound, that, together with the expressive touch of the instrument's PHA-50 keyboard, provides a playing experience that will satisfy even the most seasoned pianists. But the GP609 is also perfect for beginners, with a bevy of educational features that include wireless connection to online apps that keep the piano student motivated and constantly improving. A graceful digital grand piano that nurtures your family's musicality, the GP609 brings elegance, beauty, and expressive piano performance into your home. These qualities, along with its manageable size, weight, and cost, also make the GP609 an ideal piano for educational facilities, concert stages, and houses of worship.

Room-filling sound from specially-designed speakers

One of the delights of owning a traditional acoustic grand piano is its commanding sound and projection. The GP609 is a revelation in that Roland has been able to achieve the same stunning sonic authority in a digital piano, courtesy of its onboard sound system with custom-designed multi-channel audio technology that provides an immersive, dimensional soundstage that convincingly seems to emanate from an acoustic instrument's soundboard. Whether you’re playing at home or in commercial venues such as restaurants or hotel lounges, the GP609 delivers powerful, expressive, and controllable sound that blooms in any space.

Immersive spatial sound that you control

Strike the GP609's keys and be delighted by rich, authentic acoustic grand piano sound, delivered by its onboard 6.1 channel multi-speaker system. Comprised of six speakers and a woofer, Roland's Acoustic Projection system is designed to deliver optimal sound projection with the power and spacial bloom of a traditional grand piano, from rich, deep bass to shimmering highs. But where acoustic pianists often struggle to control volume, the GP609's dedicated volume control gives it the flexibility for any playing situation.

A premium sound system for playing and enjoying your music

Whether you're in the mood to make music — or just want to kick back and enjoy listening, the GP609’s high-quality onboard speaker system is ready to fill the room with amazing sound. When you’re playing, its 6.1 multi-channel speaker system delivers your notes with richness and clarity. When you’re relaxing with friends and family, its Bluetooth audio functionality turns the piano into a great-sounding hi-fi, wirelessly pairing with your smartphone or tablet and playing your favorite tunes and playlists through the speakers. There's even a dedicated Apple Watch app that lets you control the piano’s internal song library from the comfort of your easy chair.

The look and feel of a traditional grand — without the hassle

A traditional grand piano undoubtedly makes a statement in a living room; but its considerable cost, massive weight, and required maintenance can make ownership a labor of love. With its elegant polished ebony finish, the Roland GP609 gives you the classic look of an acoustic grand along with ultra-realistic sound and playing feel. Plus, it's always in tune!

Celebrate the joy of music with onboard educational features

At Music Experience, music truly is the universal language, and it brings joy into our lives every day. It's been proven that learning the piano is beneficial to humans — but it requires time, work, and dedication. The Roland GP609 gives pianists a fun, innovative alternative to conventional book-oriented piano courses with its built-in educational features. Jam along with the onboard songs — and you'll be laying the groundwork for joining a band or orchestra. Twin Piano splits the keyboard into two identical key ranges, letting student and teacher play side-by-side. The GP609's onboard metronome helps you develop accurate timing, while the built-in song recorder lets you capture what you’ve been working on to instantly appraise your progress. There’s also audio and MIDI playback from a USB memory stick, plus integrated Bluetooth MIDI functionality that lets you wirelessly connect to online apps such as Roland’s Piano Partner 2, and also access song libraries, digital sheet music, and more. The Roland GP609 makes practice a joy, not a task.

What Roland Says...

The GP609 is a grand piano without compromise. You can experience the performance of a traditional acoustic grand, whose sound has been at the heart of music for over 300 years. And you also get to explore the endless creative possibilities offered by the latest digital technology. Since creating the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano in 1974, Roland has become a leader in digital piano innovation – and the new GP609 embodies our belief that advanced technology and know-how can take your music further.

The Best of Acoustic Tradition. The Height of Modern Tech.

If you need convincing that technology and tradition can coexist, take a seat at the Roland GP609 Digital Grand. This luxurious instrument offers every type of player a sublime grand piano experience, fusing advanced technology and authentic playing feel with classic grand piano cabinet design. Be inspired by an instrument that combines the latest sound engine with a brand-new keyboard mechanism, enhanced multi-channel speaker system and a variety of digital advantages – along with stunning sounds that will spark great performances for years to come.

