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Roland TD-17K-L 5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with MDS-COMPACT Stand

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5-piece Electronic Drum Set with Mesh/Rubber Pads, 3 x Cymbals, and TD-17-L Sound Module
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Sounds and features inspired by the toast of Roland's V-Sounds and features inspired by the toast of Roland's V-Drums collection position the value-packed TD-17K-L squarely in pro territory. At the heart of this kit is the TD-17-L module, with a sound engine and 50 preset drum kits built around Roland's flagship TD-50. User-importable drum sounds take advantage of your ever-expanding sound libraries. New for the TD-17K-L is Roland's dynamic and stable KD-10 kick tower, which we feel rivals the performance of kick pads costing many times more. A tunable 8" mesh snare, a trio of responsive gum rubber 8" toms, two 12" cymbals, and a 10" hi-hat with foot controller complete the package.

      Sounds and FX engine based on Roland's flagship TD-50

      Fifty preset kits and 310 drum/percussion sounds inspired by the V-Drums TD-50 equip the TD-17-L sound module for virtually any style, from world music to EDM and metal. User sounds can be imported as WAV files via SDHC card — a first for a V-Drums module at this level — and saved to any of 50 user kits, as well as blended with stock kits and further edited using the TD-17-L's powerful processing and effects engine, which includes virtual tuning and muffling, virtual snare tension, compression, EQ, reverb, and more.

      Additional trigger inputs grow with your kit

      In addition to accepting the included multi-pin cable harness, the TD-17-L sports two additional 1/4" dual-trigger inputs for an additional crash and auxiliary pad as your needs grow.

      KD-10 kick pad

      The tower-style KD-10 features an adaptive playing surface that responds more like an acoustic bass drum head, providing realistic feedback for attack and dynamics. Its redesigned frame greatly reduces physical movement to minimize flexing and scooting. On a rug or carpet, it's rock solid with spurs to anchor it in place. The KD-10 accepts single or double pedals, so whatever style of music you're into, this pad delivers.

      PDX-8 snare pad

      The Roland PDX-8 is a dual-triggered 8" mesh snare pad with a separate rim trigger for accurate rimshots, cross-sticks, and sample triggering.

      PD-8 toms (x3)

      These 8" gum rubber V-Pads and quiet and responsive, with a natural rebound and dual-trigger support for separate head and rim triggering.

      CY-8 cymbals (x2)

      A natural sway and responsive choke give these 12" V-Cymbals an edge over others in their class. Separate trigger zones on the bow and edge faithfully capture the emotion in your crash, splash, or ride performances.

      CY-5 hi-hat + FD-9 foot controller

      The CY-5 V-Hi-Hat sports a 10" playing surface and separate bow and edge trigger zones for an authentic hi-hat response. The smooth and super-quiet FD-9 foot controller is also included.

      MDS-COMPACT drum stand + accessories

      Your TD-17K-L sets up up quickly and securely, thanks to the included Roland MDS- COMPACT This rack-style stand ships with boom arms for cymbals and stable, easy-position MDH-12 mounts for toms and snare. Non-slip rubber feet reduce rocking and scooting as you play. Also included: a multi-pin trigger cable harness, module mount, smartphone tray, and power supply. Discover a new level of pro-ready features and realism with the Roland V-Drums TD-17K-L from Music Experience.

      What Roland Says...

      When you’re serious about drumming, you need a kit to match your ambition. The V-Drums TD-17 series lets your technique shine through, backed up with training tools to push you further. Combining a TD-50-class sound engine with newly developed pads results in an affordable electronic drum kit that’s authentically close to playing acoustic drums—accurately mirroring the physical movement, stick coordination and hand/foot control that every drummer needs. Meanwhile, an array of built-in coaching functions will track your technique, measure your progress and increase your motivation. Becoming a better drummer is still hard work, but the TD-17 can help you get there.

