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Roland HP704 Digital Home Piano - White

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Digital Piano with SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Technology, PHA-50 Keyboard with Escapement, and 4-Speaker Sound System - White
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If you're seeking to bring the acoustic grand piano experience into your home without spending a fortune, Music Experience suggests you consider the Roland HP704. Ideal for students and advanced pianists alike, the HP704 boasts Roland's flagship PHA-50 keyboard with escapement and ebony and ivory textured keys, state-of-the-art SuperNATURAL sound engine, room-filling 4-speaker Acoustic Projection System, and Headphones 3D Ambience feature for immersive private practice. It's also loaded with learning features like a metronome, three-track recorder, and Roland's TwinPiano feature. Wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth and play along with your favorite songs or use the onboard tutorials to improve your playing. The HP704 is also compatible with Roland's Piano Designer and Piano Every Day iOS/Android apps to make learning and practicing on your HP704 incredibly enjoyable. And it's all wrapped up in an elegant, modern-traditional cabinet that will look great in any room!

Roland HP704 at a Glance:

  • Authentic acoustic tone from Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology
  • Express yourself with the PHA-50 Keyboard and Progressive Damper Action pedals
  • Acoustic Projection System with four speakers that work together to recreate the deep, rich sound field of an acoustic piano
  • Headphones 3D Ambience for an immersive and realistic playing experience when practicing with headphones
  • Includes a large and versatile collection of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and many others
  • Simple and modern luxury cabinet design featuring elegant front legs and sophisticated curves
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Compatible with the Piano Every Day app, which encourages you to play the piano more often

Cutting-edge SuperNATURAL sound engine

In the HP704, Roland's renowned SuperNATURAL piano modeling engine delivers supremely authentic acoustic grand piano sound, that, together with the expressive touch of the instrument's PHA-50 keyboard, brings out the best in your playing. The HP704 also includes a large versatile library of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and more. The SuperNATURAL sound engine gives you an intimate and customizable connection with your keyboard. Each note can be shaped to respond to your touch and dynamics with the tone and harmonic accuracy you desire.

PHA-50 keyboard for expressive performances

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pianist, the Roland’s PHA-50 keyboard brings out the best in your playing. Combining wood and molded materials for superior feel and durability, the PHA-50's authentic hammer action and escapement help communicate every nuance of expression in your playing. With its high-resolution sensing and fast key repetition, this keyboard is built to satisfy even the most advanced pianists, so you won’t need to upgrade your HP704 as your technique improves. The keys even simulate the look and feel of real ebony and ivory, and their textured, moisture-absorbing properties deepen the feeling that you're playing a fine acoustic grand piano. And to enhance the superb expressiveness of the keyboard, the HP704 is equipped with Progressive Damper Action pedals that mimic the feel and response of those on the finest acoustic pianos.

Elegant cabinet with Acoustic Projection System

Featuring an elegant, stylish upright cabinet with clean lines, sleek curves, and a compact footprint; the HP704's sophisticated modern-traditional design and attractive natural finish complements the décor of any room in your home, while its 4-speaker Acoustic Projection System re-creates the rich, deep sound field of an acoustic piano. Classic and timeless with a modern twist, the HP704 makes a posh yet understated stylistic statement that's a natural fit for your living room or apartment.

What Roland Says...

Playing the piano is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, whether teaching yourself or watching your family discover a passion for music. Roland’s HP700 series supports your ambitions with gorgeous piano sound, sophisticated styling, and helpful features that’ll keep you coming back for more. And with the flexibility and expression to suit any genre or playing standard, you’ll have an instrument that grows with you. Whatever your reasons for owning a piano, the HP700 series can help fulfill them—bringing style, culture, and music into the heart of your home.

Practice and perform with headphones and bluetooth

An HP700 piano can be the centerpiece of a room—or so discreet you hardly know it’s there. For silent practice day or night, connect headphones and enjoy immersive sound that won’t disturb your family or neighbors. For interactive study, wirelessly connect the piano with your smartphone via Bluetooth® and play along with your favorite tunes or sharpen your skills with online tutorials. For performance, adjust the volume-controllable internal speakers to fill the room with music. And when you’re not playing, you can use the HP700 piano as your home entertainment system, streaming music with clear, detailed highs and rich, powerful lows.