SuperNATURAL Modeling for Performance That Feels Real

If you’ve played acoustic pianos for years, you might conclude that nothing can recreate that evocative tone and feel. Press a key on the GP609 and reconsider. This latest digital instrument features Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling, replicating the entire sound creation process of an acoustic piano, for a rich, complex tone. You’ll be inspired by a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability, while even the most demanding players using advanced techniques will be satisfied by the expressive Progressive Damper Action pedal.

SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Sound

Tone is a priority for any serious pianist, but it’s also where many digital pianos fall flat. The sound of an acoustic piano is the result of endless physical interactions. The key is pressed, the hammer strikes the string, the string resonates within the cabinet – before a thousand further elements shape the final sound. Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology recreates all these factors, so for the first time, a digital piano truly sounds and behaves like an acoustic instrument.

PHA-50 Keyboard

Traditionalists will immediately feel at home with the GP609’s keyboard. The keys recreate the look and feel of real ebony and ivory, complete with moisture-absorbing properties that ensure your fingers won’t slide off. But while each key has sophisticated wooden sides, the internal frame is made from modern molded materials, connected to high-resolution sensors that will endure for years to come. The benefit is not only authentic playability, but also a consistent feel during temperature and humidity changes, saving you the maintenance costs associated with a traditional keyboard.

Progressive Damper Pedal

Featuring Roland’s Progressive Damper Action pedal mechanism, which closely replicates the pedal response of an acoustic piano, the GP609 can support the most expressive and nuanced techniques. Just as you’d expect from an acoustic piano, when you start to depress the damper pedal, it offers lighter resistance, but as you depress it further, the resistance increases. Meanwhile, when a musical piece demands a lighter touch, you’ll also benefit from the more accurate ‘half-pedaling’ response, with the depth of the damper pedal allowing subtle control of tone decays.

Luxurious Appearance and Authentic Grand Piano Feel

Although packed with advanced technology, the GP609 is reassuringly traditional when it comes to style. Combining classic lines with a space-saving compact grand piano cabinet, there are two premium finishes available; polished ebony, and polished white.

Premium Grand Piano Feel

Gorgeous in every detail, the GP609 is a high-end instrument that will complement any environment. The polished ebony and white finishes are stunning, and the light brown soundboard further enhances the premium look. Just as with acoustic grand pianos, the GP609’s fallboard reflects the performer’s hands as they play. Completing the elegant look is the understated front panel — inviting, clear, and easy to use.

Light-Weight and Space-Saving Design

Although the GP609 is light-weight (325 lbs 5oz/148 kg) and compact (59-1/8 inches/ 1,501 mm), its grand piano aesthetic is unmistakable. It’s nearly half the weight of an acoustic grand piano too, and much easier to install or move.


Built-in casters help you move the piano around and find the perfect position, and the space-saving footprint means you can play a grand piano even where there is limited space – whether at home or at a venue.

Advanced Digital Design. Traditionally Elegant Appearance.

Once you’re ready to play the piano, you don’t even need to press the power button to begin – just open the lid and start playing.

Room-Filling Tone from Specially-Designed Speakers

One of the joys of a traditional acoustic grand is the commanding natural tone and projection. The revelation is that the Roland GP609 achieves the same head-turning effect, thanks to a built-in sound system whose specially designed multi-channel audio technology delivers an immersive spatial sound that appears to come from the very heart of the instrument. Whether you’re playing at home – or in larger venues from restaurants to hotel lounges – you can rely on a powerful, expressive and controllable sound that fills any space.

Immersive Spatial Sound That You Control

Strike the keys and you’ll be thrilled by a rich, realistic acoustic grand piano tone, delivered by an onboard 6.1 channel multi-speaker system comprising six speakers and a woofer. It’s designed to produce optimal sound projection and recreate the multi-dimensional power of a traditional grand piano, from rich bass to sparkling high-end, all with immersive spatial sound fields. But whereas acoustic pianists struggle with volume issues, the GP609 offers dedicated volume control, making it flexible for any venue or playing scenario.