      Authentic Playing Feel and Skill-Building Tools

      If you regularly play acoustic drums, you shouldn’t have to change your playing style to use an electronic drum kit. You can use the same playing techniques you’d use on an acoustic kit, without compromise, thanks to the 8-inch snare and a natural feeling hi-hat. And being based on the flagship TD-50 sound engine, the sounds faithfully reproduce the character and tone of acoustic drums, with lightning fast response time.

      Great Sounds Lead To Great Performances

      The TD-17’s sound engine delivers a superior drumming experience thanks to Prismatic Sound Modeling technology inherited from the flagship TD-50 sound module. Begin playing and you’ll notice a wider dynamic range and dramatic tonal changes, depending on where and how hard you strike the pad. From rim shots, rolls, flams, and ghost notes on the snare to dramatic crash hits, sustained cymbal swells, and half-open position on the hi-hats along with different sounds for the bow and edge, every nuance is detailed, accurate, and ultra-smooth.

      The Feel of an Acoustic Kick Drum (But Quieter)

      A nice solid kick drum usually comes with a nice loud noise. Sometimes that’s exactly what you want, but your family or neighbors may not feel the same way. The KD-10 kick pad absorbs much of the noise thanks to its rubber cover combined with a dedicated cushion, but retains that satisfying kick drum ‘thud’ when a beater buries into a bass drum head, so it’s ideal for playing at home where loud noise may cause problems. It’s compatible with all standard kick pedals, single or double kick.

      Acoustic Drumming Techniques Accepted Here

      Although each model in the TD-17 series is compact, they’re all kitted out for professional performance. Across the entire range, the position and angle of each pad is fully adjustable, while the distance between the pads and the drummer is similar to what you’d find on an acoustic kit.

      The Essential Tools to Improve Your Drumming

      First thing’s first: drummers should be able to keep a solid beat before moving on to the exciting stuff. But mastering the basics is exciting too, as it provides a solid foundation for building your skills, not forgetting that tracking your progress is highly motivating too. The TD-17 module includes a Coach Mode to support your daily exercise regime. You can warm up, develop your sense of groove, tempo and timing, and even work on your stamina—all with a score that tells you how you’re doing.

      Deepen Your Sense of Groove

      The Time Check mode develops your accuracy when playing to a click track. The number of accurate strikes is shown as a percentage value, and the screen indicates whether your pad strikes were on, ahead or behind the beat. Used often, Time Check is an invaluable aid to working the groove.

      Fine-Tune Your Internal Timing

      Quiet Count mode helps refine your ‘internal’ sense of time and tempo. For the first few measures, the click is heard at the specified volume, but for the next few measures the click cuts out. During the silenced bars, you will rely on your internal sense of timing, aiming to stay in time as the click returns. Your internal metronome will grow stronger the more you use it.

      Effective Warmup Routines Made Easy

      WarmUp mode makes your daily practice sessions more enjoyable—which means you’re more likely to do them. Choose to warm up over five, ten or fifteen minutes, with varying rates of difficulty, and then select a tempo. A range of exercises will then prepare you for some serious drumming, including changes to rhythm type, changes to tempo and evaluating the accuracy of your playing. At the end, you’ll get an overall grade—which you’ll want to improve on.

      Preparing To Play Live

      When rehearsing, it’s important to play with the same familiar drum sounds that you’ll be using on stage. The TD-17 includes a variety of expressive modelled drum sounds inherited from the flagship TD-50, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect drum sound as you prepare for the gig.

      Find the Perfect Kit for the Music You Play

      The TD-17 module includes 50 premium quality drumkits for a range of professional musical scenarios. The warm, wooden vibes of ‘Acoustic’. The small-but-tight ‘Compact’ which captures the sound of smaller stages. The wide-open expanse of ‘Arena Stage’. The clarity of “Studio” which is perfect for recording. The richness of “Fat Rock” or the intensity of “Speed Metal”…whatever music gets you going, the TD-17 will help you get there.

