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Roland LX708 Digital Home Piano - Polished Ebony

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88-key Digital Upright Piano with Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling, Hybrid Grand Keyboard, Bluetooth MIDI, 324 Tones, and 8-speaker Stereo Speaker System - Polished Ebony
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Music Experience invites you to an upright digital piano experience like no other: Roland’s LX700 series of Digital Upright Pianos. Thanks to Roland’s dedicated designers, the outside exudes elegance and magnetic appeal while the sound hidden within penetrates a room with mellifluous glory at the strike of a single key. Roland makes it easy to choose the right piano for your needs with a flagship LX708 version that packs an impressive 8-speaker design, a mid-tier LX706 that packs a 6-speaker design, and the budget-conscious LX705 with a 4-speaker design. Each model also delivers different cabinet and keyboard designs. Whatever LX700 model suits you the best, you’ll revel in magnificent sound quality and spectacular grand piano performance courtesy of Roland’s Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling. In other words, serious pianists and learners alike will find their hands glued to this exceptional digital piano’s keyboard.

Roland LX708 Digital Piano at a Glance:

  • Express yourself with Hybrid Grand Keyboard and Responsive Damper Action Pedals
  • Authentic acoustic tone from Roland’s Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling technology
  • Choice of two world-class piano models – European grand and American grand
  • Capture the atmosphere of the world’s greatest stages and studios
  • ‘My Stage’ allows you to select the best combination of piano sound and ambience to emulate specific playing venues
  • Acoustic Projection System, with 4-way/8-speaker that work together to recreate the deep, rich sound field of an acoustic piano
  • Headphones Acoustic Projection for immersive and realistic playing experience when practicing on headphones
  • Includes a large and versatile collection of non-piano sounds such as electric piano, strings, organ, and many others
  • Simple and modern luxury cabinet design featuring elegant front legs and sophisticated curves, invites you to play everyday
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® and practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Compatible with the Roland Piano App which encourages you to play the piano more often

    Sound that stands apart

    Roland exemplifies high-caliber digital piano technology, and the LX700 series proves this magnificently. Grand pianos derive their sound from inner workings like pressed keys, hammer strikes, resonating strings, and the resulting overall resonance; the LX700 series achieves a stellar reproduction of these operations in a digital format, thanks to its advanced Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling technology. The result? A vibrant sound that gives true grand pianos a run for their money. A Responsive Damper mechanism and a damper pedal provide that lustrous and detailed response known only to grand pianos as well — until now. The subsequent expression achieved with the keys and pedals combined is arguably limitles.

      The keys to success

      Apart from offering pianists the choice of two world-renowned grand pianos, American- and European-style, the LX700 series also offers a delightfully responsive Hybrid Grand Keyboard. Break out your most advanced technique, the keyboard of this upright digital piano will be with you every half-step of the way. The subtle vibrations from the piano resonate through the keybed, making it a pleasure to hear the piano and play it. You’ll also find that the keys on the LX700 series are longer than most digital pianos, mimicking the feel of an acoustic grand. Lastly, a stabilizing pin helps to create the smoothest playing response possible — no sideways movement or unwanted noise when playing a glissando.

      Impressive 4-way speakers dole out expressive tone

      Roland’s LX700 series packs fantastic tones, stages, and expression into its sleek design, but all of these elements come to life through the piano’s speakers that feature Roland’s Acoustic Projection System. You’ll be treated to immensely rich, room-filling sound when you play an etude, walk through a waltz, or execute a ballad on the LX700 series. The LX708 boasts an eight-speaker system: two cabinet speakers, two spatial speakers, two nearfield speakers, and two tweeters. This speaker system doles out piano frame resonance, dynamic overtones, and even the sound of hammers hitting the strings to achieve a grand piano-like realism unlike any other. Plus, you can open the top lid just like an acoustic upright to hear a natural variation in tone.

      The power of a Roland digital piano

      Pianists can opt to practice and perform in a range of spaces like lounges, concert halls, and cathedrals to soak up the unique atmospheric ambiences of each. Plus, the My Stage function will automatically set you up to play with your choice of tone to match a venue. But the benefits of a digital piano don’t stop there. Roland equipped this upright with Bluetooth so players can easily connect smart devices to play along with their favorite songs or enjoy the music. Additionally, thanks to Bluetooth MIDI, you can connect to educational apps like the Roland Piano App. And when it comes to quiet practice, the LX700 series will oblige with headphone connectivity.

      More than a piece of furniture

      Roland built LX700 pianos with their inspiration centered on traditional piano designs. Even though it sports incredible digital enhancements over its acoustic brethren, the LX700 series of pianos look elegant, classic, and loyal to designs that have stood the test of time. The round panel edges, elongated shoulders, and tapered legs make this piano suitable for modern homes, antique living rooms, and everything in between.

      What Roland Says...