Acoustic Projection

Roland’s Acoustic Projection system is a multi-speaker setup that produces rich, immersive tones in minute detail, with each speaker playing a specific role in the overall sound. Powerful cabinet speakers produce the expansive main piano sound in both upward and downward directions, while spatial speakers on either side reproduce the resonance of the piano’s frame to expand the left/right sound fields. The nearfield speakers project the more noticeable sounds including dramatic, dynamic overtones and even the noise of the hammers as they hit the piano strings.

Headphones 3D Ambience

The great thing about digital pianos is using headphones for silent practice. Good headphones provide remarkable clarity, but some pianos don't take advantage of this; instead merely switching the sound from speakers to the headphones. Roland pianos use Headphones 3D Ambience to optimize the audio so it sounds like it's coming from within the piano itself and not through your headphones, giving a completely immersive playing experience. Using either 1/4-inch or 1/8-inch mini jack input, just plug in your headphones and lose yourself in the music - any time of the day or night.

Expand Your Creative Range

People often play piano along with their favorite songs stored on their smartphone. With built-in Bluetooth® wireless support, the GP609 goes even further by streaming your music through the piano’s powerful internal speakers for an inspiring and immersive experience. Installing Roland’s free Piano Partner 2 app on your tablet lets you learn and enjoy playing piano, without any wires - thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Transforms Into an Impressive Bluetooth Speaker System

Sometimes you want to make music. Sometimes you just want to sit back and enjoy it. Either way, the Roland GP609’s high-quality speaker system will fill your home or venue with rich, exceptional sound. When you’re playing piano, you get full-bodied, volume-controllable sound through the 6.1 multi-channel speakers. When you’re entertaining friends, Bluetooth audio functionality allows the piano to replace your hi-fi, wirelessly connecting to your tablet or smartphone and playing your favorite songs and playlists through the speakers.

Connect To Your Smart Device and Make Piano Practice Fun

Ensure piano practice is a pleasure and not a chore by using the GP609’s integrated Bluetooth MIDI functionality. You can wirelessly connect to educational apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2, accessing digital sheet music, song libraries, and more. And when you’re just relaxing, the dedicated app for Apple Watch lets you control the GP609’s internal song library from the comfort of your sofa.

Piano Partner 2

Roland’s Piano Partner 2 app is a fun, interactive way to learn and enjoy music on your GP609. See the piano’s internal music scores on your smartphone or tablet screen, improve your skills with music exercises, and check your daily progress as you practice. Just connect your device and GP609 wirelessly via Bluetooth, or USB cable. Available for free from the App Store or Google Play.
*Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as Android device.

Over 300 Inspiring Sounds To Spark Your Imagination

The GP609 includes over 300 versatile sounds, with an extensive selection of non-piano instrument types including strings, brass, organ, and many others. These extra sounds mean you can play a wide variety of music genres, which helps keep you motivated too. You can layer sounds as well, pressing a single key to play a piano note with a string sound layered on top.

Onboard Educational Features Improve Your Piano Playing

The GP609 provides an alternative to the conventional book-learning method with its onboard educational features. Jamming alongside the onboard songs prepares you for joining a band or orchestra, while the Twin Piano mode allows a learner and teacher to sit side-by-side and play in the same key range. The built-in metronome helps develop accurate timing, while the onboard recorder lets you capture what you’ve just played and then listen back, instantly evaluating your progress.

Commercial Use

The grand piano is a refined and majestic instrument with a powerful and expressive tonal character. Its graceful appearance brings an air of classic elegance to any interior – whether at home or at a venue. And yet, although undeniably beautiful, owning an acoustic grand piano is not without challenges. Consider regular tuning and keyboard maintenance costs, as well as the considerable weight which makes it difficult to move around. The GP609 avoids these issues thanks to a variety of digital advantages that make it easy to enjoy a grand piano at a venue – or at home – without the cost or hassle.


The ongoing maintenance costs of a grand piano can be an unwelcome surprise for hotels or restaurants. The GP609 doesn’t require regular maintenance or tuning, saving your business time and money. The GP609 can also go places that may be unsuitable for acoustic pianos, such as an open-air restaurant, or a cruise ship lounge. And if space is a problem, the compact GP609 brings grand piano presence into your venue without taking up too much room. Since it weighs around half as much as an acoustic grand piano, it’s easy to find the perfect spot in the venue, and just as easy to move if you’re changing the set-up of your venue for different bookings or occasions. If you don’t have a piano player in-house, the GP609 can wirelessly stream music from a smartphone through to its powerful onboard speakers, with adjustable volume depending on whether you just need background music or an actual musical performance. A variety of onboard sounds means it’s possible to play a broad repertoire of popular songs too.