      Get To Know Your Gig Venue Before You Arrive

      Before the gig, become familiar with the acoustics of the venue you’ll be performing at. Use the onboard reverb and ambience of the TD-17 module to simulate the sound and become acclimatized to the venue—all from the comfort of your home.

      Create Your Very Own Signature Drum Kit

      Today’s pro drummers craft their signature drum sounds by layering many sound elements; a snare sound is made by layering different snare sounds, each with their respective attack elements, ambience and so on. The TD-17 also lets you create your signature drum kit, by using onboard pitch control, EQ, effects and more.

      Import Samples and Sound Just Like the Record

      For some performances, you simply have to use a specific sound. The TD-17 module can import samples so you can trigger original single-shot drum samples, or introduce entire audio phrases, sequences or vocals. Imported samples can even be mixed and layered with internal TD-17 sounds, to create a powerful and full drum sound that matches the real thing.

      Learn At Your Own Pace with Online Lessons and Desktop Applications

      Aside from studying with a drum teacher, there are plenty of online drum lessons or computer-based learning methods. The TD17 is designed to help you improve—however you like to learn.

      Have Fun Improving With Melodics

      Have fun and become a better drummer by downloading Melodics for V-Drums: a free application for Windows or Mac computers. With a series of free drum lessons that develop your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscle memory, subscribers can also access additional premium content including over 70 lessons, with more being added each week.

      Performance under Pressure, For Years to Come

      Roland V-Drums are built to be reliable—from the sound module, to the pads, right down to the pedals; each component must deliver, across every scenario and in every performance. The pads and pedals used in the TD-17 series are engineered to take a beating, but their playability also endures. And as your skills and ambitions grow, you can expand your TD-17 by adding an extra crash cymbal or second snare—safe in the knowledge that you’re using the same durable components favored by pro drummers.

      Roland TD-17K-L 5-piece Electronic Drum Kit Features:

      • Sounds and features inspired by Roland's top-level V-Drums
      • 50 kits and 310 drum/percussion sounds inspired by the flagship TD-50
      • KD-10 kick pad is stable and dynamic
      • PDX-8 dual-trigger mesh snare pad delivers faithful head and rim response
      • Weight-optimized cymbals swing and sway like the real thing
      • Importable drum samples via SDHC card (not included) can be saved to 50 user kits
      • Virtual tuning, muffling, strainer tension, and snare buzz
      • Adjustable reverb, compression, and EQ per pad
      • Global bass and treble controls
      • MIDI over USB and 5-pin output — trigger virtual instruments within your DAW
      • Audio over USB — capture premixed audio for song building and safekeeping
      • Multi-pin cable harness included — inputs for Kick, Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Hi-Hat, Crash1, Ride, Ride Bell, and Hi-Hat Control
      • Two additional 1/4" dual-trigger inputs — inputs for Crash2 and Aux
      • Includes Includes MDS-Compact drum stand

              Total Number of Pads 5 x drum pads, 3 x cymbal pads
              Included Snare/Tom Pads PDX-8A Mesh Snare, 3 x PD-8A Gum Rubber Toms
              Included Kick Pads KD-10 Kick Trigger Pad
              Included Cymbal Pads 2 x 12" CY-8 Dual Trigger Pads, 10" CY-5 Dual Trigger Hi-hat Cymbal
              Included Hardware MDS-COMPACT
              Included Drum Module TD17 Drum Module (base version - no BlueTooth)
              Number of Drum Kits 50 Preset, 50 User
              Number of Instruments 310
              Module Trigger Inputs 2 x 1/4" (crash 2, aux), 1 x DB-25
              Module Analog Inputs 1 x 1/8" (mix in)
              Module Analog Outputs 2 x 1/4" TRS (main out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
              Module MIDI I/O Out (No BlueTooth)
              USB 1 x Type B (stereo in/out)
              Manufacturer Part Number TD17KL