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Roland TD-02K Electronic Drum Kit

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Electronic Drum Set with 4 Drum Pads, 3 Cymbal Pads, 2 Pedal Controllers, MD-MINI Stand, and TD-02K Drum Module
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For quiet practices, a smaller footprint, and budget-friendly sample controlling, drummers around Music Experience recommend entering the e-drumming realm with the V-Drums TD-02K Electronic Drum Set from Roland. You’ll receive a standard 5-piece configuration (including the bass drum pedal) to keep your creative options open, topped off with hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal pads. The TD-02K Module houses a healthy 16 factory drum kits, a metronome, and even allows you to train and test your time with five coach function modes — perfect for percussive pupils! Expand your sample range by connecting the USB-B output to your computer software’s drum presets and record the sounds you want on your own terms. For personalized practice and jam sessions with your favorite tracks, an 1/8-inch aux input and a Bluetooth adapter slot afford you the freedom to connect your phone however you like. Talk about a springboard!

Roland V-Drums TD-02K at a Glance:

  • Included triggers: 3 x PD-4 tom pads, 1 x PD-4 snare pad, 1 x CY-5 hi-hat pad, 1 x CY-5 crash pad, 1 x CY-5 ride pad, 1 x KT-1 kick controller pedal, and 1 x FD-1 hi-hat controller pedal
  • 3-leg MDS-MINI Drum Stand is compact and configurable to meet your reach preferences
  • Adjustable pad mounts and cymbal arms easily accommodates custom setups
  • TD-02K module offers 16 factory kits, metronome, rhythm types, and 5 coach function modes
  • Bluetooth adapter slot and Mix In connection allows for both wired and wireless phone connection to external audio players/phones
  • USB-B computer connection enables conjunctive usage with your software’s drum samples
  • Reduced footprint is an ideal fit for apartments, bedrooms, and crowded spaces
  • Excellent choice as an e-drumming introductory setup

        Inside the TD-02K e-drum brain

        The 16-kit selection of the Roland TD-02K Module supplies some versatility to match most rhythmic moods without overcomplicating matters. Beyond its presets, however, are a handful of helpful tools for aiding beginners in nailing down their technique. Check out Time Check — both the easy and hard modes! Then, start improving your entrances and stick confidence with Quiet Count, Auto Up/Down, and Change-Up modes. Want to set the pace? No problem! The metronome gives you the choice of five rhythm types, 15 sounds, and a tempo range from 20 to 260 bpm. The TD-02K is an ideal practice companion that will not just improve your playing, but will also help make the transition to an acoustic kit smooth and comfortable down the line.

        Pad-less pedals and adjustable hardware

        Part of the beauty of the TD-02K is its universally compact design. Since it utilizes the FD-1 and KT-1 hi-hat and kick drum control pedals, you won’t have to maneuver around bulky kick pads or extra stands that take up space. The same can be said for the MDS-MINI Drum Stand, providing a 3-leg rack-style foundation for your drum pads, cymbal pads, and module. But just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean you can’t configure! Simply loosen any of the boom arms or drum pad mounts, and slide, tilt, or turn accordingly. Apartments, bedrooms, that tiny crowded corner in the basement — there’s plenty of room for the TD-02K.

        e-drumming made easy!

        Every drummer’s journey is different, and e-drumming can be a leap into a world completely unfamiliar to many. However, whether you’re just starting out or looking to dip your toes into the waters of e-drumming, the TD-02K is your quiet and zero-nonsense compact solution. With such versatile training features in such a small package, you really can’t go wrong in choosing the TD-02K Electronic Drum Set as a starting point. Pull up a chair and start playing today!

        What Roland Says...

        The TD-02 series brings you the world’s finest entry-level electronic drumming experience—at an affordable price. Backed by decades of V-Drums innovation, these compact and highly expressive kits are far greater than the sum of their parts. Every element works together to form a complete musical foundation, from the world-class sounds and ultra-responsive pads to the onboard practice tools, robust hardware, and practical features for reducing noise when playing at home. And with expansion options such as Bluetooth® connectivity for mobile devices, upgradable pads, and more, you can easily grow your setup with genuine Roland accessories as needs evolve. Whether you’re a young drummer just starting out, a student who needs a solid practice kit, or an adult looking to take up drums again, the TD-02 series will be your daily driver of drumming inspiration for years to come.