Headphones 3D Ambience

The Headphones 3D Ambience feature makes your playing sound like it’s coming from the heart of the piano, providing a rich, immersive experience for your private music sessions.

Bluetooth audio

With built-in Bluetooth wireless audio support, you can stream music from your smartphone through the piano’s powerful internal speakers—perfect for social gatherings and practice sessions.

Over 380 onboard songs

Practice sessions are fun and productive when you play along with the vast selection of onboard tunes. Choose from classical, pop, and jazz pieces, complete with full orchestral accompaniment.

Learn faster with the Piano Every Day app

Studying piano doesn’t have to mean endless work. Just five minutes of focused daily practice can improve your playing—especially with Roland’s Piano Every Day app. It runs on your smartphone or tablet and communicates with the piano via Bluetooth, so it’s always ready for action. Find your favorite tunes, play along, and the app automatically records your performance or practice session. Then listen back to assess the areas that need attention, even when you’re away from the piano. It’s the fast-track route to better playing and way more enjoyable than just practicing over and over.

Over 70,000 online music scores

Use the app to access Sheet Music Direct, the world’s largest online store for digital sheet music. Browse over 70,000 digital music scores and purchase your favorites in seconds.

One Week Master

The One Week Master program helps you learn a piece of music in just seven days. Choose from the large variety of folk, jazz, and classical pieces in your HP700 series piano, and then start the challenge.


The Timeline feature tracks how often you play. When used with an HP700 series piano, each practice session is recorded as a part of the timeline, so you know how often you’re playing.

The piano series that supports every musical style and standard

Staying inspired is the key to enjoying any musical instrument, and the HP700 series gives you the touch, tone, and features to explore a variety of musical genres and playing styles. The responsive keyboard and powerful sound engine deliver authentic piano performance, supporting you during first steps right through to developing professional techniques.

SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling

Unlike most digital pianos, the HP700 series features SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling, an advanced technology that reproduces the complex physical interactions that occur when an acoustic piano creates sound. You’ll hear—and feel—the difference in every note you play.

Hybrid Keyboard / HP704 only

The Hybrid Keyboard combines the beautiful look and familiar feel of a wooden keyboard with the durability of modern molded materials, eliminating regular maintenance costs.

Progressive Damper Pedal for advanced techniques

The Progressive Damper Action pedal accurately replicates the damper pedal behavior of an acoustic piano, enabling traditional techniques like half-pedaling.

Help your child discover a passion for music

As a parent, nothing beats watching your child discover a creative new hobby. When you choose the right piano, you’ll give them a passion for life and help them to appreciate music while teaching them how to overcome challenges and achieve goals. Find out why the HP700 series is the perfect first step on their musical journey.

A modern piano series to complement your home

Make a bold statement—or keep things subtle. Taking inspiration from the elegant and curvaceous cabinets of traditional pianos—with a modern twist—the HP series brings sophistication to any home or décor. Plus, with compact dimensions, a smaller footprint, and lighter weight than a traditional acoustic, you can move your HP700 piano around until you find the perfect spot.

Stylish cabinet

Timeless and elegant cabinet designs that satisfy modern tastes.

Focused elegance

With the control panel concealed beneath the keyboard lid, each HP piano has a streamlined look that won’t distract you during a performance.

Acoustic Projection / HP704 only

Backed by Roland’s advanced sound technology, the onboard speakers deliver dynamic, full-range sound during practice, performance, or parties.

Premium look and authentic piano touch with four-speaker audio system

The HP704 provides the style, performance, and pristine sound projection you’d expect from a premium studio piano. With its sleek, sophisticated cabinet design, this digital piano makes a statement wherever you play it—and a range of finishes ensures it fits in anywhere. The advanced PHA-50 keyboard, onboard tutorial features, and Bluetooth connectivity with music apps mean you’ll always be inspired to play, explore and improve. And the tall, elegant cabinet houses a powerful four-speaker audio system that delivers dynamic, room-filling sound as you perform—or while you relax by streaming your favorite tunes.