House of Worship

The GP609 is the ideal grand piano for church and worship. The onboard sound system is powerful enough to project a rich piano sound without an external speaker system. And if the venue is large enough for an external PA system, the GP609 can deliver the sound via line outputs, without the need for additional microphones. Transportation from backstage is much easier too, thanks to its light weight and compact design. A versatile selection of sounds including Organs and Electric Pianos help cover a variety of musical genres.


Keeping an acoustic piano in optimum condition is not easy, especially when it’s used in a busy practice room, class room or concert hall. The GP609 delivers an authentic piano sound and touch that is suitable for top-class players – available at all times, and without costly ongoing maintenance. Should the piano need to be moved from class room to music hall or practice room, the GP609 weighs around half the weight of an acoustic grand, making it fast and easy to get to where it’s needed. Onboard educational features such as metronome, recorder, and twin-piano feature all help enrich the daily practice routines of students. Once lessons are over, play along with songs on your smartphone, streamed wirelessly via Bluetooth. And if you don’t want to disturb others, you can practice in silence using headphones.

Concert/Live Event

The GP609 has enough presence and power for concerts or live events. Transporting a grand piano is a major headache for event planners, and acoustic grand pianos require tuning by a piano tuner each time the piano is transported. The light-weight and compact GP609 solves these problems; it’s much easier to transport, and doesn’t need tuning or maintenance after every move. Some venues have temporary staging that can only support a certain weight – which could mean that an acoustic grand piano is too heavy. But since the GP609 weighs around half as much, just bring it on stage, connect the power, and open the lid. No extra microphones or pickups are needed to route the piano sound through the PA system, thanks to the GP609’s line outputs.

Roland GP609-PE Digital Grand Piano Features:

  • Classic 5' baby grand styling will elevate any room in your home
  • SuperNATURAL Piano modeling engine delivers authentically rich grand piano sound
  • Realistic grand piano touch response from Roland's PHA-50 Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard with Escapement
  • PHA-50 keys combine the look and feel of wood with the durability of high-tech materials
  • Onboard 6.1-channel Acoustic Projection multi-speaker system for powerful sound projection, as well as Bluetooth playback from smartphone or tablet
  • 2 x 6.3125" Spatial speakers, 2 x 2" Nearfield speakers, 2 x 6.3125" Cabinet speakers, 1 x 9.875" woofer
  • 3D Ambience headphone technology with natural sound for private practice
  • MIDI-over-Bluetooth connects you to a world of apps such as Roland’s Piano Partner 2
  • 307 onboard sounds; 384 notes of polyphony
  • Progressive damper pedal (continuous detection), Soft pedal (continuous detection/function assignable), Sostenuto pedal (function assignable)
  • Lightweight and maintenance-free
  • Includes piano bench

          Sound Engine Type(s) SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling
          Number of Keys 88
          Type of Keys PHA-50 keyboard, Wooden and Plastic keys with Escapement
          Presets 319 tones, SuperNATURAL modeling
          Polyphony Unlimited (piano), 384 Notes (other)
          Effects Types Ambience & Brilliance
          Song Playback 353 songs
          Recording SMF (70,000 notes/song), WAV 16-bit/44.1kHz (USB Flash Memory required)
          Audio Inputs Stereo miniature phone type
          Audio Outputs (L/Mono, R) jacks: 1/4-inch phone type
          USB 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
          MIDI I/O In/Out/Bluetooth
          Bluetooth Bluetooth v3.0 (audio), v4.0 (MIDI, sheet music turning)
          Headphones Stereo miniature phone type, Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
          Pedals Piano Style (damper, sostenuto, soft)
          Number of Pedals 3
          Built-in Speakers Cabinet Speakers: 1 x 25cm & 2 x 16cm, Near-field Speakers: 2 x 5cm, Spatial Speakers: 2 x 16cm
          Amplifier 1 x 20W, 2 x 12W, 2 x 11W
          Height 996 mm (top closed), 1569 mm (top open)
          Width 1,446 mm
          Depth 1,501 mm
          Weight 148kg
          Manufacturer Part Number GP609-PE