        V-Drums: The World’s Most Popular Electronic Drums

        V-Drums forever changed the drumming world in 1997, introducing stunning sounds and expressive playability that were leaps and bounds ahead of any other electronic drum sets available. And we’ve never stopped innovating, leading the way with continually evolving technologies and an ever-expanding product range for players at every level. V-Drums are used daily in homes, recording studios, education settings, houses of worship, and live performance venues from small clubs to massive arenas. While affordable, the TD-02 series embodies the V-Drums legacy of quality, delivering a premium drumming experience that no other entry-level kits can match. 

        When you’re just starting out, it’s essential to get a drumming setup that encourages you to build skills the right way. The expressive sounds, responsive pads, and comfortable layouts of TD-02 kits provide the foundation you need, helping you master authentic playing techniques that will translate to larger V-Drums sets and acoustic drums. 

        TD-02 series kit features a full array of ultra-responsive drum pads, including a snare, three toms, and a space-saving kick pedal. The drum pads’ refined rubber surfaces feel just right to play, and it’s easy to adjust the angles and positions to your taste with the smooth hardware mounts. 

        The crash and ride pads in TD-02 kits swing naturally when struck and can be choked by grabbing the edge—just like acoustic cymbals. Both provide different sounds on the bow and edge, and the ride supports crash playing too. And with the hi-hat pad and controller pedal, you get seamless open-to-closed transitions and support for heel splashes and other authentic pedal techniques. 

        Adjustable Height for Younger Players

        The three-post TD-02K stand offers easy height adjustment, making it perfect for younger players. The TD-02KV stand features a four-post design that supports a wider acoustic-style layout.

        Drum Without the Noise

        Electronic drums are far quieter than acoustic drums, meaning you can play for long sessions without driving your family and neighbors crazy. V-Drums are much quieter than other electronic drums, thanks to innovative noise-reduction features you’ll only find with Roland kits.

        Play with Headphones

        When you plug headphones into the module, you’re instantly immersed in a studio-grade sound experience that makes drumming endlessly fun. And as you rock out, the only thing outsiders can hear is a light percussive patter.

        Hardware Designed for Quiet Playing

        While drum pad noise is easily isolated in a closed space, the “thump” produced when playing pedals can sometimes carry through to adjoining rooms via the floor. The hi-hat controller and kick pedals in the TD-02 series come equipped with proprietary sound absorption designed to contain this noise transfer. If that’s not enough, you can go even further by placing them on our acclaimed Noise Eater products.

        The TD-02 Sound Module

        The TD-02 module is the heart of the TD-02 series kits, putting a wealth of rich, expressive drum sounds and powerful practice tools at your command. And with the dead-simple interface, you can go a long way without ever cracking open the manuale

        Inspiring Drum Sounds

        The TD-02 module features 16 ready-to-play kits inspired by high-end V-Drums. Cover any music style with a wide range of acoustic kits, from dry, natural drums and fat, processed studio kits to massive rock drums that sound like you’re playing on a concert stage. You also get modern electronic kits to play with the same type of drum sounds heard on today’s most popular hit records.

        Play Along with Music and Video Lessons

        After you’ve worked on your rudiments, you’ll be itching to try them out with some real music. With the TD-02 module’s stereo audio input, you can connect your smartphone or a music player and drum along with your favorite bands through the headphones. This also provides a great way to work through instructional drumming videos on the web.

        Develop Your Technique

        Whether you’re learning on your own or studying with a drum instructor, Roland’s acclaimed practice features will help you become a better drummer faster. Coach mode is your personal trainer for daily improvement, offering progress tracking and tools to develop your groove, timing, and stamina. And a metronome is always at the ready, complete with different rhythm subdivisions, sound options, and an LED that flashes with the tempo.

