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Roland AIRA Compact T-8 Beat Machine

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Portable Drum Machine and Bass Synthesizer with 32-step Sequencer, FX, Audio, MIDI, USB-C and Sync I/O
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Iconic drum machines have been built by Roland for decades, and Music Experience’s production pros can confirm that the Aira Compact T-8 Beat Machine is akin to the company’s greatest hits. Hallmark Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology powers the T-8’s engine, bringing you six rhythm tracks that faithfully reproduce the classic TR-606, TR-808, and TR-909 drum machines. For added "oomph," a dedicated bass track pulls from the iconic TB-303 synth, with sawtooth and square waveforms perfect for some acid flavor. Rhythmic possibilities abound, thanks to the TR-REC-powered 64-step sequencer that is loaded with onboard FX and advanced programming. Moreover, the robust suite of interoperative capabilities mean that this bass blaster is ready to rock solo or with the band. For unparalleled rhythmic potential, and a bass that’s dressed to thrill, this pocket-sized powerhouse is a no-brainer.

Roland T-8 Beat Machine at a Glance:

  • Ultra-portable rhythm and bass machine with genuine Roland sounds
  • Six rhythm tracks with sounds from the influential TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines
  • Bass track with sawtooth/square waveforms and hands-on controls derived from the TB-303 Bass Line
  • Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology faithfully recreates the tonality and behavior of vintage Roland instruments
  • Classic TR-REC drum sequencer with 64 user patterns and up to 32 steps each
  • Advanced rhythm programming with probability, sub step, last step, and velocity
  • Real-time recording and powerful performance features like step loop, mute, fill, reload, and pattern shift
  • Color and process sounds with delay, reverb, overdrive, and sidechain compression
  • Comprehensive connectivity with audio, MIDI, and sync I/O plus AIRA Link
  • Class-compliant USB-C audio/MIDI interface—no drivers needed
  • Lithium-ion battery with up to 4.5 hours of operation per charge
  • Sturdy construction and high-quality rubber pads
  • Connect to other AIRA Compacts and standard MIDI devices with optional BOSS TRS MIDI cables

Build the backbone of your beats

The T-8 marries portability and convenience with studio-quality power and iconic sounds. Its comprehensive I/O allows you to control the T-8 from an external controller, run it alongside a DAW, pair with any of its Aira Compact cousins, and more. The sounds may be strong, but they’re bolstered by the suite of onboard FX and processing parameters, including overdrive, sidechain compression, and dedicated reverb and delay knobs. Dive deeper into the programming to take advantage of step-loop, pattern shift, and probability features, adding a dynamism that’ll evolve your grooves in any musical situation. Real-time recording of note values, accents, and slides, on bass lines let you color your sequences across upwards of 32 steps, with 64 total capturable patterns. Let the intuitive form factor guide you through an odyssey of beats, bass, and iconic Roland sound, all in a module that fits in your pocket.

    What Roland Says...

    Create infectious tracks in seconds flat with the T-8 Beat Machine, a miniature rhythm factory loaded with legendary Roland TR drums plus bass from the inimitable TB-303. Craft on-the-fly acid jams or trap bangers with the intuitive 16-step sequencer, shape sounds with onboard controls, and flip and dice beats with hands-on tools that stimulate ideas and put the fun back into your flow.

    Genre-Defining Sounds.

    Build beats with the boom, pop, and sizzle of sounds from the TR-808, TR-909, and TR-606 drum machines, paired with the shapeshifting low end of the dynamic TB-303 Bass Line. The T-8 exudes classic Roland character, thanks to the same Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) tech found in the TR-8S, TB-3, and other high-end AIRA gear.

    Beat Central.

    Loaded with comprehensive I/O, the T-8 is ready to be the rhythmic centerpiece of any electronic music setup. Connect and sync with other AIRA Compacts like the J-6 Chord Synthesizer and E-4 Voice Tweaker. Or interface with computer DAWS, mobile music apps, and hardware instruments via USB-C or MIDI.

    Seven Tracks Of Inspiration.

    The T-8 features six drum tracks and one bass track brought together with a friendly interface for fast recording and hands-on tweaks. Capture and fire off 64 patterns with up to 32 steps each, and shape sounds and control parts as you go with an array of dedicated knobs and buttons.

    Classic Workflow, Modernized.

    Backed by the TR-REC step sequencer loved by beatmakers since the 1980s, the T-8 makes it simple to develop ideas without ever stopping the action. Real-time recording, sub steps, and velocity further expand the programming power at your fingers. And with deep features like step loop, pattern shift, and probability, it’s easy to deliver dynamic performances with constantly evolving grooves.

    Genuine Lowdown.

    The T-8 delivers an authentic TB-303 bass experience, including the tactile power to squeeze, squelch, and mangle sounds in the moment. Record notes, accents, and slides with traditional step-based input, or play in parts live with the bottom-row buttons or an external MIDI keyboard.

    Spicy Effects.

    Create grit, space, and vibe with the T-8’s high-quality effects. Dirty up rhythms and bass with some meaty overdrive, and keep the beats pumping with sidechain compression. And with dedicated delay and reverb knobs, you can add all sorts of spatial colors to grooves as you perform.

    Everywhere At Once.

    Instilling big sound in an ultra-compact instrument, the T-8 lets you play and perform wherever and whenever you please. The lithium-ion battery keeps you going for up to 4.5 hours per charge, and rugged Roland build quality will fuel beatmaking adventures for years to come.

    Roland AIRA Compact T-8 Beat Machine Features:

    • ACB technology powers the 6 drum tracks and 1 bass track with classic Roland TR-606, TR-808, TR-909, and TB-303 output
    • Advanced programming introduces greater control through sub-step, velocity values, step-loop, pattern shift, and probability parameters
    • Lightweight and compact design means portability without sacrificing power
    • 64-step sequencer is TR-REC-powered, allowing for countless sonic possibilities
    • Straightforward form factor ensures satisfying tactility and accurate input
    • Intuitive design provides endless sonic opportunity at any level of expertise
    • High-quality FX, overdrive, and sidechain compression controls let you sculpt your sound on the fly
    • Onboard MIDI, audio, and synch I/O, as well as USB-C, provide endless interoperative potential with DAWs, external controller interfaces, and even additional Aira Compact devices
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery means 4.5 hours of timeless sound, all on the go
    • Weight: 11 oz.
    • Dimensions: 7.4 (W) x 4.2 (D) x 1.4 (H) inches

            Type Bassline Synthesizer and Drum Machine
            Internal Sound Engine Yes
            Pads 16 x Step Buttons
            ACB-modeled TR Drums, ACB-modeled TB Bass
            7-track, 32-steps, 64 Patterns
            Effects Delay, Reverb, Overdrive, Sidechain Compression
            Analog Inputs
            1 x 1/8"
            Analog Outputs
            1 x 1/8" (mix out/headphones)
            MIDI I/O
            2 x 1/8" TRS (in, out), USB
            Other I/O
            2 x 1/8" (sync in/out)
            USB 1 x USB-C
            Power Source Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery / USB bus power
            Height 1.42"
            Width 7.40"
            Depth 4.17"
            Weight 0.68 lbs.
            Manufacturer Part Number T8