Simple and sophisticated design that invites you to play

A great-sounding piano must look good too. From the tall-yet-slim cabinet to the elegant front legs and sophisticated curves based on the design concept of the Roland’s flagship LX Series, the HP704 draws you in and compels you to start playing. Each finish has been carefully selected and meticulously manufactured, so you can choose a piano that truly looks at home in your living room. Also, the cabinet is designed to deliver the best possible sound, regardless of where the piano is situated. Available in polished ebony, charcoal, dark rosewood, light oak and white.

Express yourself with the responsive PHA-50 keyboard

When it comes to the wish list for your new piano, playing ‘feel’ should be a priority. Whether building basic skills or expressing yourself in a demanding performance, the HP704 ‘s responsive PHA-50 keyboard reacts to your touch—putting you in control and keeping you inspired. You’ll also appreciate the blend of artisan tradition and cutting-edge technology—sleek wooden sides give each white key a familiar feel, while the durable inner frame ensures maintenance-free reliability over years of daily playing.

Dynamic sound from powerful four-speaker system

A great sound makes you play better. The HP704’s SuperNATURAL technology captures the essence of an acoustic piano in every note. And as you play, your performance comes to life through an advanced four-speaker Acoustic Projection System that delivers sparkling highs, warm lows, and everything in-between. The four speakers are configured as two pairs inside the instrument, and each pair is optimized to deliver superior sound reproduction across the piano’s vast dynamic range. Whether you’re playing or streaming music, you’ll hear every note in immersive, crystal-clear sound.

The ideal piano for your child's musical journey

Children thrive when learning a musical instrument, and choosing the right one helps spark their passion and keeps them playing. With expressive tones that bring the music to life and a responsive keyboard at their fingertips, an HP700 series piano ensures they stay inspired and keen to improve—especially when they hook up the piano to their smartphone and play along to their favorite music. Introducing the Roland HP700 series: pianos to inspire your child’s creativity.

Practice sessions to suit them (and you)

Between school, clubs, and homework, kids lead hectic lives—which makes it tough to find time for piano practice. While playing an acoustic piano can disturb others, the HP700 series lets your children either reduce the volume or plug in headphones and concentrate on learning piano while family life goes on around them. It’s the flexible solution that lets them play any time they like.

Simple operation gets them playing in seconds.

Open the lid and the piano is ready to play—no need to press the power button. The controls are directly in the line of sight, so kids can glance down, find what they need, and focus on their practice. The HP704’s music rest is also angle-adjustable to match your child’s sitting height, letting them get comfortable and dive into the music.

Sounds like a concert hall even through headphones

Headphones are especially useful for young musicians, letting them practice at any time of the day or night. Thanks to the Headphones 3D ambience feature, they’ll experience the immersive acoustic effect of playing in a real concert hall without disturbing anyone else. And with the volume limit function, you can set the maximum volume of the phones or onboard speakers to ensure their hearing is always protected.

Follow your child's progress on your mobile device

The Piano Every Day app automatically tracks your child’s daily playing, giving you instant updates on their progress. It’s a great way to bond with your child over their new hobby while taking part in their musical journey and encouraging them to keep going.


Timeline lets you check the tunes your child has played and view how long they’ve practiced. Every note of their practice session is automatically recorded, so you can listen back to their performance using your smartphone or tablet.

Challenge your child with the One Week Master program

It’s great for young musicians to have targets, and the One Week Master program helps your child learn a piece of music in just seven days. With the HP700’s song collection spanning many genres, they’re sure to find something that inspires them, while you follow their progress using the app.

Onboard tutorial features for ear training and score reading

For your child to improve, it’s important that they practice between piano lessons. And with the HP700 series, that doesn’t have to mean boring exercises. With a variety of built-in tutorial features, the HP700 series makes learning so much fun that you’ll never have to persuade your child to practice.

Learn piano scales and rhythmic sensibilities

The Do Re Mi lesson feature substitutes the usual piano notes with spoken phrases (do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do), allowing your child to learn scales by singing along with the onboard tunes. To make it even easier and more fun, use the Piano Every Day app to display the digital music score on your smartphone or tablet. In addition, learning to play in time to a beat is the first step towards your child performing music with others, and the HP700’s built-in metronome provides an essential tool to help develop their sense of rhythm.