        Optional Wireless Expansion

        A highlight of the TD-02 series is the ability to stream music to the kit. Just connect the optional BOSS Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor to the TD-02 sound module, pair your phone, and you’re good to go. Wirelessly stream music from your smartphone and listen to the performance through your headphones. Or better still, play along with your favorite bands—including your owne

        Low-Noise Drumming

        The TD-02 series drum kits are designed to be quiet—and further isolation from the floor can be added with Noise Eaters. These clever devices form barriers between the pedals and the floor to remove any unwanted noise, particularly in rooms below the drum set.

        Build Up Your Kit

        Add a second OP-TD1C crash cymbal to your kit via the module’s extra trigger input. Swap out the ride for the larger CY-13R V-Cymbal with bow, edge, and bell triggers. Or go for a more acoustic feel with the KD-10 Kick Pad and other advanced pads from the expansive V-Drums range.

        Genuine V-Drums Accessories

        Start drumming right away with the DAP-2X pack, which includes a pro drum throne and a pair of quality sticks. And to keep your floor protected, set up your kit on a deluxe mat from the TDM series. Or check out our headphones, personal monitors, and more.

        USB Connectivity

        The TD-02 module features a USB audio/MIDI interface, providing a single-cable connection to a world of creative options on computers and mobile devices

        Record and Create with Music Software

        As you gain confidence in your skills, spread your musical wings with audio/MIDI recording software and virtual instrument apps. And for songwriters and music producers, a TD-02 kit provides a compact and affordable solution for capturing live drum tracks and MIDI data in a home-based studio setup.

        Improve Your Playing with Melodics for V-Drums

        Melodics™ for V-Drums—a free application for macOS and Windows—features a curated set of drum lessons to develop your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscle memory. Subscribers can access additional premium content that includes over 70 lessons, with more added each week

        Choose Your TD-02 Drum Kit

        In one corner is the TD-02K, the most compact kit in the series with a unique height-adjustable stand that’s ideal for younger players. In the other corner, the TD-02KV offers a wider playing layout and mesh-head snare drum. Both kits deliver affordability without compromise, so you know that you have a great drum set—no matter which one you choose.

        Roland V-Drums TD-02K Electronic Drum Set Features:

        • High-quality electronic drum kits for new and returning drummers, with authentic V-Drums sound, expression, and playability
        • TD-02 module with 16 ready-to-play kits inspired by high-end V-Drums
        • Add wireless audio/MIDI streaming to the module with the optional BOSS Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor
        • Onboard Coach functions for guided practice and steady development of drumming skills
        • Built-in metronome with dedicated panel control and numerous rhythm subdivision and sound options
        • Snare pad, three tom pads, and three cymbal pads (hi-hat, crash, and ride) with sensitive playing surfaces and expressive response for developing proper techniques
        • Kick trigger and hi-hat controller pedals with noise-reducing design features for minimizing sound transfer to other rooms
        • Perfectly adjust the response of each pad to your playing touch with a deep array of sensitivity settings
        • Headphones output for quiet practice
        • Audio input for drumming with music from a smartphone or music player
        • USB audio/MIDI connectivity for working with music production apps on computers and mobile devices
        • Expand and upgrade your drumming experience with a wide range of V-Drums accessories

                Total Number of Pads 4 x drum pads, 3 x cymbal pads
                Included Snare/Tom Pads 4 x PD-4 (toms, snare)
                Included Cymbal Pads CY-5 10" Hi-hat, C-5 10" Dual Trigger Crash, CY-5 10" Dual Trigger Ride
                Included Drum Module TD02
                Included Hardware MDS-Mini (drum stand)
                Included Kick Pads 1 x KT-1 (kick pedal)
                Number of Drum Kits 15 Virtual Sets
                Module Trigger Inputs 1 x DB-25
                Module Analog Inputs 1/8" Stereo
                Headphones 1 x 1/8" (headphones/out)
                Module MIDI I/O USB
                USB 1 x Type B (MIDI, stereo audio)
                Other I/O Bluetooth Adaptor Slot (adaptor sold separately)
                Manufacturer Part Number TD02K 761294519042