      The luxury eight-speaker piano with grand tone and auditorium ambience As the flagship of Roland’s LX700 series, the LX708 recreates all the pleasures of playing a traditional grand piano in a great live venue. Standing out among the LX range with its tall, commanding cabinet and a lid that opens for optimum sound projection, this luxurious instrument makes a bold statement in your home. And with its powerful eight-speaker system ready to fill your home with music, the LX708 is the ultimate choice for discerning players. For its exemplary design, the LX708 was honored with the Good Design Award 2018 from the Japan Institute of Design and Promotion.

      A striking, elegant design that invites you to play

      There’s no mistaking the LX708. Standing out from the LX series with its taller cabinet, one-piece side panels and an openable lid that reveals a subtly different tonal flavour, this luxurious flagship model is designed to draw your gaze and attract your fingers. Classic and timeless – but with a twist – it’s an instrument that makes a strong presence in any room, without shouting. Available in polished ebony, polished white and charcoal.

      Express yourself with Hybrid Grand Keyboard & Responsive Damper Action Pedals

      The LX708’s Hybrid Grand Keyboard has a longer key action compared to most digital pianos. Because the key action is longer, the pivot point of each key is set further back, so you don’t need to press harder the further up the key you play. The white keys combine sleek wooden sides with a durable inner frame for maintenance-free reliability. And when playing, you’ll feel the ideal balance of pressure, momentum and return movement, along with smooth vertical travel. The premium LX708 even reproduces the physical vibrations that resonate through a grand piano’s keyboard, while the addition of pedals that enable a variety of advanced techniques makes this an authentic and thrilling piano experience.

      Eight-speaker system fills your home with rich, warm sound

      One of the thrills of playing a concert grand in a great venue is how the sound seems to fill the room – so it’s frustrating if your home piano sounds small and lifeless by comparison. The flagship LX708 features the most impressive Acoustic Projection System in the range, with a four-way, eight-speaker setup driven by a powerful amplifier. The eight speakers are split into four pairs, with each pair optimised to deliver superior sound reproduction across the piano’s dynamic range – even down to the noise as the hammers strike the strings, or the resonance of the cabinet as the sound reverberates through the piano’s body. When you want to fill your home with rich piano sound, the LX708 is the ultimate choice.

      Cutting-edge technology across the range

      Each model in the LX700 series offers a different combination of cabinet design, keyboard, pedals and the number of onboard speakers. But regardless of which LX700 model you choose, many of the headline features are standard across the range. For example, Roland’s Pure Acoustic Piano Modelling and Pure Acoustic Ambience technology is available on all three instruments, along with the European and American piano models and the additional sounds including electric pianos, organs and orchestral. You also get convenient features like Bluetooth audio, Twin Piano mode, metronome and the option to use headphones to play in private, along with the unique C-shape aperture on the front panel that enables natural sound projection.

      Roland LX708 Digital Home Piano Features:

      • An upright digital piano with impressive sound, elegant design, and grand piano-like playability
      • Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling achieves incredible sound that's better than sampling, mimics sonic interactions that happen within a grand piano
      • Access an American-style or a European-style grand piano plus many other tones
      • Hybrid Grand Keyboard feels like playing a real grand piano
      • Powerful speaker system outputs clear and detailed sound
      • 8-speaker system fills the room with 2 cabinet speakers, 2 spatial speakers, 2 nearfield speakers, and 2 tweeters
      • Plug in headphones for silent practice
      • Connect smart devices via Bluetooth to play your favorite songs through the detailed speakers
      • Bluetooth MIDI allows you to easily connect to educational apps like the Roland Piano App
      • Open the lid to hear a variation in tonal characteristics

      Number of Keys 88
      Type of Keys Hybrid Grand Keyboard with Escapement
      Touch Sensitivity 100 types, fixed touch
      Presets 324 tones (4 x Piano, 11 x Electric Piano, 18 x Strings, 291 x Other)
      Polyphony Unlimited Piano, 256 other notes
      Number of Effects 1
      Effects Types Brilliance
      Song Playback 399 internal songs (WAV, MP3, SMF)
      Recording 3-track, 1 song, SMF, WAV 16-bit/44.1kHz, 70,000 notes memory
      Storage USB Flash Drive
      Metronome Yes
      Audio Inputs 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
      Audio Outputs 2 x 1/4" (L/Mono, R)
      USB 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
      Bluetooth Yes, v3.0 (audio), v4.0 (MIDI)
      Headphones 1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4"
      Number of Pedals 3 (soft, sostenuto, damper)
      Built-in Speakers 2 x 9.84", 4 x 4.75", 2 x 1"
      Amplifier 2 x 20W, 4 x 6W, 2 x 5W
      Graphic OLED
      Bench/Stand Included Stand (BNC-05 Bench optional extra)
      Power Source AC Adaptor (included)
      Height 46.5" (lid closed), 49.37" (lid open)
      Width 54.93"
      Depth 19.37"
      Weight 240.31 lbs.(including stand)
      Manufacturer Part Number LX708PE