Split the keyboard and speed up learning

When your child sits alongside you—or their piano teacher—you can divide the keyboard into left and right areas, so that two people can play in the same note ranges. It’s a great tutorial aid that makes it easy for your child to copy what you demonstrate. It also provides a convenient way for two children to practice at the same time.

Stay inspired with over 380 onboard songs in every style

When your child finds the musical genre that sparks their passion, practice sessions become a pleasure. Each HP700 piano contains over 380 songs ranging from classical and pop to jazz, with arrangements and skill levels to match their playing standard. And with the Piano Every Day app, your child can browse and download digital music sheet for all their favorite songs.

Choose a tune and play along

Let your child discover tunes from popular modern genres or sharpen their classical skills with 287 piano études from legends like Charles-Louis Hanon, complete with full orchestral accompaniment.

Your favorite sheet music available in seconds

No need to send off for a music book. Using the Piano Every Day app, it’s simple to browse over 70,000 digital music scores via Sheet Music Direct. There’s a wide range of child-friendly music scores to explore, including chart hits, movie soundtracks, and more.

The professional piano they'll play for life

It’s frustrating to invest in an entry-level piano only to realize that its feel and tone are holding your child back. But with the HP700 series, they’ll be supported along every step of their musical journey. Authentic tones and a welcoming feel provide first-timers with great sound and the inspiration to keep going. And as their skills develop, these pianos really keep up. When you choose the HP700 series, you’re choosing an instrument that will last.

Roland HP704 Digital Piano Features:

  • 88-note PHA-50 keyboard with escapement and ebony and ivory textured keys
  • Cutting-edge SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling sound engine
  • Instrument sounds: 324
  • Maximum polyphony: Piano: Limitless (solo playing using Piano category tones); Other sounds: 384
  • Progressive Damper Action pedals mimic the feel and response of those on the finest acoustic pianos
  • Damper pedal (continuous detection), Soft pedal (continuous detection/function assignable), Sostenuto pedal (function assignable)
  • 4-speaker, 54W Acoustic Projection System re-creates the rich, deep sound field of an acoustic piano
  • Headphones 3D Ambience for immersive private practice
  • Key Touch: 100 types, fixed touch; Hammer Response: 10 types
  • Temperament: 10 types
  • Effects: Brilliance, Ambience
  • Piano Designer: Lid, Key Off Noise, Hammer Noise, Duplex Scale, Full Scale String Resonance, Damper Resonance, Key Off Resonance, Cabinet Resonance, Soundboard Type, Damper Noise, Single Note Tuning, Single Note Volume, Single Note Character
  • 392 internal songs; 287 lesson songs
  • Data playback: standard MIDI files; audio: WAV and MP3 (via Flash memory)
  • Recorder: 3 parts, standard MIDI files (approximately 70,000-note memory); audio: WAV (via Flash memory)
  • Bluetooth compatibility: audio: Bluetooth 3.0; MIDI: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Convenience features: Metronome, Registration, Dual, Split, TwinPiano, Transpose (in semitones), Speaker and Headphone volume automatic selection, Volume limit function, Panel Lock, Auto Off
  • 128 x 32 OLED graphic display
  • USB-to-Host; USB-to-Device
  • Stereo 3.5mm input jack
  • 2 stereo Headphone outputs: stereo 3.5mm, 1/4"
  • 1/4" Output jacks (L/Mono, R)
  • Included Music rest and Headphone hook

Grace your home with the Roland HP704 digital piano!

          Number of Keys 88
          Type of Keys
          PHA-50 keyboard with Escapement
          324 tones
          Unlimited (piano), 384 Notes (other)
          Number of Effects 2
          Effects Types
          Brilliance, Ambience
          3-track, 1 song, WAV 16-bit/44.1kHz 70,000 notes
          USB Flash Drive
          Song Playback
          392 internal songs (WAV, MP3)
          Audio Inputs
          2 x 1/8" (stereo aux in)
          Audio Outputs
          2 x 1/4" (L/Mono, R)
          1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
          MIDI I/O Bluetooth
          Yes, v3.0 (audio), v4.0 (MIDI)
          1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4"
          Number of Pedals
          3 (damper, sostennuto, soft)
          Built-in Speakers
          2 x 4.7", 2 x 2"
          2 x 25W, 2 x 5W
          Stand Included Yes (no bench)
          131.1 lbs.